What element of the show annoys you?

Title says it all really.

Just thought people have asked whats your favourite/worst scene/character, i thought i’d ask whats the worst element of the show so far in your opinion as theres one that annoys me a bit, Micheal and Walts story.

I’m not playing the race card here or anything, but its a shame that Micheals story ended the way it did, the typical absent father (although circumstances were against him) who eventually rekindled a relationship with his son and went to extremes to get him off the island.

Off island he tries to kill himself unsuccessfully, then makes his way back to the island to make up for his bad deeds only to be a cleaner on a boat and get blown to smithereens leaving his son without a father or a mother. Its pretty depressing when you think about it, and is partly why i hope there is some big things going on in the next season for Walt, and hopefully Micheal.

I suppose it fits in well with the whole ‘daddy issues’ theme, but it still bothers me. Apart from that i love everything the writers have thrown at us so far, what annoys you if anything?

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I'm a hiphop producer from London, and obviously a huge fan of Lost. Its a bit of a love/hate thing as its made me cynical of all other TV shows (Heroes being one of the most overrated poorly written shows i've seen). Never been into much big american TV drama or Sci-fi, more into british comedy, but Lost has been amazing, and i really hope it continues that awesomeness in its final season. I'm usually pretty good at predicting the end of a story which can annoy people around me, but this show is so intricately constructed, even in its 2nd to last season, i still don't have a clue. I'm trying my best though.

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  1. Ceasar really pissed me off, I did not want to see some other clueless jackass assume leadership. Ceasar being shot was probably one of my favorite moments on lost. I really hope his character is gone for good.

    Season 1, Michael keeps going “Walt, Walt” every episode, that is annoying as well.

    Besides that, anything you can consider as a pointless flashback and 3 episodes in particular.

    1. Sawyer hunting “the boar” that pisses him off

    2. Nikki & Paulo

    3. Hurley fixing the Dharma Van

  2. Wing: I think it’s the same plane in a timeloop.

    Jos: Nikki & Paulo annoy me, too. The only thing worse than them is if they are Adam/Eve.

    But – what annoys me most – it takes too long for the next season!

  3. i agree on the nikki- paulo episode which was pointless, but the worst element was killing charlie off, that really annoyed me, surely he couldve lived and claire could still get on the helicopter, a pointless death of a good character

  4. Wow! First of all what’s with the race card mention, I don’t get it? Didn’t he save his son? (so far) How many Dad’s would do what he did for a son that he hardly knew or hardly knew him? Albeit, the things he did were wrong, but his man’s main focus what getting his son back and getting him off the Island – and that’s exactly what he did.

    Have you watched what Locke has gone through for the entire 5 Season’s… I mean no one has mentioned what a poor bald-orphan he is and how could the writers pick on him and stereo type him like that… I don’t know, personally I never looked at Michael as your typical black man (whatever that is?). From what they showed us I was always under the assumption that he was a father who wanted to be there for his son from day one, and was basically given no choice by Walt’s Mom. No race card here, no need to even mention it. I’m assuming your immersion in the Hip Hop culture has led you to perceive things in this way… sorry, I’m not trying to knock your tastes, but being from the US, that thought process is way old and tired… time to move forward.

    With that said, to answer your question, I think that there were a few episodes during Season 2 & 3 that were definitely filler… but even the filler episodes have left us with pertinent information. I always hated the Nikki/Paulo one as well, but the ending was very Rod Serling like (Heavy on the moral – with a sweet bitter twist) and even though it played out as if the writers were back tracking and filling in holes, in the end it worked, and we gained more inside info. And we got an episode that had absolutely no Jack & Kate drama scene’s, which brings me to my quip!

    Jack & Kate throughout the entire series have been just a bit to dramatic at times. I deal with it for the shows sake, but no one here could actually truly say that it doesn’t get a bit annoying after awhile… especially on my 4th go around rewatching every episode!

    This leads me to the Hurley/Dharma van episodes which in my view was one of the more enjoyable episodes on Lost. It was fun, light hearted and again foreshadowed things to come – Hurley’s Dad, rabbits foot, Ben’s Dad, Charlie’s last hurrah…

    That’s my two cents. Peace!

  5. Ardent Knight, your assumption that my immersion into hip hop culture has led me to percieve things in this way is way wrong, you know what they say about assumptions…

    Who says just because i like hip hop music that i’ve immersed myself in what you might consider hip hop culture? I listen to Underground UK hip hop by articulate intelligent people, not that gangbangin’ shit that MTV is saturated with.

    I said i WASN’T playing the race card, and i agree with what you said about Micheals story, and i never said he was ‘a typical black man’ you misunderstood me, its just that the way it ENDED dissapointed me, especially if that is actually the end of it.
    And i specifically mentioned that i WASN”T playing the race card so people didn’t think i was on a “oh they killed the token black guy” rant, i thought the whole subplot of micheal struggling to be a father was touching just like all the other true to life scenarios on the show, but when Harold Perrineau was brought back on the show, only to be blown up leaving his son parentless, it seemed a bit pointless.

    If i remember correctly, Harold himself was dissapointed with what the writers did with his character.

    I just felt that your comment was an attack based on an assumption of my character and misunderstanding of what i’d written.

    On that note anyway, peace back!

  6. I tried not to offend, maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut… to be fair (which I usually try to be) your “assumption” statement says it all (although technically it really only works with assume). I’ll try to be more careful in the future, I’m not on this site to throw down with anyone… It’s just back here in the States, and in NY specifically, that whole “boy cried wolf” crap in regards to that subject is really played out! But enough of that BS… hope you accept my apology.

    The reason why I was intrigued by your question is because the other night wilst watching my 4th rewatch, I came upon the Paulo/Nikki episode and have always hated it, but as I mentioned I saw it in a different light this time around.

    I didn’t hear that issue Harold had with being killed off, but as we know even when you supposedly die on Lost it doesn’t mean that your out completely off the show.

    Other than my foot in my mouth, I think we pretty much agree on things… I still vote for the over dramatized acting of Jack & Kate.

    PS – What’s MTV? 😉

  7. ok, can you recommend some of your favorite UK underground hip hop? i’ve only been exposed mostly to US underground, but im always looking for good new music

  8. Ardent,
    its all good (to use a cliched urban phrase) But i just get annoyed when people think because i like hiphop i’m a particular type of person.You’freeto say what you want, i’m not one to argue on the net, any lover of lost is a friend of mine…(insert smiley face here)

    When i read where you wrote ‘boy who cried wolf’, i just pictured Michael yelling ‘WOOOLF!!…WOOLLLLLFF!!’

    Are you from New York? what area? Most of my favourite american rap artists and producers are new yorkers, Pete Rock and DJ Premier being idols of mine.

    What music are you into, i’m guessing rock would i be right?

    Eko, check out JEHST, hes brilliant, ‘Alcoholic Author’ being one of my favourite tunes of his.

    He did a track with J-Zone if you know him, called ‘staircase to stage’, proper hip hop. In fact, checkout the whole of Jehsts ‘high plains drifter’ EP, most of it is great, dope beats and ill lyrics.

    Also, i highly recommend you check out ‘Chester P’, I don’t like most of the beats he raps over, but his wordplays amazing.
    Check this out, hes just reading this off some paper, but its pretty crazy stuff…

    Let me know what you think.

  9. Ha! “WOOOOOOLF!” Yea, all good, all the same… Lost is what its all about on this site (obviously). But because you asked, I’m a ’70’s/’80’s child – I know the Hip Hop artists from the early years into the mid-90’s (DMX grew up not to far from me) and then I lost interest… to much self-promoting BS… I’m sure the underground scene is more real though.

    Personally, I like all music – old school Bee-bop & cool Jazz being my listening favorite lately, but I’m a Metal-Classic Rocker at heart. I’m a guitarist and am currently working on and co-producing a new album at this moment. The band is Poois – kind of Primus meets Sabbath meets Robert Goulet – has some elements of hip-hop sprinkled in here and there… Fun Prog-Metal – good hooks!

    I’m sure we will be chatting more especially as the new Season gets under way…

    One more thing that annoys me (and I’ve posted this prior) is that I want to know how the hell anyone of the 815ers survived the original crash? How come we all take this for granted? It really would be a miracle if even even one person survived that crash!

    Chow for now, Brotha’.

  10. This thread has completely derailed off topic eh?

    Ardent, let me know when that albums done, wouldn’t mind checking it out.

    I don’t listen to much metal, but i like alot of classic rock and prog rock, Sabbath, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelins got some of the biggest sounding drums i’ve heard on a record, i sample lot of drums off old late 60s early 70s heavy rock records (I know you probably hate people that ‘steal’ samples). I especially like obscure foreign prog, some crazy stuff out there.

    I also listen to alot of jazz, not so much be bop, but more early 70s funky and electric jazz and fusion.

    and back on topic, i agree with you on the 815ers surviving, hopefully that gets explained and is not just an element that we’ll have to suspend our disbelief on.

  11. hey. i am from new york, but i don’t really focus on where theyre from. there is a good underground scene and through friends i get exposed to so much music (especially with the help of the internet) its mind boggling.

    ill check out your music and let you know what i think.

  12. Shepards flock…I have to disagree with something you said…you are way off…

    “not that gangbangin’ shit that MTV is saturated with.”

    …MTV doesnt play videos anymore silly…what do you think it is…a music television station?

  13. sorry to be the first in a while to post an all on topic post, but what about the smoke monster being so powerful yet not being able to go over the sonar fence to get to kate and juliet. on the plane crash id say theres probably an alt timeline where they all died, itl take up 5 minutes of series 6, then we go back to WHH.

  14. Yeah – sorry bout that…

    On to LOST… I truly believe that the writer’s will have to answer for the original crash, although when they came back a second time on 316 we kind of got a glimpse of their easy out being that 4 of them flashed in mid-air into a differnt decade – how does one explain that?

    I saw something else wilst continuing my watch (@ The Brig – S3)… I may be looking into it a bit much but when Locke was in the Other’s camp, Cindy (the stewardest from the Tail Section) comes up to him and states something like, “We’ve been waiting for you”. I thought it was interesting that only after a few weeks time (if that long) she considered herself part of the Others. I also thought it was pretty convenient how she just basically disappeared without a noise while the Tailies & the rafter’s were treking across the Island. Could she have been an Other all along? Could some of the people who were taken during those first few days (omitting the children) have been Others as well? Could some of the 815ers been Others? I have a feeling this twist may be answered this upcoming Season and come into play.

    One more annoying aspect – there are many moments during the past 5 Season’s were if they were actually running the show in real time, you would think that the Losties would have communicated more thoroughly with one another. ie Paulo/Nikki finding the hatch under where Yemmi’s plane fell long before Locke & Ecko find it… Charlie being “not so concerned” about what happen to Locke, Eco & Desmond after the swan hatch implodes… and there’s many more instenses where character’s would not fully communicate with one another what they may have found or discovered on the island… They seem to take a lot of pertainent information for granted… All for one – Live together… If I was on that freakin’ Island and wanted to get rescued so bad, I’d be constantly trying to piece and pool information together to get some answer’s to my questions! I guess that’s just me. But I do get annoyed at the fact that it seems as soon as someone starts asking a few questions, they are usually cut off by someone else or some other event and then they never go back to it! Aren’t human’s more curious than that, especially ones that are stuck in the situation they are in! I’d be at the dinner camp fire later in the night going back to the person that never answered my question and saying, “so Doc, about that question that we so rudely were interupted with a few scene’s ago, what’s the answer?” – I know its just a TV show, but goddamit I want to know!

    As for the other stuff – I will keep you informed on the Album – our singer writes like a story teller which somewhat falls in line with the hip hop scheme… the hooks and subject matter are fun and relevant.

    Also, I’m not adverse to the sampling of drums & riffs at all – I believe all music is pretty incestous and many would say that the beats and rhythm’s you use were for the most part robbed from the blues and jazz artists and so on… I also dig the funky fusion jazz as well – most all jazz! Hey maybe one day you’ll wind up sampling some of our hooks!

    And yes, we have a song on the album called “Unstuck In Time”.

  15. A.E.S,

    You are so right, I’m sick of the reality TV shows of hot Californians dating and frat boy types pulling dangerous stunts whilst naked, but don’t get me started on MTV.

    I fondly remember the 90s when they were REALLY cutting edge, i used to love the subversive programming, especially the animated shows, Beavis and Butthead etc.

    Talking of that, Did anyone ever watch the ‘mtvs Oddities’ thing? There was a series called ‘The Maxx’ which was based on one of my favourite comics, the best comic book adaption ever, exact frame by frame copy.

    If you haven’t seen it, if you enjoy adult animated shows, i strongly suggest you check it out.

  16. Coming from an older lad that was just entering HS the day MTV broke in ’81, I’d say after the first few years or so, cutting edge & MTV in the same sentence were a rarity – video wise at least! (I mean it was originally suppose too be Music TV)

    However, I do remember “the Maxx” TV adaption in ’95 (or so), and I agree they were trying to reinvent themselves for the young audience during those years and some pretty interesting and bizarre non-music video cutting edge shows sprouted up! I still don’t think they should have ran them under MTV though, especially the “Real” World… If we only knew what that show would spawn some 15 years later – ugh!!! The reality show world could not be so far removed from reality… its beyond me how the young or anyone for that matter continues to buy into all that regurgitated corporate design/pattern type pseudo reality show BS…

    Anyway, sorry for my digression… I actually have the 1st Issue comic of “the Maxx”, I bought it (along with Spawn & Pitt) when it came out as part of the upstart Image Comics that Todd McFarlane launched in 1992-93. The art work was fantastic, the story lines were original – all the Image Comics at that time were! (on a side note its kind of ironic that McFarlane actually has a hand in the LOST figurine’s from the 1st & 2nd Season).

    This is out of leftfield… during my viewing of a few episodes of LOST last night, I was reminded how integral a part Michael Giacchino plays in the series! It’s my belief that without his musical scores (which to me have a direct linkage to Bernard Herrmann & Jerry Goldsmith – old school movie composers…also twighlight zoners) LOST would not be the same show!! He really ratcheted up the legitamacy factor on LOST with his scores – its another background aspect that gives the viewer a feel as if we were watching a full blown movie production. Again, my two-cents for what its worth.

    PS – “Unstuck In Time” is my ode to Kurt Vonnegut and his Slaughterhouse-Five novel (and obviously a little tribute to the creators of LOST, and how they have further expanded my mind over the past 5 Seasons…)

  17. Also, thanks for the you tube stuff on the Maxx – I have not seen that in awhile… I forgot how well done and (yes) cutting edge that was!

    For your info S_f (in case you were unware) The complete series was released on December 17, 2009 exclusively as a DVD-R title available just in, as a “CreateSpace” program of “Burn-On-Demand” DVDs. The 2-disc set includes all 13 episodes plus interviews with creator Sam Kieth & director Gregg Vanzo, and audio commentary on all episodes.

    Also, since you seem to enjoy youtube here’s Poois circa 1996

    (for those Exodus fans that’s the lead singer Rob Dukes during his bouncing years to the far right in the white T-shirt)

  18. HAHA!

    Ardent dude,

    Image comics were my favourite back in the day when i was a comics geek, never really got into much of Marvel and DCs traditional superhero stuff.

    You know Alan Moore the man behind The Watchmen and V For Vendetta also worked on The Maxx briefly.

    And on the score for Lost, i agree its amazing. I saw a ‘lost podcast’ where they showed the orchestra and interviewed Giacchino, if i remember correctly he said he doesn’t read the scripts or listen to the dialogue, hes just told what mood to go for which is interesting.

  19. I was always annoyed when they focused episodes solely around one group of characters when you’re really wondering what happened to others, and having to wait an entire episode to know what’s going on with who you’re interested in seeing most.

  20. I didn’t know that in regards to Alan Moore, but it all makes sense when you think about it! The LOST writer’s are basically a continuum of a vast incestous sub-culture of “Excellent Sci-Fi Cutting Edge Geekdum”!! I guess we’d be devout follows… Ha!

    For me, Giacchino is the prime example of a artist that knows his abilities and limitations and is comfortable in his own shell. He has combined his creative talent with his knowledge and experience of the past and tastefully regurgitated it into non-ubtrusive magic! The focus isn’t on him or his score, its just an added tasty appendage of the core “BIG” picture, which is LOST. Sort like when you use beats for elements of your Hip Hop from past bands or different styles of music – its thought provoking and creative – not necessarily completely new but tastful and original in its own way – if all that makes any sense… 😉

  21. And Inquistor, I agree… Season 2 & 3 were a bit draggy at times and that’s the reality of LOST – its a TV Show first an foremost, so nuturing there product is definitely an aspect to their writing or rather interupts their creativity at times… Yet when you think about it, the show plays out like a good novel that you could sink your teeth into and with that said, I wouldn’t have it any other way! As I mentioned prior, even the dud-episodes have taught us a few pertainent facts. The anticipation and patience for the show to develope over the past few years and the fact that it does have a specified ending point makes it that more intriguing!

    Otherwise, we’d have to place the show into the instant gratification genre that we now live in and we would soon forget about in a month! Or rather, we would have LOST interest within a few episodes…

    Not trying to pick on you dude (or dudette), but this is one of my pet peaves in life… its the “MEANS” to the end that is the enjoyment of the ride, not just the “END” result! Or just maybe I’m wrong, and we have no free will and all this “in between filler” is just a waste of time – the end is already set in stone – so lets get there already!

    Sorry, all… I got to get off this site for awhile…


  22. Rose annoys me. Can’t see what Bernard ever saw in her. She’s a crab. Never happy with anything he does. Reminds me of George Doormat and his wife.

  23. The Nikki & paulo episode annoys me alot. It didn’t at first, but now that i know just how many questions they’ve left us with at this point, i’m annoyed that they wasted an entire 47 minutes, that they could have been answering some of our freakin questions….

    The length between the seasons is insulting to me lol i just don’t get it. Some of it wasn’t their fault, like with the strike, i think it was almost a year between seasons that time….mean. just mean.

    but for the most part, i have no real complaints about the show. Both of my whiney paragraphs above weren’t really due to the writing, or the characters or plot. and regardless of my complaints, it’s still the best show out there. with the exception of The Office of course.

    Now if Dwight was on the island, this would just be, like, the greatest show of all time.

  24. As promised (albeit delayed a bit)

    Here’s a live video of Poois playing “Unstuck in Time” from our debut CD “Opera House”…

    If you enjoyed that, here’s another – the title track “Opera House”…

    And here’s some more sites where you could listen to more of the music and purchase if you like…

    Thanks all! Do miss LOST… bought last Season on DVD but I think I need to watch the previous 5 Season’s (again) before view the last one.

    I believe that some time in the near future the creators & writers will get together and start to put together a few big screen movies that will give us more depth about the island and answer some questions in regards to the mysteries… they finished the story for the Oceanic survivors, but they left the door wide open to create whole new chapter for the Island… I do believe that was by design – just my thoughts. Peace!

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