Ring around the rosies…

I cannot help but continuously wonder about the ring around Jacobs cabin.

It is something that seems to be of utmost importance to Brahm and Ilana.

When they arrive and see it is broken, it seems they know who they are looking for in the cabin is not going to be there…and they are correct.

I am not sure who actually breaks the ring…Locke picked some up when he and Ben visit, but it hardly seems enough to be what we see as “broken” in the finale.

Maybe its Hurley, when he is running away after seeing the “eye” of…someone in the window.

But regardless of who broke the circle, I think the greater importance is what the circle actually is.

Keep in mind tha we are on a timetravelling island, and I do NOT believe things are playing out exactly as we are seeing.
I believe there will still be some sort of time travel in the final season, maybe not Lost tradition time travel, but time travel non the less.

I believe it will set up how the ring gets around the cabin, and eventually how it is broken.

I think that after Jacob is killed, Hurley or Miles will speak with the deceased, and will recieve…instructions…possibly even organizing the instructions through the form of a LIST.

With the final steps of time travel on Lost ,I think we will learn that at some point (in time?) Jacob instructs one of them to gather the ashes from the fire pit inside of the statue, somehow lure one of MIBs forms into his cabin in a past(/future depending on the perspective) time period, and spread his ashes in a circle around the cabin to imprison his nemesis.

What happens from there….your guess is as good as mine. If it is Hurley who is involved in the process, it would be traditional Lost irony that he did indeed trip and break the circle of ash…although I doubt the simplicity of that reasoning.

I do believe we will learn that the circle is in fact the same ash in which Jacob was “creamated”, and that is the reaon that he is not very threatened by MIBs words at the beginning of the finale…because he knows that to stop him…he himself must die.


Just informed by another theorist they wrote an almost identical theory a few weeks back…
for further reading of theirs…see link…(sorry, missed it)

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

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  1. In my opinion Hurley didnt break the circle. The ash looks as if somebody has put their foot there and dragged it through. If Hurley broke it when he was running then the break would be messy, not very neat looking.

  2. Excellent thoughts AES:
    1. Hurley and Miles will receive instructions from dead Jacob 2. The cabin ash is the ash from inside statue, which now includes creamated Jacob

  3. On the thought of who broke it, I really dont have a clue…honestly.

    I threw that in more to actually say that I dont know, than to say who it was.

    This is more just on the thought that the ash around the cabin is creamated Jacob.

    Although I do have an idea of how it was actually broken…it doesnt make sense yet…

  4. I really like your idea that Jacob will now communicate with Hurley, especially because their little converstion in the taxi where Jacob told Hurley he was blessed for being able to talk to the dead.

  5. HAHA! Thats pretty funny i wrote the same thing a couple weeks back, about the ash circle possibly being jacobs ashes…

    Couple people just poopoo’d the idea, Somebody there mentioned they thought it could be ashes from the volcano that had been mentioned a few times in the show. I think that could be a possibilty as the volcanos relevance has not been revealed as of yet.

  6. @shephards_flocke

    I guess I am one of those who poopoo’d the idea, but you never answered my question:

    “How would Ilana then know about the ash?”

  7. shephards_flocke, I truly missed your thought or would have told you I had been dwelling on the very same.

    I was trying to put more of the pieces together since the finale aired really, just couldnt figure out the question ilieintheshadowofthestatu asked…

    “How would Ilana then know about the ash?”

    If you think back to the finale with Jacob visiting Losties, whether pre island or post, we knew the backstory. We knew what we were watching.
    Even Juliets is not hard to imagine…

    But its different with Ilana. We knew nothing except she was already a part of the Ajira crash, and she captured Sayid.

    So for us to answer the question, “How would Ilana then know about the ash?”, we would have to know how Ilana knows anything about Jacob…which we do not.

    Without even a status of their relationship, it is impossible to know how she or Brahm know anything about Jacob, the cabin, or the ash ring…let alone anything else…those are other theories.

    What I, and I would imagine shephards_flocke did, was use good old fashion logic to break down the possibilities, narrow down to a certain number of possibilities (3 for me…Jacobs ash, volcano ash, or plain sand).
    The last being eliminated due to reasoning of the least imortance and sense, based on appearance and mythological value….leaving us with volcano ash, which I thought until the finale, which was elininated by….dundundun…dun….Jacobs ash.

    I appreciate the compliments, I apologize for a repetative theory ( I really never saw yours or any others on it shephards_flocke)… and I hope you understand, ilie, that I or any other theorist isnt going to be able to make a solid theory using credentials based on fact that has yet to be confirmed by the show by at least giving us a sensible option. Which is why I can only present my reasoning behind the ash, as opposed to blind guessing, who broke it, how Ilana would know Jacob, or for that matter how she knows about the ash ring.

    I do appreciate you presenting the question here as well as shephards_flockes, leaving me an opportunity to at least explain why we cannot answer that particular question…leaving it and many others mysteries to be answered in the final season.

    Again, thank you all for commenting, and in light of learning it to be a repetative theory, it can still be a topic to work on in the future.

    shephards_flocke…I added your link to the end of my theory, with a quick explanation…again I apologize…

  8. My comment about Ilana was never intended to kill the discussion, only to provoke further discussion. 🙂

    I can try to answer my own question: Perhaps Ilana and Bram know that Jacob will die (and burn and become the ash circle?). That would explain why they talk about a candidate – a candidate for replacing Jacob or Jacob’s body.

  9. This is big. I think there is a relation between this and the fact that MIB has to find a loophole to kill Jacob. Maybe some time-travelling paradox makes it such that MIB cannot touch Jacob, he cannot even step on his ashes. Maybe the reason MIB cannot get out of the cabin is the same reason why he can’t kill Jacob himself.

  10. I’d cross out volcano ash since well…. How would volcano ash keep him in a cabin….

    Jacobs ashes are good but I’m still not too sure …. That ring was pretty big around the cabin Jacobs body wouldn’t make enough ashes to do that

    I’m been really stumped on this whole thing as well hopefully this isn’t one of those things they left unanswered bc in the words of hurley… I want some friggin answers . As long as Henry gale gets some love this season 🙂

  11. Another theory is that the ashes is actually the ashes of the burnt cabin itself. Crazy, isn’t it? 🙂

    I don’t know how that would keep someone trapped either, but perhaps the function of the ashes is not to keep anyone out (or in) but just to indicate that someone has passed.

  12. A.E.S,

    Seriously, no offense taken. I know you’re a prolific theorist on the site, as well as on the former ‘losttheories’ and always enjoy reading your thoughts, so i’m glad to see we both thought of the same idea. Its just funny that only a couple people commented, its understandable though as i only signed up again recently. I just threw the idea out there to see what people thought whereas you’ve pieced together a viable theory based on the premise.

    When i try to figure out the show, and connect the dots, i usually think of it from the writers perspective. The fact that Jacobs body was kicked into the fire was written into the script for a reason, much like everything else, so i think its rational thinking to consider a possible link to the ash, however out there the idea is (time travel anyone?).

    A.E.S, wouldn’t it be great if next season we find out we were right.

    BTW thanks for adding the link to mine, that wasn’t necessary but is appreciated, very nice of you to do so.

  13. I was just thinking, if it is Jacobs ashes around the cabin, its another confusing ‘chicken and egg’ scenario like Richard and Lockes compass, a ‘loop’ if you will. I wonder if there are any other little loops going on in the show.

    Also, irrelevant, but i just thought the breaking of the circle of ash is quite literally a ‘loophole’… Just thinking out loud here.

  14. shephards_flocke

    you may seriously be onto something there with the ‘loophole’

    when i think about the season finale, i think of theories based on what i have seen there and then.. But as everybody knows lost isnt that straight forward and its very rarely ‘what you see is what it is’ so to me everything that is stated above is very plausible.

  15. Has anybody heard of ‘hoodoo’? It’s a kind of folklore black magic.

    Ive just remembered a film called Skeleton Key. The plot is basically this black man and woman find a way using hoodoo magic to transfer their consciousness to other peoples bodies thus extending their own lives. However the hosts conscious they jump into is transfered to the invaders body and they are trapped.

    Well in the film people put red dust (i know its black in Lost) to keep them safe from the hoodoo magic what ever it may be, if this ring is broken in anyway then they are no longer protected.

    Does anyone else think this could be a connection? Or has anyone else seen the film and could shed some light on my comment?

  16. I’ve seen the film. Thats a good thought. Everybody has just assumed the ash is to contain something/someone but it could just as easily been to protect.

    Ilana finds out the circle has been broken and she looks quite worried. Maybe this is because she fears something may have happened to whoever is in the cabin.

    If it was to trap MIB, why would she go to the cabin looking for him?

  17. Perhaps Smokey is metal and the ash is just magnetic powder meant to be displaced when Smokey passes towards the cabin. Not a very fancy explanation, though…

  18. AES nice thoughts on the ashes. This is a subjec that has crossed my mind recently and I was wondering if maybe moving the Island was partly responsible. Perhaps the ashes momentarily lose their power when a time jump happens.

  19. Circles and their symbology are also very important in pagan beliefs. The idea of the circle containing great power. In Wiccan rituals you create a circle (in a variety of ways) and close it before begining, once the ritual is over, the circle is broken. The reason is to keep the energy contained for a specific purpose. What if the cabin is in an area of energy which has been focussed and contained by the ash. Maybe it can be used as a special place (like a church/temple/altar), the broken circle means that energy has been released, can’t be accessed anymore. Maybe the cabin isn’t necessarily aligned with anyone but more a special place on it’s own. If it is broken, the ‘magic’ of he place is over and does this have meaning for Ilana. This has been an off the cuff thought so apologize if it’s a bit all over the place. What the circle is made of isn’t important, the intent and ritual in closing the circle is what makes it a sacred space. But like voodoo, part I someone (Jacob) would help the ritualistic nature of the circle.

  20. Hi AES, according to the commentary for “The Man Behind the Curtain” on the Season 3 DVD by producers Carlton and Damon, the circle of ash is ‘a bit of a kind of protection or magic or kind of containment’.

    My guess would be that it is some form of containment for someone/something.

    Awhile ago, I read that the ash surrounding Jacob’s cabin was ‘volcanic’ ash. I found this idea somewhat unsatisfying.

    I love your take on it being Jacob’s ashes. I only have one question regarding this. When Ilana and her group in present time go to the cabin, the ash is still present, but they notice it had been broken. They continue on to the statue where Nemesis kills Jacob (in present time).

    Does this involve some aspect of ‘time shifting’ in order for it to be Jacob’s ashes?

    Great thoughts!

  21. I’m not a believer of Flocke being Locke. So, maybe the ashes are from whatever body Nemesis was currently impersonating at the time the circle was made? If that isn’t his original body that we saw in the conversation on the beach and that was who is imprisoned there.
    Another thought. Maybe the rule about not being able to kill each other means even if the body dies the spirit lives on so they really can’t kill one another.

  22. dabs and ilieintheshadow,
    I have become such a jacob-ash believer that I’ve got to ring in to answer your concern… Yes, I certainly believe in Season 6 that there is going to be some kind of time-traveling phenonomena once again, which will involve transporting Jacob-ash back in time… I wish I can say they simply put the Jacob-ash around the cabin, and then the cabin would travel back in time, that seems much more plausible since the cabin seems very metaphysical anyways.. but they burned the cabin, so that seems less likely.. AES or anybody else, your thoughts?

  23. Ok, I am glad most like the idea of this, and am happy that more thoughts could be spawned from it.

    shephards_flocke, along with greatly appreciating your understanding and compliments, Ihave to say kudos to you for thinking of this before me. It baffles me how this did not explode then. I can only explain so well my thinking because, well…I have thought a lot about this since the finale.

    Pardon my lack of participation of this subject, I have just tryed to think of any other clues that would help…without just guessing at what might be.
    I plan to drop a theory before the first episode that covers more of how and why, but these smaller theories are meant to simply cover on a subject to subject basis…BUT I DO APPRECIATE ALL THE IDEAS PRESENTED IN THE COMMENTS!

    Thats why I really write theories like this.

    There is some good stuff here, and should be recognized…

    Roland, I like the thoughts of the circle breaking around Lockes origin…but I have to say I think it will be more around the time of either the incident or after Jacobs demise (I know…they burned the cabin down)…

    Ilie…I half figured you to be joking…I have read some of your insight, and you are good for picking theories to bring them further along, not for regression…you just never know these days…
    Your question is imparative for thisto work…we just are not that far yet…

    Henry…”Jacobs ashes are good but I’m still not too sure …. That ring was pretty big around the cabin Jacobs body wouldn’t make enough ashes to do that”…I agree..
    But I think that it would be impossible to actually determine which ashes are Jakes, and which were previously(onLost) there. Meaning they would more than likely grab a whole bunch…if not the whole thing of ashes.

    Ilie…Yes, I love the cabin being the ashes idea…lol, I dont think its correct…but its fun as hell…

    BigDave!!! Glad to see you here…been a while, no?
    I have seen and love the movie. I cannot express the wavelengths we share…pssst..whisper: I already have a theory half written on the subject…Excellent call!

    HBK…the heartbreakkid…I love that idea!
    Another possible dot connected using the info gathered from the season…very nice!

    Achalli, good thoughts on the jumping causing the ashes to lose juice…but I think maybe there will be just one that causes this to be possible…nice thought my friend.

    Tas…I share your concern for the meaning of circles, along with a few other theorists on this site…if Im correct, the little polar bear below your non gravatar shares our beliefs…(btw…I would love to see the Tazmanian Devil standing on an island for a gravatar…come on just for me).
    If you look back to some of the older theories, you may be able to find a few references to them that were left in the past.

    Dabsi…good to see you here my dear.
    As Ilie said, your questions are similar.
    I do believe time traveling island is the best bet…but I have no idea in what context…I would imagine something different than we have seen.
    I dabbled with the thought of volcanic ash, but only because of producer comments about the importance of the volcano(and Annie).
    I presumed we would learn Jacob was sacrificed in some way, resulting in or from an active volcano….I know, thats why I never wrote a theory on it…
    Good question all the same, and as I said earlier, it will be very important to know the answer, because it will lead to or from how Ilana knows Jacob.

    Again, a thank you to all for the comments, and especially to shephards_flocke for thinking of it first, lol, I swear I didnt know…

  24. bobt…I did not skip you…

    You touched on a subject that was going to be a continuation theory of this one…so thank you for ruining mt little fun.
    I was going to call it “Pocket full of Posies…” and have a third that was…nevermind…you ruined my fun ;]

    Since this seems to have gained a little momentum, and we seem to at least feel its a possibilirty, lets jump to the next step, which I believe is your final thought…

    “I wish I can say they simply put the Jacob-ash around the cabin, and then the cabin would travel back in time, that seems much more plausible since the cabin seems very metaphysical anyways.. but they burned the cabin, so that seems less likely.. AES or anybody else, your thoughts?”

    My thoughts indeed…

    The cabin lies outside of the boundries of the rest of the island…plain and simple.
    Argue, debate, present other examples, I will not address them.
    Im not being smug. I just feel that unless someone can prove that it is NOT outside the boundries/rules of the rest of the island in some way…not that other things ARE…but that the cabin is not…I will not be swayed…now that that is out of the way…

    With that in mind…think about what happened when Ben and Lock first visited the cabin. “Help me, things shook, yadda yadda…The cabin caught on fire, and the place was trashed.
    Next time we see it…everything is fine. Picture up, nothing burned, and I presume Christan or Claire didnt fix the place up.

    When Hurley saw the cabin, he saw the eye, ran away, tripped, fell, turned around and….poof….cabin GONE.

    At some point the island will move.
    At some point the ash will be collected and spread around the cabin in another timeperiod, even if it is found in the “future” of the world and real time…but the islands past after it time travels again.
    ANYBODY could spread it…A race 4 billion years in the earths past…or 4 billion in its future…
    It could be almost any Lostie we have ever seen…
    When it is spread, for all we know…Jacob could spread his own ash.
    The island time travels.
    There is an almost limitless possibilities for how it is collected and spread…But I think it will be Jacobs ashes, and Jacobs ashes alone will give it its metaphysical properties Bobt…

    So to answer the question of, “how do they spread the ash around the cabin, if they burned the cabin?”
    ….the ash will be spread in the ISLANDS past.

  25. Hi AES, your response to bobt was exactly what I was hoping to hear! I think you could be right about how the ‘time shifts’ will provide the answer.

    Also, I am wondering if the cabin itself does not have to adhere to the general constraints of ‘time’ and/or the rules on ‘the island’. Perhaps it has its own special qualities, and is unique unto its own.

    Metaphysical, yes.

  26. Thanks Dabsi…
    I do think that not only will timeshifts explain the ash ring…but also the cabins capabilities which I do believe will turn into another predestinational situation in the form of a paradox along the lines of the compass.

  27. A.E.S,

    I agree on it being another scenario like the compass, there may even be others in the show, and maybe these are little paradoxes happening which could indicate that the rules have changed and they are in fact possible and next season there could be some pretty HUGE paradoxes, and possibly the forces of course correction might come into play also (whatever they may be).

    your comment about the cabin being metaphysical is interesting, maybe the phrase ‘only fools are enslaved by time and space’ applies here, we have seen the cabin appear to Hurley in i believe a different location, and then disappear.

    I was thinking about the breaking of the circle of ash being literally a ‘loophole’, its funny how on LOST things said can have so many meanings,and be interpreted differently, especially in the finales.

    I remember the end of season 3 when Jack said ‘we have to go back Kate!’ in the flash forward, i theorised that maybe they have to go back IN TIME, people said that wasn’t likely…

  28. I totally buy the idea that the ash is Jacob’s.

    I was wondering myself why they would show Locke kicking Jacob in the fire while he was already stabbed.

    The ash is his “physical form” in this reality that connects hir mind/spirit to that reality?

  29. Talking about ashes…

    What was the significance of Ilana and crew burning the cabin?

    I think there’s more to that scene than we know. I mean, why would they bother burning the cabin?

    And, by the way, I’m just thinking of the comment Frank makes when Ilana orders her crew to burn it.

    Frank says something about setting the entire jungle on fire by burning the cabin, but Ilana and Bram just ignore that comment, as if they know that won’t happen.

    Maybe some alternate reality evidence? Cabin is from the other reality, but somehow it can “be” on the other reality. It can’t affect things on the alt reality tho, so it can burn, but it can’t set the jungle on fire.

  30. Oh man, Just thinking out loud again, the whole burning of bodies and releasing of spirits and what not could also tie into the smoke monster in some way…

  31. AES, thanks for your answer, I think you’re right on!! Sorry to ruin your fun, what a great idea naming your next theory “Pocket full of Posies”, well I hope everybody will reserve those next 2 names to theories for you to write, I certainly won’t be using those names!

    The thought of Jacob back in the past, spreading his own ashes that were brought to him from the future..that’s awesome..with time travel the door opens to so many possibilities, including that one which seems to be so very poetic..

    Couple thoughts:
    -when people brought up in recent theories that temple could be the bridge between different ALT timelines/or the past/future, I couldn’t help to think maybe the cabin has this same property
    -I looked up the lyrics to “Ring around the Rosies” and noticed that in some parts of the southern United States, the lyrics say:
    “upstairs, downstairs, we all fall down.” Instead of traditional, “ashes, ashes, we all fall down” which is eerily similar to Locke’s vision of Boone saying “Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs”

  32. AES, what do you consider to be in the area first, the ashes or the cabin? Or in otherwords was Nemesis already imprisoned within the circle of ashes before the cabin was built there?

  33. A.E.S.

    I just remembered in the season four episode ‘cabin fever’, Locke has that dream/vision where he meets Horace who tells him hes building a cabin,

    wierdly he repeatedly chops down the same tree over and over, just thought it was interesting in relation to the cabin ash loop idea…

  34. Bob and AES: In Canada, we sang it as “Husha, husha, we all fall down!” 🙂

    In “voodoo” a ring of ashes around something is a way to protect it from evil…..any thoughts on that?

  35. Achalli, great question… I have to go wth the cabin…

    See, it makes sense that MIB could be imprisoned there before the structure is built…but…Why a cabin then?

    With all the high tech gizmos the island offers, why make it a cabin where the ring is.

    I assume that MIB was possibly lured to the cabin, then the ring is placed around…

    I really dont have a lot to go on…a little, but not a lot…sothat is more of a judgement call than a theory.

    Shep-flocke…please, in all seriousness…STAY OUT OF MY HEAD…

    As stated earlier, this is to be a three part theory…and I leave open doors here because I fully intend to close them before I am done.

    There may be a few windows open, but the doors will be sealed as much as I feel that I can….excellent thought on Horace…and yes…it will be the last part of my “ashes” trilogy. In all seriousness, great catch with Horace…I promise, I will ge there soon.

    Roland, important question…

    You dont buy Flocke being Locke…do you mean the Locke we see instruct Ben to kill Jacob?
    Do you not believe that is the man Jacob is conversing with at the beginning of the finale?
    If you mean the REAL Locke, I get ya, if you mean that the Locke running the show in the Incident…I muct respectfully disagree.

    Flocke may not be THE REAL John Locke…but I believe he is most certainly impersonating him for advantage…

  36. Bailey,
    ah I see that, for Canadian version..
    So what does “husha,husha” mean? As in “hush” be quiet?
    They have all of the different lyrics in Wikipedia on this site:

    I was intrigued by the 2 lyrics “ashes, ashes” and “upstairs, downstairs” because the lyrics in the rest of the rhyme remain identical, so i concluded ashes-ashes must mean the same as upstairs-downstairs. When I think of “ashes, ashes” what quickly comes to my mind is “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” which is a saying commonly used in funerals (at least on tv!) in the United States (i’m sure Canadians are familiar with that saying too). The meaning of “ashes to ashes” (at least i think) is you begin as common elements such as sand,ash,dust and you end up as sand,ash,dust when you die..hmm

    On your voodoo comment, there might be a connection… Because if the cabin was used for Jacob to reside, I can see that he would use any device for his “protection from evil”… But if it was used to entrap Nemesis, that’s similar to confining evil, or protect what’s outside the ring from evil…

  37. “Frank says something about setting the entire jungle on fire by burning the cabin, but Ilana and Bram just ignore that comment, as if they know that won’t happen.”

    Hm, that’s a good comment. There has to be a reason for including that comment. Worse things than burning a cabin have been done without anyone airing concerns like that.

  38. Bailey! Good to see you!

    The voodoo element was touched on earlier by BigDave referencing the movie “The Skeleton Key”.
    This could very well be yet another touched upon religion/mythology that Lost touches.

    Oh, and I am unfamiliar with the meaning behind the “husha”.
    It seems at least the song is well known in many places, with slight vriations…hmmm…

  39. Sin, what could be similarities between the two. I would be very interested if there was a connection.
    The lampost was used for finding the island in SPACE.
    It would be fun if the cabin was somehow a way of finding or learning of a specific TIME on the island.

  40. Ilie, thaht comment by stone could also mean that there is a sort of filed or boundry around the cabin, much as Dan refers to the radius of the island, that they were still inside of when the island “disappeard”.

  41. I definitely believe MIB is impersonating Locke I just don’t think he is somehow John Locke from a different timeline or what was the purpose of the conversation on the beach, under the statue and them showing us Johns’ body.
    I do believe that the guy on the beach conversing with Jacob and the one impersonating Locke now are one and the same. Ever since Achalli first theorized Richard helped Jacob imprison him in the cabin I’ve been on board. It feels right.

    I’ve also thought of this from the perspective of Lost being partially based on The Stand. It’s been a long time since I read that book but wasn’t Randall Flagg able to appear as different people? In the extended version Flagg ends up on an island somewhere starting over to find a way to wipe out humans or destroy the Earth. I don’t think Fake Locke is quite that evil but he may be and he does remind me of Flagg.

  42. I get what you mean…I thought so…just needed clarification.

    I am on board to a point…but there is something about a scene that bugs the hell out of me….in a different way.

  43. Well, I have discovered something interesting…lol…oh how my mind goes sometimes…

    I couldnt help but find familiarity even when I was writing this theory a few days ago…

    Today I went back and was browsing oler theories and stumbled upon one that caugt my eye, lol…this is pretty funny…

    …take note of the date the theory was written…

  44. Can’t wait to hear what bugged you. Sorry if I ruined that for you but it is still one of Kings best books, worth reading.
    It’s amazing to read your other theory now that we know a few other facts. You had some of it even then. Do you read tarot cards or toss bones and consult the I Ching?

  45. Just to clarify on the ‘Ring a ring of roses’ rhyme. The original version is: a ring, a ring of roses a pocket full of poses A TISSUE A TISSUE,we all fall down.

    It was wrote about the black plague that swept across Europe. The ring of roses was the symptom of a red rash that appeared on the body looking like a circle of roses, a pocket full of poses is referencing the herbal remedy that was mean to stave of the disease. A tissue a tissue is another symptom and we all fall down is obviously people dying. If the writers were to use this then im pretty sure with their intent on detail that they would have researched it fully.

  46. Forgot about this post…

    BigD, my title is just in quirky fun…no direct symbolism to the song.
    It is fun though to put things together like that ;]

    Roland, I was actually joking about the stand…read it several times in my life.
    Honestly, one of the only endings to a King book I like, although most of his books are VERY good…right up until the end.

    …oh, and I toss a bone every so often…I Ching consults me, lol…tarot…a little too weird for me…lol

  47. Hey, I’m back! I bet you missed me!

    You’re saying that after Jacob is dead he’s going to tell Miles or Hurley or both of them to gather his ashes and travel back in time with them to spread them in a circle around the cabin? I have a couple of problems with that.

    One, we have yet to see any deliberate time travel on Lost. Nobody seems to really understand how it actually works. Nobody seems to know when they’re going to end up. This would be an entirely new kind of time travel for Lost…

    Second, the circle of ash around the cabin seems to have been made with the ash of about twenty Jacobs… and that’s not even taking into account the amount of heat actually required to reduce a body to ash. Jacob’s little fire would only blacken the body.

    Maybe someone already brought these issues up, I only made it about half way through the comments.

  48. Hey Highbrow, I don’t know if AES missed you, but I did…..(damn tin-foil hat didn’t work). LOL

    I knew you would be back before S6. Looking forward to your thoughts and insights.

  49. Highbrow!!!! I certainly missed you!!!!!

    I completely agree. I don’t believe for a second it’s someones ashes. I think its “ashes” but in the voodoo sense. and i think they were placed there a long time ago in an attempt to keep out evil.

    Welcome back 🙂

  50. Thanks for the warm welcome… My enthusiasm for theorizing cooled a bit with the lack of new information but I’m looking forward to learning more soon then coming here to throw my hands in the air and bang my head on the desk… I just can’t stay away!

  51. …like a hole in the head…

    I cannot blame you for your cooling down, and I am seriously glad your back…welcome to the madness…

    lol…if you thought I was nuts last year…wait until you get a load of some of the new theories…we may actually agree on something.

    I think I actually, at some point recently, ask where the hell you are…because we would have agreed on this whole Alt timeline business…some of it at least…

    which on that…what do you think of all this alternate timeline talk?

    Tell me the truth…you and me, just like old times…forget for a minute about this post…it is what is is and Im sticking by it…Tell me your thoughts on the alternate timelines here…

  52. Maybe Horace placed the magnetic volcanic ash around the cabin so that Smokie couldn’t get to him as he built it, and chilled there upon completion.

    I mean, it would suck to spend all that time building a cabin, and just as it’s completed, smokie comes up and bites your face off. Horace took proper precautions.

    Just as the barracks have the sonic fence to protect it from smokie, I think this ring of ash also is meant to keep it away from the cabin. My biggest question is, who or what is the ring of ash protecting THESE days? Why was Ilana so worried about it being broken? Maybe that’s been figured out by now and I’m way behind.

    I doubt it’s actually Jacob’s cabin. Horace built it and Jacob doesn’t seem like the stealing type. Besides, Jacob sure seems to have been living in the statue since at least the mid 1800’s. I think Ben was “misinformed” by Richard (maybe) on who dwells in the cabin. Nothing comforting comes from there. It’s not very Jacobish.

    But yeah, maybe Horace put it there as a cheap security fence. Jacob wouldn’t have enough ashes available to be spread around the entire cabin like HenryGale108 mentioned earlier(at least we wouldn’t think).

    Good topic of discussion A.E.S. Another good question that needs answered.

  53. Do you know what the bible says about alternate timelines?

    It’s against it.

    I am too, I think… I don’t know… it’s a complicated topic. I’m still catching up on the theories so I’m not entirely sure what your stance on the issue is or exactly to what extent alternate timelines would exist on the show.

    I think the stakes would go out the window if the story was about alternate timelines.

    Say we find out that at the end of season five the bomb went off and changed the past so that the Swan is never built (or at least the button and the protocol is never installed). Well, that means paradox and I’m never going to be on board with that.

    Now say we see the opening of season six and we find out that the Losties are in an alternate timeline… is it a timeline that was there before or is it a new timeline that was suddenly created when the bomb went off? If it was there all along then the Losties we see in that timeline aren’t really the same Losties we’ve known all along at all. If it’s a new timeline then are the new Losties or were our Losties somehow transported into the new timeline? If they were transported then I have to ask why they would end up in 2004 when the change was made back in the ’70s. What if they were transported to a new timeline and they did end up in the ’70s… that would complicate things because either they would remember things about the future (which wouldn’t happen anyway) or they would never learn about any of the things that happened to them during the show (and the story would be over). I don’t see any logical reason why something kind of in the middle of those two possibilities would be possible.

    So…. no, I’m not really a believer in alternate timelines…

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