Not in 2007?

I question the assumption that Sun, Ben, Locke etc are in 2007

Some have suggested that the “30 years earlier” caption gives us licence to calculate 30 years forward from the known 1977 and determine that that is where they are.

I suggest however that the “30 years earlier” could be, not 30 years back from where they ended up(ie potentially still unknown), but ~30 years back from where they started out (2008)

This allows for Dharmaville to be different and for the numbers to play on the radio, without the need for a different timeline…. They could now be in 2010 (shocking time to pick given that the series ends then) and dharmaville could have fallen into serious dis-repair (this could be after “the war”?) and the numbers playing on the radio could be someone trying to start the cycle again…

Just some thoughts.

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