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Why am I getting the impression that we, megafans of LOST, travel further from the truth the more we dig for answers about this show. I recently came back to this site because I love to see people’s ideas, as we all do. I suppose it’s natural to, at this point in the break, start looking for answers in bizarre places. I’m as guilty as anyone else when it comes to reading a plausable theory, and letting it totally change my opinion of what I think the island is, where it came from, who Jacob is, his nemesis, Hanso, Alpert, Flocke, Ben, the numbers, smokie, blah blah blah, you get my point. It’s getting aggravating.
What’s aggravating about it is the fact that these writers are doing this to us on purpose, WITHOUT giving us a hint of clarity, as if they’re neglecting us. Some call this “fun”, and I agree, it was fun for years. It’s what hooked us all at the beginning of the show, the lack of answers to these mysteries. But these writers have been messing with us in a very uncool way. “Us” meaning, the people that pay extreme attention to every detail in this show. It’s like the writers are hiding plastic easter eggs for those that love LOST the most. When those hardcore fans find and open those eggs, they find out there’s dried turds in them. Thanks writers. Example: Changing the picture frame in the house we first see Miles visit. What’s the point? That’s not a continuity error. It lit up the hardcore fan’s eyes, people tried to come up with theories about it like: “Maybe it’s foreshadowing that Jacob wins the war”. Yeah, probably not, fellow theorist. It was recently brought to my attention that in the episode that Kate is walking into court through the crowd, a man yells something you can’t understand unless you play it backwards. He says “We hate you” backwards. Tell me that’s not obnoxious. That tells us nothing of importance. Some hardcore fan went through the trouble of finding that out and was rewarded with absolutely nothing. There are examples everywhere of things like this happening in almost every episode: “SOS” flashing in morse code on the ceiling light when Jack is leaving the “greenhouse”, tells us nothing. “Resurrection” coming from the dry cleaners anagram, tells us nothing specific. Who’s resurrecting? IS anyone resurrecting? What the hell? The anagrams were getting old anyway. However, the anagram “Hoffs Drawler” is the only hint the writers gave that put a smile on my face when I learned of it. It was the only “easter egg” that made sense, that actually paid off for someone to find. Everything else has been a waste of time in my eyes, because there wont be enough time in 16 episodes to have an engaging story, and at the same time, clarify the less important mysteries of this show. It’s tragic but truthful. They have us all going in 248 different directions right now, and I bet they’re all dead-ends. It’s like this every year.
I know some of you are going to say “That’s the point Chief, how much fun would it be if they told us everything?” I say, “More fun than I’m having right now.” They’ve done the job of keeping us guessing really well throughout these years. Congratulations to them. I’m very happy this is the last season though. I love this show to death, so it feels weird saying that. I’m just exhausted though. I have a life to live and I’m looking forward to LOST being done, so this insane curiousity or “obsession” can end.
I’ve read a ton of awesome theories over these years, and not one of them has been accurate to this day, thanks to obnoxiously vague writing. I know we have a full season left to get answers from, but don’t kid yourself. How many answers do you think we’re going to be getting here before this is all done? I’m normally an optimist, but it dawned on me recently. After looking at all these ideas people have anymore, some really awesome, some frickin embarrassing, I’m just not seeing the point. If this wasn’t the final season coming up, I’d think a ton of people would be feeling the same way I am right now. I feel neglected by the writers a little. There’s a lot they can do to fix that in this last season, but look at what’s going on here….
We don’t even know where this season is going to start. They’re gonna have to spend at least a few episodes simply explaining where they are, why they are there, WHEN they are, and why they are THEN. On top of the 7 trillion cast members that are going to be crowding this last season, it’s going to take a stroke of pure genius to give us an ending with a even a LITTLE closure. These writers are excellent, but they’re also brutal to anyone wanting answers. I hope that changes a bit this last season.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

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  1. I love LOST and I like that the show keeps me guessing but I have to agree with some of the stuff you said.

    I have a similar feeling that some of the questions we have will not even be touched on. I want to know about Henry Gale, the well, all of the egyptian stuff, WALT, who Juliet shot on that boat!

    They have promised stuff like adam & eve, the smoke monster, jack & locke, love triangle, the statue – but what about some of the major questions (like Walt) that the show has posed and since then ignored.

    If we do not find out EVERYTHING about The Cabin I am going to shit a brick because that has been bugging me for 3 years.

  2. I honestly think they may just not have a good answer so they will leave it open to interpretation.

    I must know what/who that mysterious shadowy figure was in The Cabin the first time Locke & Ben go inside.

  3. Thanks for seeing my point. I feel like I was coming across a bit LOSThaterish, and that was NOT my intention at all.

    The cabin needs explained for sure. The list of questions is endless (as you basically noted). Henry Gale LOL….totally forgot about him, but yeah, yet another forgotten aspect of the show.

  4. Chief,

    Your aggravation only shows how much you love LOST because you really want those answers!!!! You can hate on the writers all you want, they keep saying how they are going into hiding (jokingly) before the finale just in case they piss us all off!

    When you said “I have a life to live and I’m looking forward to LOST being done, so this insane curiousity or “obsession” can end.”

    I feel the exact same way, I can’t stop thinking about this shit and waiting it to start (I want to skip right to the Richard flashback)

    I want to see Henry Gale crash in his balloon for sure!

  5. The other day I read somewhere, i can’t remember where, a quote from Carlton Cuse that the season premiere will leave viewers “very confused”….i hold strong to my opinion that we won’t know whats really going on until the final episode. and that we will be left with loooooots of unanswered questions. Unless they came out with a 17 hour movie afterwards, how could they possibley answer all the questions they’ve put out there…

    When i think about the fact that i’ve been wondering wtf smokey was since the second freakin episode, and here i am now, almost 6 YEARS later, and still don’t know, i get annoyed lol

    and yet i still love it…..

  6. There’s a list of unanswered questions on Lostpedia that is just amazing to read thru. All the stuff they have left hanging will be impossible to answer. I’ll be happy if they answer the major questions which they assure they will.
    I like the way the writers still continue to be able to confuse us but it is frustrating. Alt timeline or not. After all the bickering on here I almost don’t even care anymore.

  7. I definitly think they will answer the major questions. In my mind though, that is roughly 1/1000th of the questions i have in my head lol

    but regardless of all the unanswered questions, it will always the first show i’ve ever loved enough to join a frickin chatroom/theory site. pretty sure i used to make fun of people like us… 🙂

  8. Bailey, agreed!

    My girlfriend sees the purple screen and immediately calls me a loser but I can’t help it, I love chatting with you guys. Good thing she isnt with me at work!

    I saw an interview with Emilie de Ravin and she said shit starts to get crazy around the 6th episode.

  9. LOL, I still make fun of people like us Bailey, but it has declined drastically since I’m now part of the team. This is my first big show as well.

    I’m just glad I’m not alone with this anger though…..I feel like Ben Linus when he walks up to Jacob and asks “What about me?” Put the writers in Jacob’s place, and pretend we’re all Ben. We’re all asking “What about us?” and the writers respond, “What about you? We had to write some shit that kept high viewership for 6 years so that ABC could pay our asses bigtime. We’re gonna have to go into hiding we’re so scared of your reactions.”

  10. I feel more like Locke or FLocke when he says to Ben “Now you know what it feels like to blindly follow some1 in hopes that they will give you the answers you seek”

    or something like that…loved how they (Ben & Locke) switched places but WE are still on the outside, damn.

  11. Chief,

    I agree with you, but i think thats partly why we’re still watching, and the same reason why others stopped watching along time ago.

    I just hope that at the end when it all comes together we’ll all be going ‘OF COURSE!’ rather than ‘WHAT??’. I do reckon however it will be up for interpretation, and might still be a little ambiguous so we’ll want to watch it all over again once its done with the ending in mind.

    I’m going to be pretty sad when its finished, which is incredibly geeky. I guess i’ll just have to take up another obsession, like washing my hands 108 times a day or something.

  12. I don’t need everything answered, but I do want to be entertained this last season(which these writers DO accomplish quite well).

    I know LOST has nothing to do with Battlestar Gallactica, but I see similarities. BSG was a very intriguing show, with only a few big questions that waited till the end. When that time came, I was appauled at the stupid, off the wall conclusion to the series. (spoiler!) Starbuck’s a phuckin angel? Give me a break.

    Then you have LOST, where there are about 8,635 BIG questions. If BSG failed to impress with only a handful of mysteries, well, I hope LOST does a better job is all I’m gonna say.

  13. I have never joined one of these boards either and am even reading the Finding Lost books as well as the novels revealed throughout all 5 series. It is taking up a lot of mental space but I love it!

    Re. Walt – I read somewhere that the actor has grown so much since first series, it will be impossible to resolve his story by including any more flashbacks – maybe that was it, what we saw, him growing up and getting on with his life at college? Or have I missed something?

  14. No Eko73, I’m pretty sure Locke talking to him in college (or whatever it was) was the last we’ve seen of him, you’re not missing anything.

    It’s a damn shame too. I was SO intrigued by the bird hitting the window and the polar bear “summoning” while he was reading the comic book. His “powers” might still get explained somehow, but relatively ancient mysteries like that probably wont find time to get answered with the limited time available now. I could be wrong though

  15. I am obsessed beyond belief when it comes to this show. I didn’t start watching until the end of season 2 at the recommendation of a friend, he called himself a huge fan. Now we can no longer discuss the show as I am so into the minute details that 1) I sound insane for noticing the detail and 2) I am flabbergasted that he DIDN’T notice it.

    What I find intriguing is how different we all are when it comes to answers and resolution. Like I absolutely need to have closure with the numbers (holy poop I look at everything that has numbers/letters,) Rousseau, Walt, and the time travel. DI, The Others, eh, take it or leave it.

  16. “Ifoundmyloophole”, What the hell cheapshot did I take? Are you talking about “the picture frame foreshadowing Jacob winning the war?” Big deal. I thought it was extremely farfetched myself, and I’m pretty sure 90% of people would agree if they were honest. And yes, I’d love some cheese with that wine, make it colby.

    Lemuria, I understand it’s a TV show. I don’t revolve my life around LOST like I might be coming across as. I’m getting sick of thinking about the show, because the writers are going to screw with us once again this coming season. Sorry I wasted your time with a “I’m worried about this last season” post. Can’t wait to read your thoughts and theories.

  17. My gripes with Lost come from season 5. I don’t like how they kept having these little lines come from these characters that make us totally rethink everything. Like what the hell was with Richard saying he watched them all die? It was a tiny little line that people still talk about today and incorporate into their theories! Gah! Also from season 5, I don’t like them delving deep into concepts that are still confusing to us. The whole cabin thing is still completely and entirely confusing to us and now it’s burned down! Oh and let’s not forget the opening to the Incident. We have no clue what they are even talking about.

  18. The extremely vague style of writing (like the Jacob and MIB example) that you refer to KungPoaKitties is exactly what I’m talking about. As much as it sucks me in and intrigues me, this show doesn’t make ANY sense anymore.

    These mind games the writers abuse us with have gotten old. Again, I’m still extremely anxious to see this final season, but I’m glad it’s the final season at the same time.

    Guess I’ve gone rogue a little. I’m no longer really enjoying the show. Instead now I just want answers and that’s pretty much the wrong reason to watch something.

  19. Usually the writers start with mysteries, then leave us with something that half closes the old door but leaves a new door ready to be opened…AND then mid point through a series it changes into a different matter and the season finale of the last one is resolved which makes it become useless

  20. Oh, talk about a misunderstanding. I was just getting at the fact that some people really go out of their way to fugure things out about LOST, and get nothing in return, and it simply sucks.

    Thanks for the tip on pepper jack.

  21. Chiefof16, it’s understandable why viewers are feeling ‘pangs’ about answers to their questions.

    With one season left to go, we know that all of them can’t possibly be answered to viewers satisfaction.

    Personally, I hope that certain things might be addressed via the answers in the larger mysteries.

    I want to know about the back-story of Hurley & Libby, Santa Rosa, etc. I feel there might be something significant to their meeting and Desmond’s meeting with Libby.

  22. Yeah, Libby’s a bit of a headscratcher. I’m curious to find out if they bother telling us that Hurley’s “imaginary” Dave is in fact Libby’s ex-husband David, or if they just kind of expect the audience to figure that one out on their own.

    Whether or not they show us that in this last season would be a good indication of just how much the creators/writers expect the audience to figure out on their own. Which, to this point, is obvious nothing.

  23. They have said Dave is actually the name of Hurley’s father on Lostpedia. I’m not certain how they will handle that aspect.

    PS: Just noticed your profile. I agree….lol

    You do have a wonderful sense of humour….

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