Was Walt supposed to be on the Island in the first place?

Hi everyone!
Havent posted in a while and my first post back is a bit of an impulse to write. And usually I do all my research and try to find holes in my own theory before I post. But I think I’ll leave that up to you lol. I’m getting lazy these days. Anyways after my rewatch I keep thinking of all the loose ends and questions and Walt keeps coming back to me.
I just got this feeling in the back of my head that he was not meant to come to the island in the first place. And some higher power had made that possible. Whether the reason he was there was to be a pawn in the loophole game, or even another reason that we have still to see. It all starts with his abilities and Locke being super interested in him. He is definitely special!
Then when Bea Klugh asks has Walt “ever been somewhere he shouldn’t have?” Well I take it from Bea’s name that she is a clue or says something which is important in finding out what the hell is going on. So maybe she was onto something? Also the thing that gets me is Ben allows Michael and Walt to leave the island, but then needs the other losties to stay. And when Locke goes to see Eloise she tells them he needs to bring them ALL back! So why did Locke not try and bring Walt back? I don’t know I just think something is up here. Maybe Walt was not supposed to come to Island but was supposed to live happily ever after! I feel his presence maybe a key role in the balance of the Island and a key player in two sides of this situation that is going down in the Island. I do believe Walts presence on the island is important whether he was meant to be there or not.
I’m thinking that when Jacob touches the other Losties lol sounds kinda bad there, lol! – Well I think it is important in bringing them to the island? So maybe some other force brought Walt to the Island?
This is probably not true but I wanna hear what you all think!
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Stephanie Deacon

Hi I'm Stephanie from Glasgow in the UK. Love Lost and even though it's due to end I know we will keep it glowing in our hearts x Much love for the best theory site on the Web x Stephanie x

13 thoughts on “Was Walt supposed to be on the Island in the first place?

  1. Hi steph. Good post, well thought out. I think your on to something big here. Why would you let someone as special as walt leave unless you were afraid of him. I think I remember reading something about birds and magnetism and an internal compass in their brain makeup, but it was a long time ago and I was very drunk at the time.

  2. Many birds navigate using earth’s magnetic field. You stick a magnet on their head and they’re lost. (heh heh).

    Wonder who Walt’s dad is.

    Thinks Walt’s been where he’s not supposed to be when he’s Smokie – or maybe he’s like those bunnies.

    Me thinks Walt’s evil – or replacement.

  3. Cool thoughts, I’ve also read somewhere about Skokie being a force for course correction (the pilot he killed wasn’t supposed to be on the plane, not meant to be onthe island) what if the others knew Walt wasn’t meant to be there but also knew how special he was and kidnapped him to protect him from Skokie. They did seem quite afraid of him after that, maybe they couldn’t control him so sent him away, again to protect him from smokie.

  4. Long time fan of the site 1st post ever. Good theory i recently went through a rewatch and in the 1st episode it seemed strange how john and walt had such a time stopping moment about Backgammon light and dark. Also stephanie walts had alot of unusual unexplained events like when he threw the knife into that tree and also the whole bird flying into the window and his step dad brian saying hes “different” and when the others had him and did tests i hope we get to see this explored. peace

  5. John did not ask him to come back.

    When Abbadon says “you didnt invite him back, Mr. Widmore says you need to bring ALL of them”

    Locke says “the boy has been through enough”

  6. i remember when mrs. klugh asked michael that. i thought it was really important cos i remembered that walt had been in places he wasn’t supposed to be. like, remember he appeared dripping wet to shannon when he was supposed to be on the boat with tom (after just having been taken from michael)?? or when he appeared in front of locke when he was supposed to be miles away at home…

  7. According to Lostpedia, the authors have confirmed in a podcast that some apparitions of Walt are in fact Smokey. So apparently Smokey can appear as someone without having access to the person’s dead body (unless there is a dead Walt in an alterative time line or something).

    But Walt seemed to be special already as a child (the bird incident etc) and I guess that this was not due to Smokey. It feels like it would be too weird if Walt was Smokey already back then.

    Walt had apparently scared the Others somehow. I wonder if they also experienced that Walt appeared where he wasn’t supposed to be (e.g. through bilocation).

    According to Ben, it was Jacob who wanted them to take Walt. Of course we can’t trust Ben, though.

    Is it possible that Walt is Jacob’s son? But then he should probably have had a little lighter skin?

    I’m so confused!

  8. John Locke didn’t ask Sun 2 go back 2 the island b/c of his promise 2 Jin. Ben got Sun to come back. I remember John went 2 see Walt, I think he went 2 ask him 2 return, but decided against it.

  9. I like what you’ve written here, i’ve just written a theory after reading this and found out the meaning of the name Walt, ‘Commander of the army’!

    Hes gotta be an important player, i think it was actually crucial that he went back to the island, and the others letting Walt leave in the first place might have something to do with M.I.Bs plan.

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