And now for something completely different…

Please don’t take this too seriously 😀

What if Jacob and MIB are Jack and Locke … Due to some time loop thingy

On some level the personalities of these 2 pairs seems very similar to me.

So imagine that Locke is Jacob (far too calm for words) and MIB is Jack (I so wish I could kill you)

Imagine that the rules are that Jacob and MIB can only be killed by themselves.

This would further eman that Jack has used MMIB’s shapeshifting / body inhabitance skillz to become locke in order to kill Locke.

Thus Jack(Locke) kills Locke(MIB) as Locke and problem solved 😀

Confused yet? I am 🙂

Of course none of this manages to explain what will happen in season 6 … Or how any of this might have happened 🙂

But it was fun to dream up in a moment of madness 🙂

I’ll get my coat….

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4 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

  1. I really like this. I do see there personalities reflecting Jack and Locke very much. It’s simple. And would be a pretty interesting storyline for season 6. Thanks for a thought provoking theory. Curious to see what everyone has to say about this.

  2. Isn’t it true that Matthew Fox was/is the only cast member to know the ending of Lost? Perhaps they had to tell him so that he could portray his character in the correct manner (ie. as another character all together?)

    It could tie in with what you’ve said here.

  3. Not for nothing, Rory, when I rewatched the very first episode I thought that it was not the first time that Jack was there. No definite proof. Just little things like Jack running in the correct direction to where the Losties are on the beach and other things which I can’t remember off the top of my head – sorry. If it turns out that Jack was there before, and he knew it at the time of the first episode, then your MIB=Jack/Locke=Jacob theory may not be so farfetched. I could speculate further to try and support your theory, but it would probably be flimsy at best. However, if you or anyone else would like to expand on what I said I’d love to hear it! Namaste to all. 🙂

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