Ok I have been very unsatisfied here trying to leave comments only to have them just disappear as soon as I log off they just arent there anymore.
I looked at the rules & I see Admin can moderate my comments & what not so I figured that was it just a lil moderation understandable but now I see other Users can type up theories an leave comments with no moderation just BAM there it is as they post it.
I am wondering why am I being moderated so much?????? I DO MY BEST NOT TO SPOIL anything & I will admit i’ve gone off topic here alot but now im trying to actually have serious in depth conversations about this amazing puzzle of a show only to be seen as a bad guy & I been posting on this site for awhile now only to be treated as an unfamiliar outsider when I see all the familiar names go by here with little to NO moderation…..Just not fair at all!!! An admin if I am a nuisance to this site then let me know so I can go no problemo but please ill be good just dont have such a tight leash.

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Only show worth watching & theorizing about.

28 thoughts on “AM I BEING PUNISHED BY ADMIN????

  1. Everytime I comment its never on the recent comments or even counted on the number of comments on that theory or whatever so if anyone sees this please tell me.

  2. Wow it actually worked this time but maybe cause this a general chat & every comment I wrote was for the theories by Ardent Knight & Andre7 an im not sure if it still doesnt work for the most important part of this site…the theories

  3. I don’t think you are being punished BING… but I did notice that when you commented on Andre7 that your comment went straight to the top – that was weird??? Did you find a loophole or something?

  4. poor wee bing, perhaps theres something the matter, but i did hear on the grapevine if your comments arent worth anything of great value it doesnt ge posted, i dont have that problem as everthing i say is profound, but im sure your just being paranoid!

    dont worry about it, hope springs eternal!


  5. Hey Buddy!!!!

    That was happening to me for a while as well, but I see you comments on my theory!

    How’s everything in Cali, 2 months away right!!! unbelievable!!!!!!!!

    We should meet up and light one for the final season!!

  6. Oh ok I thought maybe the Admin just had it out for me cause all our off topic convo’s that we had before but Yeah the only thing I know coming up is my b-day in 2 months & will finally be 21…Is that what your referring to?

    An dude If you were in southern Cali or I was in Ny I would for sure burn a blunt up there or hit my 4 foot bong down here or the 2 footer whatever

    You still up over in on the East??

  7. Wow you must be smoking a lot….


    And yeah I am still in NYC, although I am sure if we did collaborate our efforts for the premiere it would def be a good time!

  8. ahhahahahah yaaaa man omg im an idiot hahahahahah I totally forgot…Alright man I am really struggling with the whole alternate realities & parallel universes that seems to be getting discussed here alot & oh yaa worm holes & different timelines…?????

    Yeah ill bring the Cali Buds you got the spot but I will say i got a 60″ sony HD in my “smoke room” so if you top it ill be there haha.

  9. I feel so dumb I was thinking so hard what the HELL was in two months & the only thing to click was my b-day hahahahaha but Im about to burn some green right now just cause it will help me remember better & help those crazy theories flowing.

  10. I live in a small apartment in NYC so def no “smoking room” or 60″ so were coming to you!

    As for the Alt Realities and shit, my take on it is like this –

    Faraday held up a string and said time is linear you can only move forwards and backwards – well what if you could move to the side? To another string!

    You could be in the same spot on December 3rd at the same time BUT in a differnt place. A place where another version of yourself exists and the world is different.

    Have you ever seen “The One” with Jet Li, I think about it like that.

    Now we have seen an island “blip” move, so at this point you should be able to believe almost anything.

    Someone on this site mentioned that the island could be a place where these alternate realities meet, I think that may be the answer. Still very unsure, but I think FLOCKE may be from another alternate reality as well.

    What do you think?

  11. I have a ton of delivery services but I am not sure if they go to BK or your office for that matter.

    I could hook you up, I work on Wall Street… where downtown are you?

  12. Haha that is pretty cool you two can blaze up together…As for comments not meaning a damn Im sure your right columbo cause I know I’ve been asked by admin to cool it once or twice & me an josh kind of always get back around to talking about herb so now im BiNG carefully watched by the MAN….or woman whatever either way it sucks.

    An as for comments getting placed at the top was not a loophole or anything I was actually the first one to comment on Andre7’s theory but it seriously took like two days to be seen, or at least I think, anyways I think at least some of the stuff I put isnt totally worthless uuhh I try damn it I try.

  13. Josh,

    I did see you mentioned we? are you still with your none tokin girlfriend? An im sure whatever you pay for that lil apartment is probably what I pay for a house here so dont worry but Its probably horrible weather out there while its great & sunny in Cali.

    As for the Island being a a place for the realities to meet I did see that too on either Andre7’s theory or was it Ardent Knight??? Idk but I put a comment on there talking about somewhat the same thing you are explaining about the linear time & going back almost making a “Branch” of your original reality or timeline whatever we are calling it.

  14. WOW – ok first of all,

    losts-columbo – NO METH!

    ekolocation – no shit, I work at 30 Wall! I know the building you work in, the one with the citibank on the ground level!
    Def a small world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BiNG – still with my gf, she blazes a little but does not care for lost, thinks im a big loser but I LOVE LOST so what can you do! And yes we live in a tiny apartment together!

    At this point everything about alt realities and different timelines is just a guess, FEB 2nd, then the theories will start flying!!!!!!!!!

  15. What??? wow global warming man naaah jk idk but man I think the email & all the comments I left the Admin took me off the watch for now…my messages are going right through so THANKS ADMIN…I never been East of Las Vegas so I have no idea how it is out there.

  16. i know that building, im actually north of wall st. 175 water. i gotta sneak this site when my boss isn’t looking but it sure helps the day go by faster…

    you should come out to nyc bing, but prob not in the winter…

  17. Josh-oh thats what it was…I knew either she didnt smoke or she didnt like Lost but the same shit here, my girl loves to smoke & likes Lost but she totally thinks Im a loser for actually posting on this website, she says im just blogging but I call it arguing or understanding Point of views.

    I love to argue & love to read so it all works out in my benefit & there are some crazy ideas that get my head all rushing with possibilities an scenarios.

    Eko- I wouldnt last long in nyc during winter, I know it sounds pathetic but I never been to the snow or had snow come to me or whatever but where I live im about 30 mins from either the beach, the desert, or the mountains for some snow.
    I will eventually get my ass over there sooner or later cause my girl wont stop hounding me to take her shopping there & I think to meet some of her family??? GREAT

  18. Either of you Giants Fans?

    Dude I was going to go to nyc one year for “business” when I heard the pipe dream that a P of some dank goes for around $9,000, now at the time I just happen to have 2 P’s of freshly picked & jarred Nor Cal Bud ready to be loved & appreciated by all but things just picked up around me an before I knew it I only had 1 left, so I just did what every man does with a dream…didnt do it

  19. I’m a total lurker, but I had to jump in. I was lucky enough to live on East 7th St., just down from McSorley’s from July 1st 2002 to Feb. 1st, 2003 and all I can say is that NYC is the greatest place EVER! Run, don’t walk, to get a ticket and visit. Hearing you guys talk about it makes me super nostalgic. PEACE.

  20. damn, a P? i never buy that much…not even close. word new york would be perfect for me with more beaches and warmer winters. the only thing that will keep me going through the winter will be lost…

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