I don’t really know where to start!!

First, did everybody see the Dharma logo on the shark? ^^ AND when we see Dharmaville under water, and the foot, you can also see the ANKH on the side of the statue, that was NOT there in the “old timeline”

Second, the book that hurley found in the bag of the frenchguy who lost his arm was

Șren Kierkegaard РCrainte et tremblement (Fear and trembling)

Wikipedia (sorry)

Șren Kierkegaard РFear and trembling (really relative to the serie ^^)

Third, the Temple, and it’s statues?


Info about Tara

The whole “man in black (mib) is the black smoke-monster” thing was kinda predictable thou.. here is a cool thing..

Im woundering more what does MIB stand for? It seems Jakob is “free will” and the MIB is “something” else.. Almost as if they were “Destiny” and “Chance” ? Like life on earth is decided by Destiny at this moment, and has been for a while, but now when MIB is the one left, the “real world” will be decided by Chance.. (maybe refering to their conversation, and how bitter the MIB was on “Humans”)

And does this effect the “real world”, as in when Jacob got killed, the “new time line” is a result of how life would be if MIB ruled the island?

One thing that caught me was the conversation Jack had with Rose and the Stewardess. In Season 1, Jack is the one who says “Don’t worry”, now it’s Rose who says it. And in Season 1, the stewardess gives Jack two bottles, now she gives him one? Is that an important change? Or is it just random changes to show the audience that there’s been a change?

There was kinda cool that desmond was on the plane, but that’s really bothers me, couse WHY would he be on that plane, at that time, he was in the Hatch, pushing the button? Couse if juliet changed everything with the Hydrogen bomb, why are the island on the bottom of the sea? WITH dharmaville houses left? Did the island sink in the 70s? Or did something else (that we don’t know about yet) happen, that made it sink? (remember the flying fire arrows in the time-jumps?)

As Charlie said “I was supposed to die”, is a deep “destiny” thing, couse when Charlie died he maneged to save Desmond, now when Jack helped him, Desmond couldn’t survive, and that why he disapeard in the plane?

The way everybody met in the “new timeline” are events that no person (in that reality) could have seen, Bernard and Rose were seperated during the turbulence in the “new timeline” when he came back they said “iv’e missed you”, just as on the island, but it all happend during a longer time. Kate and the marshall, she hit him on the left side of the face, JUST as the case hited him when the plane crashed! Also Kate & Sawyer had a attractive force, without knowing what they “may” have went through, if they crashed. Same with Boone and Locke, Boone said “i will hang with you if the plane crash”, and they did in the timeline where the plane crashed, the same with Frogurt and Artz, they were the same caracters in “real life” as on the Island (annoying). Jack and Desmond had a feeling they’ve met (at the stadium, when jack twisted his ankle), and the conversation went JUST as on the island, Desmond said “brotha” and Jack had a deja vu.  Locke and Jack even had a attractive force, and their objects they were missing are very important (or somehow repeating subjects through the serie) Locks knives, the knives who he choosed wrong when Alpert visited him as a kid, the knifes that Locked killed boars with, (and Naomi ^^) Knifes and Locke are one!

Jack and his Dad, the coffin, are also a very important subject to the serie, as we could see “Christian” (or smokey) guide the Losties through their way theyv’e ended up now. The fact that Jacks dad is missing makes me think that all the Losties in the new timeline can’t escape their destiny, they all are gonna feel that something is wrong sooner or later! (charlie is going to die, nomatter what he does). Jack may be finding his dad alive (couse everythings changed), or he’s getting eager to “fix” this with his dad, and founds something he did in the “alternative life” (what we’ve seen throug season 1-5), that made an effect on the “new time line”. And he will realize he had a “alternative life”

..well, Nuff said about the “New timeline”

The temple, i was relly lifted to see that, still don’t get it all, why the stewardess is there, and the children, couse from the beginning they were on Jacobs list, they got kidnaped in season 2 and we didn’t now to where, now we got the answer, but why? What does they have that the temple people have? Why does they fit in their community? And where do they come from? Why does he speak Japanese? Are they the people from the black rock?

And finally, Flocke says something about Alperts chains, i don’t think it’s a metaphore, maybe it has something to do with the slaves at the black rock? Some one gave him eternal life without ageing? Maybe it’s over now when Jacob is dead? Ben said that Alpert is some kind of Adviser of the island, i think Jacob, MIB and Alpert are somehow connected, those three are the “owners” of the island in some how?

Iv’e tried to be brief, hehe

/N-D Sweden

Don’t forget the vendetta between Ben & Widmore, The numbers, Walt’s role in this?, How the statue falled and don’t forget what the prophet said about Aaron, and how he had to be raised! ^^

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  1. You summed up most of the major points of that episode beautifully. I am re-reading some older posts after watching Sundown (episode 6) and found yours pretty interesting. Bravo!

    I have to re-watch the episode and the series pilot to compare. I noticed the one vodka bottle, but not the other details you mention. Mars getting hit at the same spot as he did by the suitcase? Good one.

    I had also originally missed Kate pick pocketing Jack’s pen to use on her handcuffs.

    The Season six opener obviously has a lot of detail and irony that we will be re-discovering as the season continues and we understand the whole plot.

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