Locke & Cooper

This issue has more than likely been pressed upon but i cant find it on here so here we go again..

Cooper can’t be Lockes father right?

When Johns mother was pregnant, her mother was ranting on about how he is 20 years older than her.

Lets say this is true.

Locke is 48 and Cooper looks about 60’s, giving them a gap of about 20 years.. which would mean Lockes mother was 0 when she gave birth (i think that is highly unlikely..)

So if his mother was 15/16 giving birth, Lockes father must have been about 35. So Cooper must be 35 years older than Locke. In my opinion, Cooper does not look 80..

So what are everyones thoughts on this?

Was Cooper conning him?

Is Cooper actually the father and his mother was just dating a different guy when she was pregnant?

Or do we go all ‘Lost’ on our asses and suspect theres more to Cooper than meets the eye..?

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20 thoughts on “Locke & Cooper

  1. Never realized that. He probably isn’t Locke’s father with what you describe. Cooper might just be another one of those that “coincidentally” runs into more than just one Lostie in the past.

    Not bad, not bad at all.

  2. Well Chief, you’re pretty smart and amusing and can keep things going just fine don’t you think? 🙂 I’m sure that when the new season starts that things change a bit.

    And my vote about Cooper is that it fits in as part of the con. Or we go out on a totally different limb and say that it has something to do with the alternate timelines. (I’m kidding.)

  3. I always thought that when locke’s mom told him he was immaculately conceived and cooper just laughed it off it seemed pretty obvious there’s something funny going on. Then when she comes to see locke in the hospital after the transplant she just says ‘it was his idea…’ amongst other things, none of which point at anyone specifically. Locke’s told that she has been in institutions before, but that doesn’t really mean anything in the scope of this story, does it? It seems that she is being totally honest about his purpose when they first talk.

  4. Because Chief we ‘posters’ can be described as hardcore lost fans!
    Orrr i guess others may say ‘Losers with no life’ But i think the first one has a better ring to it 😉

    Kimberly – thank god for saying your kidding! haha

  5. Kimberly – awwww shucks, thanks for finding amusement in my words. You’re probably right, this page might EXPLODE tomorrow.

    SG45 – Jesus Christ? NOOOOO!!!!! I sure hope not anyway. Never pictured Lcoke as a God.

  6. i completely agree SG45. I’ve discussed this before with some people, but that must have been at least a year ago. It doesn’t add up at all. and when they started passing 45 year old Ethan as a 20 year old doctor i thought maybe they were just bad at casting the right aged people…but maybe it’s more then that. I like this one. i’m going to have to think this over a bit 🙂

  7. Faraday is another example..

    Eloise is pregnant with him in 77 so when he comes to the island in 2004 he must be about 27.. Hmm, he doesnt look 27 to me..
    Unless its something to do with being overexposed to radiation..?

  8. according to Lostpedia, if we take what Locke’s grandmother said seriously, then Anthony Cooper was born in 1924ish and was 80 years old when Sawyer killed him.

    I don’t spend a massive amount of my time with seniors, but i’m pretty confident he did not look 80. just sayin.

  9. Man, so am I. Just talking with you all makes me want to watch this episode NOW! This will be 1/17th of the final season. Therefore, I’m sure they’re gonna answer at least ONE question in tomorrow’s episode….you’d think.

  10. Chief, I bet they think they are answering more than one question tomorrow. It just depends on if it is a question that you (or millions of other people) think was a legitimate question in the first place.

    I know that it’s hard to work today, but can you imagine what Wednesday will be like? I think THAT will be even more excruciating in attempting to focus on anything other than absorbing the first two hours into all the other things people have been talking about for the past 9 months.

  11. Well I live in the UK so i cant watch it till FRIDAY! 🙁 My life sucks!

    UNLESS! I download it AND watch it Friday … Oooooh things are looking bright again 😀

  12. @Tortak – Ahh your right she does say ‘twice your age’.. not sure where i got 20 years from :s

    But still, she is about 15 16 making him 30 – 32, which would still make Cooper older than he is/looks

    And there is not a chance im coming on this site until i get to watch it myself!

  13. Locke’s mom was 15 when she had him in 1956.

    Cooper was 30(ish) at that time, putting his birth year in 1926(ish).

    Making him 80(ish) when he was brought to the island by Ben and later killed by Sawyer.

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