Yes, I know another Jacob theory

So, I don’t know if I mentioned this before or not, but I am big Supernatural fan ( I guess I just love shows with relgious overtones/undertones(as is the case with Lost)). I have been in a major re-watch mode and haven’t been watching my other shows. So I who other than Mr. Mark Pellegrino shows up playing Lucifer. Strange that they would cast a guy that had a three episode arc on a very popular show with long and over reaching arcs and very unique mythos behind it (much Like Lost) but then again the guy who play MIB is quite a popular “character” actor. Just a thought, though.

A quick aside: did you know that Miles and Ben were in a movie together (Saw 1). They didn’t have any scences together but were in the same movie all the same.

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Hi. I am an uber Lost fan. Admittedly, I jumped on the bandwagon a little late, halfway through the third season but thanks to the DVD's I am all caught up and do frequent re-watches. BTW my new image reflects my love/hate relationship with Lost. I always feel like I am on the verge of blowing up at the end of every episode because when I think I finally figured it out, nope the rug is pulled out.

5 thoughts on “Yes, I know another Jacob theory

  1. I remember that in Saw. Wasn’t Miles a cop or something who had a ridiculously small role? Ben played that killer. Oh shit, I mean, *spoiler alert*. Anyway, good catch. For such a smaller budgeted movie, the chances of two LOST characters are rather slim.

  2. Oh, yeah, I got side tracked, happens a lot..
    The clue about light vs. dark, eveything is never as it seems and the writer’s just love leave us subtle clues (like Sawyer taking the name Lafleur(sp) for his Dharma cover and when you google it it’s a reference to an Indiana Jones movie where the guy ends up in a mass grave (like the dharma folk)) well, there has been a lot of speculation about Jacob not being the good guy at all because of the Biblical name sake and what not, so my theory runs along that line. Jacob isn’t the good guy at all (but nobody really is on lost, quite a relative term).

  3. I’m starting to think they both WANT to die. Jacob and MIB. They respect each other maybe, they’re both trapped, they both want to die. MIB knows Jacob must die first before he can.

    I’m sorta joking as I just made this all up, but who frickin knows?

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