Why did Kate remember crashing on 815?

This is a blast from the past question:

Kate tells Jack she was conscious during the crash of 815 and remembers everything. I’m fairly certain she’s the only one to claim this. I know she was the last one to put on her oxygen mask…but oxygen, is just oxygen… shouldn’t have made everyone else not remember crashing, right?

Did anyone ever come across or have their own theory on why Kate remembers?

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3 thoughts on “Why did Kate remember crashing on 815?

  1. The passengers don’t remember what happened because most everybody would be knocked unconscience by the sudden change in pressure when the plane broke. There could be other passengers that weren’t knocked out, like Kate, but the writers just didn’t tell their story… or something… That’s my guess…

  2. Yah – I guess I didn’t want the answer to be as obvious as that oxygen can get you high ….. but I think like a lot of those little questions throughout the series ….. we gotta go with Occam’s razor.

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