Juliet’s Faith = Detonating Bomb

This isn’t exactly a mind blowing theory but its something i’ve been wondering and hopefully you guys have some more input for me. Does Juliet have a bigger role than we realize for the overall future of the island? She is the one who set off the h-bomb but was that always her destiny? She was supposedly brought to the island to solve the infertility problems of the island however we’ve seen certain loopholes to this need. Claire was able to deliver Aaron which we are made to believe that it is because he was conceived off island and Sun and Jin were able to conceive but were told she needed to leave if she wanted her unborn child to live. So you are able to conceive on the island or deliver on the island but not conceive and deliver?

Perhaps the best example is the birth of Ethan. We know that he was conceived and delivered on the island in the 70s so what happened on the island from the 70s to the time that Juliet was asked to come and lend her expertise? Maybe Juliet is “special” too and it was her fate to detonate the bomb. What kind of reason would a fertility doctor have to go to the island if there wasn’t a problem with women bearing children? Perhaps the inhabitants of the island were not able to bear children on the island as a way to entice Juliet to the island.

Not sure how this plays into the big picture but thought it was odd that we’ve seen examples of conception and birth on the island yet Juliet’s purpose to go to the island and further her research was to figure out why there were fertility problems on the island. Especially when the island supposedly makes people better/healthier such as Locke’s legs and Ruth’s cancer. Let me know what you guys think.

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5 thoughts on “Juliet’s Faith = Detonating Bomb

  1. Hmmmm …. we also know
    1) Ben sent for her
    2) She looks ‘just like her’
    3) Ben has the hots for her
    4) She’s his
    5) If we knew what she did we’d be dead (or kill her or something like that).
    6) Ben does everything for the island.

    So, did he pick her ‘cus she looks ‘just like her’ and had the hots for her and thought it was a well deserved gift to marry? (from his perspective, of course)

    Still diggin’ for your answer, just thought I’d toss out more facts.

  2. Ooo it is very plausible that Juliet has some bigger role on the Island than we think. I like the whole idea that it was her fate to detonate the bomb.
    But i think that the bomb is what caused the fertility problems. If we go by the theory ‘Whatever happened, happened’ then the bomb always went off right? A hydrogen bomb must be full of radioactive gases, causing problems with fertility and ultimately Ben’s cancer.
    But i dont think we should rule out your theory as it seems more likely and ‘Lost-like’ than mine.

  3. We also don’t know that ‘Whatever Happened, Happened’ or not either.
    I believe they answer that. So if you thought it was a foregone conclusion that WHH, then you MAY be shocked.
    Maybe exploding the bomb keeps the fertily problems from ever occurring.

  4. i wasnt saying whatever happened did happen i was just posting in relation to that theory as that is what im leaning to believe. But everyone is entitled to their own thoughts right..

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