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Written 10th February

Imnew to this site and this is my first post so someone might have already said this but i would like to thank brokenankh42 for getting me on this thought process with his piece about a connection to star wars. He said he thought Walt or Aaron could be the one to balance the islands force. I would like to tweak that a little bit and say both could be a key to each side of the island mib’s side and Jacobs side. As we know black and white has played a central role in the story ( backgammon, Jacob and Mib’sclothing) What if Walt is the key for mib’s side and Aaron is the key to Jacob’s side

First Aaron as we know he is special because he was able to be born on the island ( could be because he wasn’t conceived there). Another thing that’s struck me was as i was watching the one hour long recap before the season 6 premiere they gave the back story on characters we knew were important (obvious ones like jack, Kate, Sawyer) but what felt odd to me was Aaron was given one. In the 5 seasons this show has been on before this recap many characters have played a much more important role in the plot then Aaron yet he was mentioned. Which means to me Aaron  could be the key for Jacob. We know he is light (symbolised by light skin) and as we know Clarie was infected meaning she was now under the control of the smoke monster and Clarie came to Kate in a dream saying to not bring Aaron to the island. This could be the smoke monster knowing if Aaron is brought to the island he could lose this war so he manipulated Kate much like he manipulated Ben into killing Jacob for him.

Now to Walt. We know Walt has always been special and the others were very interested in him when they ran tests on him in season 2. Many people would argue this because up until now Walt has done nothing evil and has been a good character. Well now i will once again bring up the star wars reference and parallel Walt to Anakin. Anakin and Walt were both good growing up (Anakin becomes a Jedi) but in both we see flashes of anger. We saw Anakin massacre the Tuscan raiders when his mother died. Also when Walt was ignored in a flashback by his mother and step father he slammed a bird into the window. I have also seen it speculated that Walt summoned the polar bear to attack him in one epiosde to get the attention of his father. Now Lord sidious recoginsed the awesome power of Anakin and turned him to the dark side. What if Mib gets a hold  of Walt and makes a promise like “help me and you can see your father” again to turn Walt to the dark side (symbolised by his dark skin).

Thank you for reading and this could be utterly wrong i didn’t exactly do any research i just madly started typing away when the theory came to me

feedback is appreciated.

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