Bunny experiment is all about cloning

Had a bit of a way out idea while answering trinity’s questions, what if the reason 2 bunnies appeared in the Orchid video was because they were doing it on purpose.

If you can timetravel someone/something and bring them back to earlier than when they left, you would have 2 right? Do this over and over again and you have a cloned army. Pick the best soldiers and clone them. BUT what if when you bring them together it all goes wrong? Miles’s abilities tell us that even when dead, people’s consciousnesses are ‘around’, what would happen if you brought two identical people, or bunnies together? Would the merge of consciousnesses be too much and they brain anuerism? Could that be the purpose of the experiments in the Swan, how can we bring a cloned pair together safely? You wouldn’t want that on tape, especially if it wasn’t working yet? They knew the bunnies would brain explode and that isn’t such a good PR exercise. The experiment wasn’t a mistake, the timing of it during filming was.
This can also explain how if the 2 Lockes are from different timelines, how the consciousness/memories from the dead one can merge into the mind of the other. Our consciousness reaches out further than just out physical bodies.

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14 thoughts on “Bunny experiment is all about cloning

  1. You’re right, this is a little out there. I don’t know how the memories will be shared. Hopefully they come up with something better than Jacob touching them.

  2. The idea of consciousness being ‘outside’ of a person’s physical body has already been given to us. If you picture it as a cloud around us, two from the same person could easily ‘mix’. It fits with the paranormal science thats already been introduced, it’s not a new idea, something extra to explain.

    In the way Miles can ‘read’ people after they are dead, can jacob ‘read’ people while still alive, was that why the touching?

    Was also thinking that this is actually a good reason to justify the purge. Why the others suddenly decided to gas everyone has been a bit unclear, but if they found out they were doing cloning experiments??? I could see that being ‘reasonable’ for an island perspective.

  3. I don’t know that the war as such had really gotten going back then. Why were they tolerant of DI for so long then just went, nope going to kill them all, something needed to have been a stimulus for that.

  4. this is an interesting theory.. however i believe that cloning is not the purpose..
    I believe that the problem (that occurs when a person met himself by timetraveling) is just like the problem that Desmond encountered when he needed to find his constant.
    As Faraday said, mind has a clock which sets a certain “data” to a certain time. When you met yourself in the past, if you do something that could change your future, your mind will be confused. Let me give an example :
    Lets say you have a girlfriend in 2004 and you want to marry her. In 2005 you marry her, thing happen and in 2006 you divorce. In 2007 you find a timemachine and decide to go back 2004, in order to convince your “pastyourself” not to marry her.. At the moment that you succeeded, your reason, which made you go back to the past, is removed. I believe because of this, your mind or brain would be shattered just like Desmond’s did or the timetraveling losties did.
    This is why the two bunnies (bunny 15s) must not be near each other.

  5. You raise a detail that is overlooked currently, that mind and body can be separated in Lost. The old woman on which daniel faraday experimented thought she was 5 years old and was calling out for her dad. Miles communication with spirits with dead bodies. Whispers. Desmond’s consciousness travel. These are all signs that the spirit can be separated from the body and I guess this is going to be a major part of season 6.

  6. But how could a bunny convince itself to do something paradoxical? And if you had a brain explosion and die because of you come back from the future your death would also cause a paradox.

  7. oh,very good question..”convincing” is only an example to make myself clear.. the bunny could cause to change its past unwillingly. Let me give an other example :
    bunny-15 finds a carrot in the jungle and eats it. Then Dharma scientists sent it to the exact moment that the carrot was found by bunny-15. This time, Future bunny-15 eats the carrot and the past bunny-15 moves away to find another carrot however during seeking of a carrot it could be eaten by a polar bear.
    This is the same paradoxical event that i mentioned before.. Anything could happen that the scientists can not measure the results.
    In the Bunny15 video scientists were really afraid of the consequences of interaction between Bunny15s. I believe the reason is that they do not know or calculate the consequences when a paradoxical event happens.
    sorry for my English, i hope i could make myself clear..

  8. I will say that the closest thing to human cloning we may have on the island is Mikhail. He sure was hard to kill. So much so that maybe there were two of him.
    Maybe this clone resulted from the incident referred to in the swan orientation video. I don’t think they would intentionally clone, or once they accidentally cloned, they decided it was a dangerous thing.

  9. I really doubt it, but it would be interesting if Dr. Mark Wickman, Dr. Edgar Haliwax, Dr. Marvin Candle et al. from the different orientation videos were all clones….

  10. I think I’d prefer the show to go down the Alternate Reality route rather than Attack of the Clones.

    Do you believe this is how the season will play out, or was it just a general thought?

  11. Just a general thought, felt it was an interesting take. Don’t think even if they used it, it would have turned into attack of the clones. More that if the others found out that DI was experimenting with clones that it would be a pretty powerful reason for the purge, as we haven’t been given that yet.

  12. No i dout it would be about cloning. the main problem being aging.

    see if you wanted to clone a soldier. imagine… hes is 20 years old.

    you put him in military service for 5 years. then you warp him back in time. There becomes 2 of them. except the second one is now 35 years old.

    rinse and repeat. now you have 7 of them… except the latest “clone” would be 50 years old. it seems pretty ineffective.
    plus it would be a strain on their morale and phyce. imagine fighting the same war for 30 years. as soon as the 5 year war ends, you get sent back in time to fight it again.

    also, the chances of paradox’s happening seems highly likley. imagine if the clone who’s 20 years old dies…. what happens to his older versions?

    that said. it would be pretty handy for quick war

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