What lies in the shadow of the statue

Has anyone already mentioned or thought about the fact that when Illana asks Richard “what lies in the shadow of the statue” and Richard says “the one who can save us all” that the real John Lockes body is laying in the shadow of the statue and maybe in a round about way the show is referencing him.

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10 thoughts on “What lies in the shadow of the statue

  1. It’s a possibility that it is a play on words there like you said eko, I just always kinda thought like i said that they were referencing JL’s dead body.

  2. AS31 – did you know that your screen name is the descriptor for a very significant valve on a ballistic U.S. Trident submarine? Caught my eye, or eyes I guess.

  3. I know that, and im not sure what difference it makes that they asked miles that same question off island, and I’m also not sure why its that far fetched considering through 5 seasons JL seems to be the most important character, who is trying to save everyone. And if it’s referencing Jacob, Jacob seems more like the guys who puts the pieces in their place and lets things play out as opposed to saving people directly

  4. I just happen to disagree it came out wrong.

    I don’t think they were necessarily talking about Jacob either.

    I think the question and answer are a type of code or

    maybe when the statue was in full form, we could say at noon (mid day, sun highest in the sky, w/e) something or someone was hidden in the shadow.

    Maybe the statue was knocked down so that no one could ever find it/them. Now that the statue is really just a foot, it doesnt cast must of a shadow does it!?

  5. plus Ilana&crew went lugged that case to the cabin first, and not to burn it down! they were looking for someone.

    When they found the piece of cloth with the picture of the statue they said “oh now we know where were going”

    They just dropped his body on the beach near where the statue used to be. It wasn’t even daytime there is no shadow.

    It is most likely just a saying, code between Jacob’s true people. To identify themselves.

    What does one snowman say to the other?

  6. I agree that it is a code to identify themselves. I think the words in that code have pretty heavy implications though and that they do mean something otherwise it would be “what did one snowman say to the other” instead of what it is. And the characters might only think of it as a means for identification but I’m trying to read in between the lines hear and say that the writers are possibly hinting to us.

  7. I honestly have to say that Ekolocations answer makes the most sense…and how nobody thought of that is beyond me…

    Josh, I have seen this idea before…I like this thought and agreed on it up until about thirty seconds sgo.

    They flat out told us what was going on…I really like that tought Eko, and think you should write your own theory.

    Honestly Josh, I read your post and was scrolling down to tell you I already agree when I caught Ekos comment…

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