Jacob’s Nemesis and The Smoke Monster

He goes by many names; Man in Black, Esau, Un-Locke. Whatever you call him, there are only two pieces of information that we know: 1) He wants to kill Jacob (and succeeds), and 2) He opposes new people on the island because their arrival will  “only end in fighting, destruction and corruption.”

Throughout the series, the Smoke Monster has been terrorizing the Losties and picking them off one by one. Occasionally, Smokie will analyze the person in question and let them live, but more often than not, he’s trimming the fat.

In the Season 5 finale, The smoke monster “judges” Ben. As a result, Alex appears to Ben and tells him to do whatever John Locke orders…which ultimately is “Kill Jacob.” My theory is that the Smoke Monster and Un-Locke are on the same side (whatever that side may be).

This theory is based on the idea that Smokie is smart enough to recognize that Locke is dead and that Un-Locke is in his body. It can be argued that it was Jacob’s “What About You?” comment that prompted Ben’s attack, but it’s Un-Locke’s orders that planted the seed.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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