Christian is in the cabin

Written 3rd February

Christian is in the cabin. The circle of ash is intended to keep Smokey out not in…just think how difficult it would be to actually trap such a fast moving entity into a small cabin…Since MIB can transform into Smokey Im going to assume its near impossible to trap him. Plus Jacob cannot be killed by him so why would he worry about trapping him? So the ash is then used to protect someone. It wouldnt be Jacob because he lives underneath the statue.  When MIB is talking to him about wanting to kill him Jacob just says “Ill be here” referencing his home under the statue.  Jacob is instead protecting Christians body there.  If MIB/Smokey can never get a look or read at Christians body then he can never possess his memories/thoughts. That is why the coffin of Christians is empty.

Now when Hurley approaches the cabin he sees Christian inside…wearing WHITE tennis shoes.  We also see Christian wearing these shoes in the last Lost mobisode (offering extra content and insight) when he tells Vincent to wake up his son because “he has work to do”.  This occurs immediately after the crash in season 1.  Right when Jack lands on the island Christian is sending help to Jack.  He knows the power he has.  That moment with Vincent we can assume that Christian is acting on Jacobs behalf because how would MIB know anything about Jack?  He doesnt.  The white shoes reperesents Christian acting on Jacobs behalf.  So him wearing those shoes inside the cabin when Hurley sees him means he is there as a result of Jacob protecting him.  Not to mention the color of the shoes plays into the entire White vs Black, Light vs Dark motifs.  Plus Flocke is walking around in a pair of Christians black shoes showing their opposition to one another….oh irony.

Plus one more little thing. If MIB was really in the cabin then why would he have allowed that piece of cloth indicating the location of Jacobs home there on the wall?  If your nemesis tried to leave some sort of clue on the wall wouldnt you tear it down? 

This is my first post so take it easy on me….

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3 thoughts on “Christian is in the cabin

  1. Well done, great work. I have always believed Christian Shepherd is very important. Also consider two other crucial characters/missing variables:

    Claire and Aaron. They are blood relatives of both Jack and Christian. I believe Aaron could be either Locke ( good locke) or more probably Jacob. And when they visit the Cabin in an earlir episode, Claire is there with Christian if I remember correctly!

  2. Is it possible that Christian did not die accidentally in Sydney, but had to die in order to get Jack to Australia and then to the island. This would be like Locke having to die for everything to work out the way it should.

  3. Good thought on Christian having to die to get Jack to go to Australia ala John Locke. I also agree on Christians bloodline being important. To me him having Claire with another woman was not just some affair he had but an attempt to father another child to come to the island.

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