Oh, now I get it.

A number of possible answers just hit me, and I hope that some of this is as new to you as it is to me.

I was just reading an interesting older theory entitled “Something Did Change” by Dabiatchishere. I say this with pure humility and embarrassment, but it made me a believer in an alternate timeline. If Dabs is right, and Sun, Flocke, Ben and crew are all currently in a DIFFERENT 2007/2008, then it may answer a LOT of questions.

There was another more recent theory that explained how Hurley can see “dead” people, and how Miles can hear “dead” people. It basically stated that these guys, and others with abilities, are experiencing the alternate timeline. The whispers in the jungle that people experience, the visions (I assume) are also glimpses of the other timeline merging with the one we know, due to the special magnetic properties of the island. I’m on board with all of this. (what else am i gonna believe, white smokey saves the day?)

When Ben and Locke first go to the cabin, Locke apparently comes in contact with someone, and whether or not it’s Jacob or MIB doesn’t really matter to me right now. What matters is WHY that person is in the alternate timeline, and not in the one we know. It also makes me think that there’s a reason we haven’t been shown Jacob or MIB until the season 5 finale. It’s THE episode that shows us how this alternate timeline began, or was introduced.

I was always under the impression that Jacob was somewhere on the island WITH the Losties from season 1 and on. I’m a firm believer in the opposite now. It maybe proves that Jacob IS refering to Jack and friends when he says “they’re coming.” Coming to their timeline he means. The fact that Flocke looks a little worried about that suggests that the Oceanic 6 coming back to the island was in fact Jacob’s doing.

That then brings up an interesting idea about Richard too then. Richard (I think) is the only character that is shown staying on the island, without leaving, from the time we first see him in Season 3, until the time Sun, Ben, and Flocke all return to it. Meaning of course that he is present in BOTH timelines. Hmmm….Maybe Richard, or the Black Rock is a constant then for Jacob or MIB. Widmore just happens to be bidding on the BLACK ROCK journal (maybe Richard’s journal) in the episode “The Constant”. Maybe it’s a hint to us.

I do this all the time. I take a few people’s ideas and mash them all together with other people’s
ideas. While I feel lame for not being very original, it feels good to see people’s ideas start to make sense when joined with others.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

29 thoughts on “Oh, now I get it.

  1. Chiefof16, I’d like to thank you for reading my theory and also making mention of it in yours. I had to re-read it, as it was so long ago. The small details which were noted early on in Season 5, are what also made an ‘alternate’ time believer too. In addition, I still subscribe to the ‘causal loop’ as well.

    I like many aspects of your theory and feel that you have summed up many of my feelings.

    In particular what I really like and believe to be true is, what you have to say about Richard! I have been having similar thoughts on this myself.

    It seems a somewhat logical conclusion to infer that if both Jacob and Nemesis have been consistent throughout; that why wouldn’t this also apply to Richard. We also know that the ‘smoke monster’ is another constant on ‘the island’ as well.

    I suspect that there is much more to Richard and his back-story. I can’t wait to learn what that is. I somehow believe that it is going to be much different than even we have anticipated thus far.

    I’m not sure the reason why ‘somebody’ gave Richard the gift/curse of not aging, but feel he is ‘key’ to us understanding the ‘bigger picture’ going on between Jacob, Nemesis and the whole ‘island’ mystery.

    Very nice theory!

  2. ahhhhh…another believer, lol…

    Good to see you are on board Chief, not EXACTLY my whole line of thinking…it was about this point last year though.

    There has been….I hate to say minor…a few details that I think may through us through a loop….calm down, not that kind…not to say it doesnt exist…wink

    I like the way you use other peoples ideas and mesh…and I appreciate how you make an effort to include the theorists that made those things go together…
    Dabsis theory you are talking about is one of the best theories here.
    Nice job “meshing”.

    Dabsi…I love how you use the word constant here…
    “We also know that the ’smoke monster’ is another constant on ‘the island’ as well.”

    That to me is important…

    Nice work here Chief…

  3. I forgot to make mention of the fact that Chiefof16 is now a ‘believer’ too. Thanks for reminding me on that one, AES.

    I also agree that Chief is very passionate in his love for Lost and search for the truth. He has proven that consistently in his comments.

    I also value your honest approach, Chief. It is very refreshing.

    AES, you do like to torture me, don’t you? LOL “there are a few details that might throw us through a loop”.

    I know when you say things like that; you have something up your proverbial sleeve. Can’t wait for it!

  4. i agree with some of what you’ve said here Chief.
    I haven’t really involved myself in any of the pro vs anti-alt timeline debates because it ends up making my brain hurt, but i definitely think and thought it was pretty obvious from what we saw with the Ajira people in 2007 that something had ‘changed’.

    I agree with you that the time/space anomalies, whether it be alt timeline and/or something else, will be the answer to most of the mysteries on the show, dead people appearing, the whispers, people talking backwards, possibly two lockes, possibly the smoke monster etc.

    I think theres been ALOT of seemingly random easter eggs put in the show over the seasons that when watched with this in mind, start to make sense.

    I wrote this before, but i wanted to add a thought i had, which is a bit out there, i think the scenes where we’re introduced to Miles, Dan, Charlotte and Frank as the oceanic wreckage news report is on the TV is possibly from an alt timeline or a merging of the two, and the plane is actually 815! And the Pilots rotted corpse that Frank sees on the TV is actually himself!

    Probably not, but i thought it would be a nice foreshadowing of the time/space anomalies, alt timelines merge if that were the case.

    Anyway, nice stuff Chief, glad to see your getting over your frustration.

  5. Excellent. Glad to see that you all understand where I’m coming from. Thanks for the support. Being original isn’t what we need right now. We basically have no time left anyway. If we’re to come up with something that makes sense before next week, we have to look at the most plausable theories and twist them together so that we can STILL be proven wrong when we find out that the island is a spaceship. 🙁

  6. believer? uh oh, count me out of this cult. i have a weird vision of aes leaving me a note saying: Ekolocation, I wish you had believed me. AES.

    im not gonna continue arguing against it, because its the same arguments over and over again. I feel like im in a loop. one week

  7. Nooo! They’ve converted you!
    And I love how you included white smokey – really not letting that one go are you haha.

    Well i can quite happily say im still not a believe (no matter how close i came) but between reading this and Dabs’ post there was a moment where i thought ‘Heyy, they could be right..’ But i just cant allow myself to believe it otherwise my arguing would have been for nothing 😉

    Congrats for the conversion.. In one week you may be able to point and laugh at me and say ‘i told you so’

    Spaceship!! that is the one theory that REALLY makes my blood boil! I am actually angry just thinking about it. If it turns out to be a spaceship and we see it casually take off and fly away, i may just destroy all my DVDs! ooooo!

  8. No, I’m set with this Highbrow. I still hate the idea as much as I ever did. It seems like a lame way to go for the writers, I still agree with that. But it definitley seems like a whole new 2007 for the few that are now there. It also makes too much sense when you look at all the phenomena over the seasons.

    How there’s only one alternate timeline on this island, I still have no clue. I hope they explain it extremely well and are convincing in the process. But there is at least one other timeline at work here. Too much evidence for this guy to believe otherwise.

    If we still had a few months until the season premiere I’d agree with you Highbrow. We only have one week left and I’m pretty sure everyone’s set in there ways by now. At least I’d hope so.

  9. Usually when people “convert” their beliefs on the island, Smokie comes and murders them, or they die by other means. Shit. The roads are slick outside today, wish me luck.

  10. You can convert to the alternate timeline theory without buying into the changes made to the past and time loops you know… There’s middle ground.

  11. Chiefof16, great job and theory! I mentioned something similar to this on someone’t thread, but wasn’t fully detailed enough. What you have said is what I’m exactly trying to say, and personally, I believe this theory the most. It really explains the whispers and seeing/hearing “dead” people.

    Maybe Walt is special because he can possibly communicate in different timelines [similar to Richard, maybe].

    And maybe this might explain MIB can’t kill Jacob because MIB is physically on another timeline. Just my personal thought, but yeah lol.

    Great job

  12. ugh, i just don’t know about this. Alternate time lines just seems so, risky(???) I don’t know. Why would Richard be the only one in both time lines? Wouldn’t everyone have the same chance of having another them in the alternate timeline? Including MiB and Jacob??

    i’m really starting to hope that the writers go down the alternate timeline road…i think i may be officially against them.

  13. Good to hear Cliff. All I’ve really done here was take some favorite/most believable ideas from others; glad you agree on these though.

    That makes sense about Walt. I really don’t know where to go with that kid aside from what you said. He can either see the future, he can maybe summon animals, who frickin knows really. It’s been years and still no idea with him.

    Personally, I just don’t think MIB can kill Jacob because they both know he’s alive in the future. Therefore, the “universe” wont let Jacob die without a loophole (As we learned with Desmond and Charlie, or suicidal Michael of course). This is why I think Jacob and MIB are originally from the future. We know Jacob timetravels rather flawlessly, who’s to say they aren’t from 50 years from now?

    I’m as clueless as anyone as to why Jacob is in this alternate timeline, if he is of course. Is he stuck there and trying to get out? Why would he want to? Answer are soon.

  14. We’ll live Bailey. If I’m wrong, I’ll just be glad it’s the last season so I wont have to hang my head in shame every day on this site for much longer. If I AM wrong, I’ll resort back to my Hurley Bird mystery. That damn birds been haunting me for years now. Must figure it out. 🙂

  15. TawaretsAnkh,

    I’m aware that Richard left the island in 1954, I’m sure he’s left it many times, LOL. I’m referring to the timeframe from about 2004- 2007. From the time we are introduced to him, to the time we see him opening the hidden statue door.

    Therefore I’m saying that he is present in the original 815 crash timeline, as well as the “Ben, Flocke, Sun, Frank, new 2007 alternate timeline.” Which is the timeline I believe is showing that the others never took over Dharmaville.

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