Does anyone watch ‘Supernatural’?

Anyone watch supernatural?

I’ve never watched it myself but i saw an advert for it on tv the other day, and from that promo alone i saw so many similarities to whats going on in Lost at the moment, it was a little wierd.

There was a smoke monster in this advert, also people surrounding themselves with a circle of ash like substance, and the actor who plays Jacob playing satan who says the words ‘you are my vessel’ to one of the main characters. Does anyone watch it and are there any other similarities that you’ve noticed? The new series starts today here in the UK, think i might watch it.

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I'm a hiphop producer from London, and obviously a huge fan of Lost. Its a bit of a love/hate thing as its made me cynical of all other TV shows (Heroes being one of the most overrated poorly written shows i've seen). Never been into much big american TV drama or Sci-fi, more into british comedy, but Lost has been amazing, and i really hope it continues that awesomeness in its final season. I'm usually pretty good at predicting the end of a story which can annoy people around me, but this show is so intricately constructed, even in its 2nd to last season, i still don't have a clue. I'm trying my best though.

8 thoughts on “Does anyone watch ‘Supernatural’?

  1. I don’t watch it, but wow, looks like the producers of Supernatural are big fans of Lost LOL! I doubt there’s any connection, but funny coincidence nonetheless!

  2. Forgot there was also blinding white flashing going on.
    Apparently Titus Welliver the actor who plays ‘MIB’ was even in it as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse! And a lesser note, the guy who plays the cop/Agent whos after Kate plays a demon in the show.


  3. I brought this up a while ago but I guess since you’re in the UK, it OK. The first three seasons are way more awesome then the last two. Supernatural cast Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) a long time before Lost ever did, just so you know. And Supernatural’s mythos is super religous, angels, demons and the breaking of the sixth seal. The last season (the one that is premiering is all about the end of the world).

  4. cocoa,

    i didn’t know pellegrino was cast in supernatural before Lost, pretty cool.

    I’m starting to think if you take elements of ‘Fringe’ and ‘Supernatural’ and stick them all together, you’d probably get close to where Lost is heading.

  5. I watch it and iv never noticed any similarities except what youv just noted. And as you can tell by the title, the genres of the two are VERY different lol.
    Its very Buffy with demons and end of the world business but.. I like it 🙂

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