Burying people before they are Infected

After Dogen says to Jack that he thinks what is happening to Sayid happened to his sister it got me thinking who else could this have happened to?

We know right now that people who could be “Infected” are Sayid, Claire and probably Christian.  Sayid apparently died then got up.  Claire got blown up during the mercenary attack, then got up and started walking around with Sawyer and Miles (Sawyer “you alright sweetheart?” Claire “Yeah” Miles “I wouldn’t be too sure about that”).  Then Christian was dead and up and walking around the whole time.  One similarity that they all have is they were not buried.

Remember Amy’s big thing about burying the Hostiles that crashed her picnic party?  Could burying the dead be what the truce was so that dead people don’t start getting up and becoming Infected?  Maybe thats why Richard wanted Paul’s body to make sure he was buried, and he wanted to know where the 2 Hostiles were buried to make sure it was done right.  He was more concerned with them becoming infected then about them being shot.

Some other people who died and were not buried were, Charlotte, Faraday, Mikhail, Charlie, etc.

– Charlotte was left in the woods at some time period

– Faraday got shot only a couple hours before the bomb went off (I still think he was the guy in Jacob’s cabin saying “Help me” (i know it was an extra))

– Mikahil died all the time (Mikhail taunts Charlie, saying “I already died once this week”)

-Charlie died in the Looking Glass, although that would suck to keep coming back alive and drowning in that room (maybe he swam out the hole).

I’m sure there were other people who died and weren’t buried (ohh maybe we will see Henry Gale).  But if that is the reason for the Infected people that would be pretty cool, but i guess we wouldn’t be able to see Nikki and Paolo again (no Expose zombies).

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12 thoughts on “Burying people before they are Infected

  1. I like the idea but as you say, there have been so many people that have been left unburied.

    Think about the mercenaries, skeletons found under the temple wall, Adam & Eve! Rousseau & Carl, random others blown up/shot (bea klugh & tom friendly).

    The others also just let Sayid’s body sit on the floor of the temple they did not rush to bury it!


    I think it has something to do with being able to accept this darkness into your heart.

  2. No way man, they are either going to stick his dead body in the spring or it will become infected/claimed and resurrect because the infection/MIB are not the same! IMO

  3. I like it. But, the Others don’t bury their people – they burn them and set them off to sea … perhaps then the bodies CAN’T be used – and could be why they wanted Paul’s body.

  4. We still don’t know much about the actual Infection. What about the French team? They all were ‘apparently’ infected (was ‘assumed’ by Rousseu). Does that mean they were dead? I can’t figure it out…

  5. The biggest difference about all those people is that their bodies were the one’s resurrected whereas Locke’s form was all that was taken. His body is still lifeless sitting on the beach. There is obviously something special going on here. But there are too many inconsistencies/bodies still dead for it to be merely burying. Why hasn’t Locke risen? He’s been dead longer than Sayid. Interesting points though and I do think you’re close to something big here.


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