Is it Possible?

Well for a start I’d like to say this will either be like…Aah! I has potential or it will be a load of rubbish.

I’ll get straight to the point:

Charlie Hume comes to the island along with Penny and Desmond for a reason that will be explained, Penny and Desmond go through a time window and end up around 1930-1945. The Others kill them but spare Charlie, they give him a name, Charles Widmore. Why Widmore you say? Well maybe they find a Widmore reference on the Island in 19?? or perhaps on Penny. And Charles well…maybe Penny shouts Charles/Charlie before she gets shot or something.

We have seen the stones in the caves in Flashes Before Your Eyes on the table haven’t we? So Penny and Des could possibly be the skeletons, but WHY would they have the stones? This makes Penny’s Son her Father too, which I read a theory on the fun section? I think. And also I have commented this in less detail?

See what you can do guys and correct me if I’m wrong there are a lot of holes in this mad chaotic theory but I hope I can open your eyes to something and begin to unravel the lost mystery! Good Luck!

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9 thoughts on “Is it Possible?

  1. Yes anytime the names are the same, people will theorize that they are the same person. There are even people who have said Charlie Hume will grow up to be Charlie Pace, which is ridiculous. However, this theory, which was first brought up after ‘Jughead’, seems a little more plausible. Also your point about Desmond and Penny being Adam and Eve fits with this, very good.

    Genetically, however, this would really only work if Penny was adopted by Charles Widmore.

  2. I like this idea a lot!!!

    First off, who says Penny wasn’t adopted, we just know Charles has “a child” with some1 off island.

    This may also explain why they call him Cunningham – that could be his “other-other” name.

    Second who says Penny would have to be adopted to give birth to her own father. Maybe Charles Widmore really has no past because he grew up in the wrong time period, before his parents were born.

    Maybe this is why Charles Widmore cannot be killed. Think about how Sayid killed EVERYONE ELSE in Widmores organization. Why not Widmore himself he will just hire more people! Maybe he can’t die for that reason!

  3. Is this why Ben freezes when he sees little Charles on Penny’s boat (and hears his name from Penny)? Ben realizes that it may be Charles Widmore?

  4. Dude this is an incredible theory I think people are overlooking it. No there is no genetic impossibility into fathering your own mother, there’s only a grandfather paradox, a physical constraint. And that grandfather paradox could very well explain a lot of the situations Charles Widmore is into : his looking for artefacts of the past like the Black Rock journal, the fact that Ben cannot kill him (we both know I can’t do that) and moreover the fact that Widmore ends up in the 90’s having a paint on his wall painted by no one else than Aaron’s father, which will be actually painted in the year 2000 or so. Maybe when Desmond and Penny tried to return to the island, they needed a piece of something linked to Aaron, just like Jack needed his father’s shoes.

    Who really thinks Ben was affected emotionnally by seeing Penny’s child, Charlie ? Ben has never had problems killing people, including young people. What he did realize when he saw Penny’s child, was that this was to become Charles Widmore, and that it would violate the rules to kill him right there. The exact reason why Ben cannot kill Charles remain unclear, but they’re probably similar to why MIB can’t kill Jacob.

  5. The fact that Widmore has a painting done by a small-time artist in his luxury office is another point, maybe it has sentimental value because it was done by Aaron/Important character(Jacob?)’s dad?

  6. I’m glad you brought this theory up again. People debated it like crazy when we first met Charlie Hume.

    I always thought it was a bit too much – even for LOST – but I do like how it plays on the grandfather paradox.

    Also – if the characters are indeed the cause of their own suffering (like the Room 23 video said), it would make perfect sense for Desmond and Penny to create the one person who has caused them the most suffering.

    All they wanted was to be together – all Charles Widmore wanted to do was keep them apart.

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