more questions.

Some questions for the people who are smarter then I…

Ok, so:
Jacob was confined to the Cabin for some long period of time.

Ash surrounded the Cabin, which we now know was to keep Smokey out (in my opinion)

Turns out Smokey was actually MiB (in my opinion)

Which means Jacob was sort of hiding out in the Cabin, in a weird state of being there, yet not being there (between timelines/between universes yadda yadda)?

So why was Jacob holed up in the Cabin for so long avoiding MiB?

And how did he got out of the Cabin, and into a solid human form, in 2007, hanging out in the Temple??

Iā€™m LOST.

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  1. But I dont understand why he was trying to protect himself (Jacob) using the ash… smokie/MiB/FLocke needs someone else to do the deed for him!?

  2. Could the ring of ash be something jacob cant cross, still prevents the monster from getting to him. Maybe he, like MIB can take on the guise of different people and this is why the smoke monster is soul searching them? It needs to fins Jacob as he has escaped from the cabin. This is why its taken so long to kill him. He could nt find him and needed an elaborate (ridiculously elaborate) plan to catch and kill him.

  3. I know this doesn’t help at all, but wasn’t a screenshot taken of Jacob in the cabin, showing him to be an old man? Or had the profile and facial features of an old guy? Don’t worry, I’m just as confused about everything…

  4. iheartbenlinus,

    personally, im assuming the writers havent cast the Jacob actor at the time (Pellegrino or something like that).

    here’s an unlikely thought; what if it was MiB in the cabin and he could not get out because he is trapped WITHIN the ring, therefore saying “help me?” this could be a clue that jacob might be the villain here..

  5. Jeez…this is such a messed up scenario (and a good question). Who even said “help me” to begin with? was it REALLY Jacob? Why weren’t they in a solid form? Was the ash broken at that time and we just didn’t know it? Just because we didn’t see the ash broken doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been broken on the other side of the cabin.

    So how is the cabin physically there, and yet the cabin is physically able to move? Time travelling shouldn’t do it. My house is exactly where it was 40 years ago when it was built.

    This, I’m afraid, is something I doubt we’ll find all the answers to, at least within the show. Unless they pull off a miracle.

    I know they didn’t cast Jacob at the time we see the old guy in the chair, but it doesn’t even come close to resembling him. If anyone needed Locke to “help him” it was MIB (from what we know). I’m losing my mind here.

  6. Well whoever was in the chair in the cabin asked Locke to “help him”…….

    I thought that perhaps Jacob was bad but after the episode i have changed my mind. One things for sure my mind will change another couple of times before May!

  7. Chief,

    Regarding the cabin’s disappearing act, my best guess is if the “loop” theory is true. in one timeline it’s there and in another it’s not. and it’s special almost like desmond. that’s as close of a miracle answer i can think of lol.

  8. ok so what if MiB was the one in the Cabin, pretending to be Jacob to ben, telling him what to do. which could be why Ben was all “you’ve been ignoring me all this time” to Jacob, maybe that was because Jacob had no idea Ben was even around, or asking for things?….

  9. hold on, so thinking of this more, Ilana said that jacob wasn’t in the Cabin and hadn’t been for a long time. Could that “long time” include the Dharma days? The more i think about this the more i am leaning towards MiB being in the Cabin this whole time.

  10. It’s very possible MIB was in the cabin all along (the ash to trap him). Although, if MIB/smokie was trapped in the cabin all along, how do we see smokie throughout all the seasons? That would mean the ash has been broken for a LONG time.


    So MIB hangs the cloth w/ the statue drawing on it, showing Ilana and team that he’s after Jacob, who was ALWAYS residing in the foot to begin with…. It’s still not connecting, something still isn’t right. I hope we get answers on this one.

  11. I’m starting to think it actually became MIB’s cabin when Jacob moved to the statue: Ilana mentioning “someone else have been living here,” the fabric with Tawaret on it was hung on the wall with a knife by MiB, and there were ropes/chains in the cabin, possibly incarcerating Richard at one point.

  12. makes sense to me , contradicting my previous statement slightly but MIB could easily look be that guy he needs a body to live on in. Perhaps Jacob has wupped his ass and stuck him in the cabin and thats why he wants JOhn locke to help him. The actor playing MIB does have some facial hair ….as does the silhoutte in the cabin

  13. Good catch with the chains Cliff. It’s funny how we’re all typing the same things at the same time. I mean, it’s not really funny, it just makes everyone look like they’re not reading previous comments.

  14. Yeah Chiefof16 (i just wrote will LMAO) that’s a effing good point. gotta think about that one for a bit.

    Cliff87 – your last sentance there would have blown my mind, had i not just read Chiefof16’s. because how would Richard have been all around the island all this time if he was incarcerated in the Cabin…

  15. Or the cabin, like our Losties once where, is moving through time. The cabin we saw could be from the future. The face it showed in the cabin greatly resembled John Locke, the piece of clothe that MIB.Locke cut from the tapestry after killing Jacob was found stuck in the wall. But he hadn’t even cut the piece off yet, at the time they found it. Its confusing. And don’t feel bad. We are all Lost.

  16. here is one attempt at Chiefof16’s question of how he would be able to be the smoke monster, who travels all over the island:

    Horace Goodspeed’s house in Dharmaville was build over the entrance to the summoning chamber of the smoke monster. The summoning chamber also has tunnels leading to different “Cerebrus Vents” where the smoke monster comes out to do it’s thing.

    Horace Goodspeed also built the cabin.

    Maybe he purposely built the cabin over a tunnel enterance, for his own purposes.

    If MiB is trapped in the cabin, maybe the only way he can leave it is to become and/or take over the smoke monster, after he heads out through the tunnel under the cabin?

    This is a HUUUUUUUGE stretch. but none the less.

    I guess one problem with this might be the question of why MiB wouldn’t/can’t just leave the cabin as himself through the tunnels….

  17. bailey,

    i have something that might help back up your almost unlikely situation lol:

    when Ilana’s team when inside the statue and started shooting Flocke, Flocke ran behind the pillar. Then all of a sudden, the Smoke Monster came in through the entrance.

    Maybe, before the ring of ash was broken, MIB himself was still trapped, but still able to control the smoke monster… the smoke monster is “his mind” of some sorts, or somewhere along the lines.

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