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Hey Everyone,

You may have noticed the site has been in “Maintenance Mode” for most of the day. This is because I wanted to get a few new features added to the site and to fix a problem before Season Six starts on Tuesday.

I’ve added a Members List page which lists all the members on the site – there are quite a lot!

The comments has been changed slightly, with a new “Reply” and “Quote” option on each comment. I’ve also re-introduced the “Report Comment” function so that any comment that you feel is inappropriate you can let me know about it anonymously. This is more for when I’m absent from the site, which unfortunately I will be between Tuesdays and Fridays (which will be explained in a mo’).

The problem that I’ve fixed is when you’re on your profile, it would only show so many posts without giving you any links to view the next page. Now it does. Try it and let me know if you have any problems with it.

With regards to my absence on the site. As most of you know, I’m in the UK and will only get to see the show on the Friday after it’s aired in the US. So from Tuesday evening until Friday evening I’ll be absent from the site so I can avoid spoilers.

I’ll try to register new registrations between that time, but may not get to them until the Friday. Please be patient.

Obviously if you need to get in touch with me within the 3 days I’m away, please email me at You can also use the “Report Comment” feature if you feel any comment is inappropriate. This alerts me to any problems on the site without me having to read through any posts or any other comments etc.

I did this system last year and didn’t have many problems, so I think everything will be ok this year.

That’s all for now I think. Thanks to everyone who supports the site and myself, and for making this site a pleasure to run. You’re the best.

Let’s enjoy the last season of LOST – are you ready? x

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7 thoughts on “Updates, Info etc.

  1. Thank you Emzi, the profile problem was hindering, but not the end of the world…
    so your time there is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for again working to make this the best Theory site out there.

    Its so user friendly as people find out when going elsewhere during interruptions.

    I love the new features, especially user listing…nice additions!!!

  2. @A.E.S. – No problem 🙂 I wanted to get the thing sorted with the profile before the start of Season 6 ’cause it is a big problem if you want to edit posts or drafts etc. Has it worked for you? 🙂

    Thanks for the nice comment, I’m glad you like the new additions 🙂

  3. Hi emzi, thank you for all of your continued efforts to maintain the integrity of the site, and make it the best Lost Theories site on the Internet.

  4. Wow…now that all my posts…I just realized I talk waaay too much…

    Whats even worse is the amount that I dindnt post…no wonder it couldnt hold them all without an update…

    Thanks again Emzi…

  5. As an avid reader of various LOST sites, I can definitely say that this is by far the best and the caliber of postings and posters exceed them all.

    Quality site, quality members.

    Many thanks,


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