“I am very disappointed in all of you”

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Before I start getting into the new theories/ideas posted on this wonderful site, I just wanted to share a thought I had after watching the premiere. I apologize, however, if it has been mentioned or debated, since, like I said, I haven’t yet gone through all of the new posts.

Since last season’s finale I’ve been wondering what might have caused such an epic feud between these two seemingly powerful beings. Since last year, there have been many theories regarding the duality between Jacob’s and MIB’s philosophies. Some believe Jacob stands for free-will vs. MIB’s belief in fate.

I was never convinced it was a matter of free will versus fate, simply because of Jacob’s interference in the losties lives. Then again, maybe it isn’t exactly free will that he lives by, it is more about freedom. To be free to be who you CAN be, instead of who you’re supposed to be (fate). Progress. Evolution. To learn from your mistakes, to improve yourself.

“I am very disappointed in all of you.”

This is said by MIB at the end of this week’s episode.

What if MIB was the ruler of the Others? Not just a leader (Ben, Widmore), but as in a king, a dictator. A powerful entity (man, god, whatever he is) that enslaved his people. Kept them in “chains”, in fear.

Could Jacob be responsible for freeing them?

I know this is probably just a crazy theory, with little to no sense, but after Ben’s line in season 5’s finale “(…) he gets marched straight up here as if he was Moses.”, I just had to wonder.

One more thing: I’m sorry for any misspellings or bad grammar and such. I am not a native English speaker.

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18 thoughts on ““I am very disappointed in all of you”

  1. Hey, I like your ideas, I wrote a theory called squatters in smokies house, which is similar but opposite. I think smokie was worshipped by the original others and all was good, then jacob as the other’s leader wanted a bit too much power and had smokie banished. The disappointed line then fits – smokie is disappointed that the others let jacob take control and banish him without standing up for the right thing.
    This has been a major part of the show, even more than fate vs free will (how is there anyway to know) people going along with a ‘leader’ without questioning has happened quite a bit, following Jack, Locke, the purge. Interestingly Ben did the opposite over baby Alex.

  2. Thank you, Tas!

    I haven’t read your theory yet, but I will as soon as I can!
    What do you think about the sense of fear the Others seemed to have when they heard Jacob was no longer alive to protect them (I assume)?

    Do you believe then, that MIB’s going to punish them for banishing him?
    Do you believe Jacob was also a God?

  3. I think they are quite worried about the consequences for banishing smokie – he’s had a few centuries it seems to get really really mad. I don’t think Jacob is a god, I think he has used the healing spring continuously for centuries becoming ageless. Limiting who gets to use that power is huge. I feel that Jacob was just the leader of the original others who found the island. His living at the foot, I think is about him needing some time out from the community.

  4. I think you could be on the right track, although i dont think MIB is as bad as we think he is, i mean theyve sure set it up that way, but we have seen him kill Jacob, we have seen him kill the bodyguards but not before offering them their freedom. He certainly gives Richard one hell of an ass whooping, but probally only because Richard would most likely not go along with him willingly.I think the conflict part of your theory is true, But perhaps he wasnt an evil dictator but just a leader that got knocked out of his rank by another god or king who had something else to prove? And now Smokie just wants to go home where the conflict is over hes finished playing the game?

  5. I’ve read it now, Tas. I think it’s really good!
    This theory I posted was more of an idea for someone else to expand, since I’m not very good at constructing a decent theory. lol
    I just stumble on my thoughts.

    So, you don’t think there is anything special about Jacob? He’s just a normal man that happenened to use the foutain a lot?

  6. If anything, Jacob would have stood for Fate. because he knows the future. (locke falling, losties arriving back in future, sahid getting injured, needing to go to temple)

  7. Hi, Jenius!

    I agree. Nothing on this show is ever black or white. There are many shades of grey. It all depends on the motivation for certain actions.

    We’ve seen MIB killing/maiming people.
    I guess the real question is: Do ends justify the means?

  8. It helps that I have someone at home who is just as interested in Lost, so it helps to pull together a theory bouncing questins and thoughts off each other. I think Jacob just being a man makes for some interesting moral discussions about how power and knowledge can be warped and abused, issues of elitism and how those who ‘have’ continue to have more and more and how this can become a negative, how those in power withold knowledge to remain in control. Rather than he’s just special or godlike, being human makes it and the messages much more relevant.
    That’s why I agree with you on the fate vs free will thing – we can’t ever know which prevails in our lives so as a major theme I don’t see a huge relevance to us. Either way you just have to live your best life. OMG I sound like Oprah 😉

  9. Hi, Raonak!

    That is why I said I don’t believe he stands for free will.

    We did see him weave a tapestry.
    Think of it as this:
    Jacob’s seen possible outcomes, he’s seen people make mistakes, maybe the same mistakes made by the same people over and over again. Whether it was in different timelines or in different times (as in reincarnation).
    He studied ways to make them overcome their flaws, to push them to become the best they can be. That’s why he brings them to the island. To give them a chance to evolve.

    It isn’t much fate as it destiny, I think. Not something that’s pre-determined, but something you can try your best to reach for – completion. Afterall, destiny is what you make of it.

    You may argue they’re the same thing, I know. This is just the way I look at it.

  10. I like this theory a lot MIB being the leader of the others before Jacob started to mix things up.

    And I like Tas’ comments about wanting Jacob to be human cause it would make it more interesting. I think this is true because a lot of people on this site believe Jacob can become a white smoke like MIB. But so far we have seen you can kill Jacob with a knife and MIB can take bullets. Which would suggest Jacob is human except that he didn’t leave any remains of bones in the fire after death like a human would?


  11. If Jacob is human, why couldn’t MIB kill him?

    And how come Jacob seems to know everything? Can it really be explained by Jacob time travelling?

  12. I have a feeling that it has less to do with Jacob not being able to be killed by MIB and more that MIB can’t kill Jacob. Is Jacob protected from the smoke version and the humanlike version of MIB doesn’t have the ‘wholeness’ to do it? (can’t quite find the words to say exactly what I mean)

    I don’t know that Jacob does know everything, but centuries on this island with the ability to time travel and visit off island could make him pretty knowledgable. But hey, I also thought Locke was Locke, my alt theory was ok but that bit was way off, who knows 🙂

  13. I like this a lot. It could also explain why they are so afraid of MIB. Return of the deposed/imprisoned evil king can be a dark, headless time … and we’ve seen what Smokie can do w/someone who challenges and won’t bow to him.

    And if it doesn’t work … ‘God help us all.”

    I thought the recap immediately preceding the premiere said the rule was they couldn’t harm each other.

    Which makes me wonder – is there ‘team Jacob’ and ‘Team MIB’ with whom Ben/Widmore are aligned. If so, the others really are ‘the good guys’, possibly ‘saving the world’ … Dharma said the same, so perhaps them, too (even though they couldn’t just get along – when WIDMORE was in charge … Ben let Mikhail live quietly and the purge was a Widmore thing) – while Widmore’s more a MIB kinda’ guy.

  14. This may be simple, but I think he says he’s disappointed in all of them because they didn’t shoot at him when he came out of the foot. I think he would like nothing more than for them to do bad and further prove he his right about man fighting corrupting, also he wants to kick some ass in smokie form again (that needs to get explained ASAP)

  15. I really like your theory but it sort of contradicts the fact that Jacob touched some of the survivors at some point in their lives, to give them “influence” so to speak. And I think Richard didn’t want the Others to shoot MIB bc he wasnt sure who are what he was at that time & was afraid of the conseqences until he said to Richard “It’s good to see you out of those chains”. Then he knew if they shot him, he would indeed try to transform himself into the Smoke Monster & try to kill them like he did Bram & the other men. And i think that confirms other theories that Richard was indeed on the Black Rock when it came to the island.

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