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Hey folks,

I’m not sure if anyone has posted or analyzed the Season 6 poster yet, and if you have, sorry for being tardy to the party.

If you take a look at the order of the cast members, you’ll find that all of the characters who have been killed are standing more towards the back. This of course assumes that Juliet actually died in the bomb, and possibly that Claire is a walking undead, a la Locke and Nemesis. Taking from this, there are only six cast members that are definitely standing in front of everyone else:

  • Miles
  • Kate
  • Jin
  • Hurley
  • “Locke”
  • Richard

Not sure what this means, but it could indicate who won’t be part of the massive body count expected by the end of the series. Just a thought…

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4 thoughts on “Promo Poster

  1. I’m not sure how much I’d read into that poster as it includes both Maggie Grace (Shannon) and Cynthia Watros (Libby), neither of which are participating in Season 6 at all. And there must be multiple versions as the one I have Kate is DEFINITELY behind Jack.

  2. has anyone else seen the two Last Supper promotional posters?

    All the characters we know will be big in season 6, Locke is in the Jesus seat.

    2 pictures, 1 everyone is facing front, and the second everyone is looking at Locke.

    The thing to notice is that in the second photo Claire and Miles have switched spots, that is the major difference, a clue?

    I would post the photos but the admin will not allow me

  3. I hadn’t seen the last supper posters before. I usually try to stay away from spoilers but didn’t think they could spoil to much. Cool differences. I’m sure someone will right a theory about them soon!

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