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We know there are ghosts in Lost’s world — Hurley sees them and Miles has some form of contact with them. The ghosts that Hurley sees have a new knowledge of the bigger picture of the island and what’s going on. They seem to be wanting to impact on events happening in the world. So how do they know this and why are they bothered?

I think that when you die the afterlife is a place where you can see what’s happening from a much higher perspective. Like flying over a river system — the higher you go, the more you can see. The dead in Lost can see the whole river/timeline/s, the beginning, the end and all the events that have happened and how they will probably play out (like Eloise’s ability to know what happens next). They are invested emotionally in the losties and want to help them with their extra knowledge.

Why do they visit Hurley? I think it has to do with emotional openness. Hurley has a wonderful, open spirit which is why I think it is easiest for the ghosts to visit him. He also tends to see the people he was closest to. Taking this further, I think ghosts are able to appear to people they have a strong emotional connection to and to people when they are in a highly emotional state.

Where am I going with this? I think a number of ‘visions’ that may be being attributed to smokie may be ghosts. For example Ben’s mum. People are trying to twist and bend the smokie ‘rules’ as she has never been on the island as far as we know but certainly died off island, and smokie couldn’t read Ben’s memories of her as he never knew her. But Emily being a ghost is reasonable within the Lost world. She has an emotional connection to and was acting to help and guide him.

Taking this further — I’ve had problems with Christian since day 1 of my rewatch. Some of his visits seem to be smokie (they used very obvious smokie sounds when he first appeared on the beach) but other visits seem to contradictory. How does he appear to Jack in LA and Michael on the freighter, why was Claire so happy to go with him, why would smokie want Claire at the cabin acting a bit stoned it seemed as though he was protecting her, what’s going on with the multiple cabin visits and if Christian at the FDW was smokie why couldn’t he physically help Locke- if he was a ghost this makes sense?…

What if Christian is dead, he wasn’t buried so smokie can appear as him (in keeping with the rules as they seem to apply) BUT as a dead person, he is also a ghost and is trying to work by influencing those still alive. He has an emotional connection to Jack, and if it was ghost Christian who appeared to Michael, he was quite emotional. Christian’s appearance at that point reminded me of a guardian angel sort of thing, ‘it’s ok, you can let go of life and come with me now.’ I feel that this explains some of the contradictions in the appearances of Christian. Exactly which visions were which I’m not prepared to put money on yet, but I think the ghosts and Christian are going to play a bigger part with more characters this season. They can kind of act as the gods of ancient times —not able to act themselves but guiding and influencing the mortals because of their extra knowledge.

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9 thoughts on “Ghosts in Lost

  1. It sounds very “stupid” for the dead to be able to do this off the island as well (Anything seems to be possible on the island) but this does answer the question a lot of people are asking, so well done.

  2. But the dead have been doing this off the island for the whole series. They talk to Hurley constantly both on and off the island so how is that stupid? If you’re a ghost and can come back to chat to people who are still alive (this happens in the Lost world whether you believe or not) why would the island be a boundary for this?

  3. Yep I think something has to be happening here along the lines you lay out – there is just too much to refute. I’m not sure it’s ghosts per se – maybe ghost-like behaviour.

    I’m thinking maybe Hurley is able to see people from the other timeline – eg Charlie at the nuthouse, etc. That would differentiate him from Miles. But it doesn’t really explain all the Christian stuff, etc.

    I do agree that Lost has to have a ghost story element to it – My own thoughts have Smokie being a dude who was chained up to a rack, burned up, and being left to “haunt” the island, making the noises of his final moments until he’s able to finally return home. On second thought, sounds like a ghost story to me.

    Wait! is Vincent really Scooby?

  4. If the Ajira flight is what instigated the timeline split, how is Hurley seeing people from the alt timeline before it has occurred?
    Smokie being burnt fits with some other theories which have smokie’s ash as part of the ash circles.

  5. There are definitely restless spirits on the island and Faraday, or Whidmore at least, knew this which is why they needed Miles. The magnetic anomaly probably holds them there or attracts them somehow. I think Miles feels a little out of his element, because he is unsure of who is alive or dead anymore. I believe that Claire died in the explosion, which is why Miles kept watching her, wondering how she still seemed alive and able to carry a baby around the jungle–remember Sawyer kept jumping on him for looking at her and offering to carry the baby. I am not sure what happened to make her leave, though….

  6. But if she was dead, how did everyone else see and interact with her physically? Not sure what’s going on with Claire, not all is as it seems, or doesn’t seem.

  7. I am not sure how it happens–probably something to do with the magnetic anamoly or with the cosmic game MIB and Jacob are playing–but I think most of the people on the island are dead. And the bodies of people who “die” on the island can show up again UNLESS they are buried–what’s up with that? I think that Whidmore hoped that Miles would be able to determine which people are alive and which ones are really dead, but I think that he is not totally sure sometimes. I just wonder why he does not talk more about what he senses–like with Sayid and with, I think, Claire?

  8. Remember how insistent the Dharma person at the picnic was about burying the bodies of the dead Hostiles? I don’t think that was just to hide them–I think it was also so they could not appear again around the island.

  9. another reason why smokie is not ben’s mom is that she appears right outside his window in dharmaville. Smokie can’t get past the sonar fence.

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