herarat aviation and a real life theorized mystery

i know this isn’t a new idea but maybe it is new to someone on here

herarat aviation is the airline company that ran the hanger where juliet was taken by richard to fly to ‘portland’. it is an anagram for: earhart [amelia]

amelia and fred [her navigator] went missing in 1937 in the south pacific [near fiji].
a theory is that they crashed near an island, possibly one they lived on until their deaths.

what if TPTB took one of the ultimate mysteries of real life, a mystery that has been heavily theorized, and put in the show?

jack said adam and eve had been dead for 40-50 years.
if amelia and fred crashed in 1937 they could have survived on the island for 17 years or so, presto adam and eve!

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i like science fiction. i like dharma beer. i have never been in a plane crash.

3 thoughts on “herarat aviation and a real life theorized mystery

  1. This is a very plausible theory–someone else posted something like it a while back. I liked it then and I like it now! It’s so much more logical than Adam and Eve being a couple of the Losties who then find themselves in the cave in 2004.

  2. This certainly is plausible considering other elements of real life that are heavily theorized about, such as the Egyptian’s, are included in the story.

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