Who was originally in the cabin?

Written 9th February

About the ash keeping Smokie in: I just finished watching the newest episode and they had little subtitle notes on the bottom. At first it was a bit annoying but they actually gave some information there. They said that the ash was put around the cabin to keep the smoke monster OUT. So I’m thinking that it was originally Jacob’s cabin, which is why Ben always went there, but Smokie got in when ever the line of ash was broken. As to when this happened, I haven’t the slightest clue.
I remember reading a post (can’t remember who’s, sorry) that said the piece of tapestry was left by Jacob as a kind of note telling Iliana where he went. I think this makes sense. The only thing I’m confused on is how Richard knew to go to the statue instead of the cabin.

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I actually didn't start watching Lost until they were in Season 5. My brother-in-law and in-laws had kept up and were telling my husband and I to watch it. So we watched them starting in Season 1 on , sometimes rented or Netflixed them. We finally caught up just in time for this final season and have loved it.

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