Driving me CrAzY…

Ok, this is something that has bothered me for…oh…almost two years now…

I tried to figure out the importance, and I came up empty. As usual, I presume I am reading too far into things, but I cant help but ask to see if anyone else at least noticed this…

In the scene from season four where Kate is on her way to the courthouse, there is a mob of people outside yelling at her. There is a man, who when you watch the scene again, stands out like a sore thumb.
His 1-2 second cut shot is almost in slow motion as if we are to notice him…which I did.

I couldnt make out his words, with or without captions….so after watching the scene about 100 times…I let it go…but it still bothered me.

SO last year happens, and season 5 takes place…and rewatching, I notice something strange…not like double casting strange, but Lost strange.

The same man that bothered me so in the courthouse is in season 5.
He is not only in season 5, but on the island.
He dies. Not only dies, but dies while working on the swan….YES, the man is Alvarez!!!

He is the man who dies by having his filling shoot through his head, only to be taken to Pierre Chang at the Orchid….and never to be seen again…

Yes, its most likely some casting goof nobody was supposed to get…but it all seems strange the way it goes down with him on the island…
You can watch the episode of “Eggtown” to see the man Im talking about. You will notice him during Kates walk of Shame to the courthouse.

I know, its in fun for a reason…

Ps…I couldnt help but notice the similarities between this mans name and ALVAR Hanso…yes, again Im probably readin too much into things, but I wanted to get this out there.

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

11 thoughts on “Driving me CrAzY…

  1. Take note, he ied while thinking of his off island love, Andrea…I dont know if this, or the original thoughht in general means anything…but it seems like it should…

  2. WOW! If you’re right and its the same guy (hopefully not a production error) thats nutty!

    I was wondering about this guys relevance recently also and asked about it on here. By the way, what he says is indecipherable because its backwards,

    when reversed he clearly yells ‘WE HATE YOU!’.

    You’re talking about the guy with the beard in the crowd right?

    If it is the same dude you’ve got a good eye, i would’ve never noticed that.

  3. A.E.S: Great catch! I just compared pictures and it definitely looks like the same guy! I thought Alvarez looked a bit familiar but, I could never place from where.

    Is there a way to post pictures on here to use as comparison? I’m a bit technically challenged when it comes to this stuff…

    Hmmm… he was yelling “We hate you,” but backwards…

  4. Hey A.E.S. Great find. I hadn’t noticed that before. Do you have any screen shots?

    It could be casting error, or it’s supposed to mean something.

    There’s a similar case involving the woman who works at the airport: the one who let Hurley on the plane in Season One. This woman is the same woman who works at Oxford Uni when Desmond goes there to find Daniel Faraday’s mother in Season Five.

    Definately the same woman, but with an Aussie accent in S1, and a British accent in S5.

    Whether or not she’s important or they just decided to use the same actress for 2 different parts, I’m not sure.

    But she seems to have a “big” speaking part in both scenes, so maybe she is important?

  5. I had trouble finding screenshots, which is partially why it took so long for me to post it.

    The other reason is, sometimes these things are written off here as errors, and overinvestigating…but I am 99.999999 percent sure its the same guy.

    It could be nothing…or it could be why Chang wanted the body.

  6. I could be wrong of course, but honestly, aside from facial hair, I’m not seeing similarities. Alverez looks hispanic, the guy at the court looks like a caucasion truck driver and they appear to have slightly different bone structure in the face. HOWEVER! why would they go through the trouble of making him say “we hate you” backwards? That’s too weird. I’d like to think there is a reason for everything in this show.

    Regardless, good attention to detail there, you might be right too.

  7. yeh, gotta agree with Chief there, checking the pics side by side (even though the ‘eggtown’ ones blurry) Alvarez has bushier eyebrows, his hair looks curlier and he looks more ‘ethnic’ than the other guy.

    I could be wrong though, they do look very similar.

  8. Definitely looks the same. if he had been on the island awhile he would have gotten more of a tan. Could help account for the little difference. Just one more thing to make you go hmmmmm………

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