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Hi there. Since the beginning of this last season of LOST I have, like many others I think, been wondering how the last few minutes of our favorite show will end. Just like the closing scene of each season we’ve seen before, I think the last scene of LOST will be memorable, like Jack and Locke staring down the hatch, or Jack yelling after Kate that they have to go back to the island. The last scene will most likely leave us with our mouths open from surprise and a knot in our stomach knowing that we will never sit down to watch a new episode of LOST again. So in anticipation of the last scene of LOST, I thought it would be fun to post my prediction of the final scene and I hope you too will leave your predictions in the comments.

Based on last nights episode “The Substitute,” my prediction for the final scene of LOST is that the candidate who finally becomes the new Jacob (probably Jack) will be standing in Jacob’s cave writing a whole new group of names on the ceiling to bring a new group to the island. This would leave the viewers mystified, and yet satisfied knowing that the story of the island will continue on even if we never get to see it.

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28 thoughts on “LOST Final Scene Prediction–Comment Your Own Ideas

  1. I actually had a similar idea, but then I thought maybe it wouldnt be needed to have a protector of the island if MiB was defeated. But if there is a replacement for JAcob, I think its going to be Hurley.

  2. i was thinking along the same lines as you alpha, only instead of being in the cave, he is on the beach. he will have the same convo jacob and mib had, with either sawyer or locke as the new mib.

  3. I hope the last scene explains everything in a completely unforeseen way. I want it to be bigger than Jack turning out to be the new Jacob or something else that all of the fans have already speculated about.

  4. I think it’s about one person’s journey. Kinda’ “Amazing Grace” – I once was LOST, but now am found. My bet – last shot is an eye opening. Likley, Jack, since he’s the only one privvy to the ending it’s gotta’ be his show.

    Anyway, think the whole show’s Jack working out his divorce, contol(need to fix everything), and daddy/death issues. John is his ‘other side’.

  5. my prediction for the next jacob is none other than.. JIN! because his number, 42, was hurley’s mega million number on the lotto ticket. my prediction is sun dies and even though jack is chosen to be jacob, jin steps in because he has nothing else to live for. BAM.

  6. There was a post couple days back in “Just for Fun” that asked the same question (“every great story must have an end”)
    Only 4 of us commented though..
    Mine was:
    I believe the ending scene will be almost identical to the first scene of Episode 1 in Season 6. There will be a panning view of the Island being underwater…

    Roland suggested:
    I think it will be Sawyer meeting Juliette and her asking him to go out for coffee. Dutch, ofcourse.

    I think Roland’s is superb…

  7. i think the last scenes will show whoever the Adam and Eve are, lying down ready to be taken into death.. or “adam” laying eve down once she’s dead, and laying himself down..

    whether or not that’s jack i dont know

    or.. Jack waking up in the jungle, or even in his own bed again ( just like the first series beginning)

  8. I’m kind of torn now… I had thought it would be Jack and John on the beach in a Jacob and Black Shirt type conversation after having become the island’s protector and island’s nemisis respectively. Now I’m not so sure given the current state of John Locke. I’m not sure if the situation now means that John has already officially become the island’s enemy or what…

    I’m starting to lean towards the same idea except it’ll be Jack as the protector (the new Jacob) and Sawyer as the new enemy. It occurs to me that Sawyer and the Black Shirt Guy have a couple of things in common… make that a few things in common. One, they both have a habit of telling people that they want to or are going to kill them. BSG to Jacob, Sawyer to Jack. Two, they can see the blonde hair kid… Three, even though we’ve known Sawyers real name for some time he still goes by an alias as if we don’t know his name. I realize that some characters refer to him by his real name and maybe that’s significant. I’m not sure how though…

    So it’ll be Jack and Sawyer having a fish fry on the beach with the occasional homicidal comments popping up here and there…

  9. its not the first time sawyer has seen other people’s visions. he saw kate’s horse and she was just as suprised as MIB was that sawyer saw it…maybe its sawyers super-power…empathy! hahaha

  10. Although I somewhat doubt it, I hope that the “big reveal” or final scene will be like nothing we’ve read through the internet theories. And I hope it will be satisfying. THAT would be awesome.

    Gotta love red herrings!

  11. Maybe Sawyer will be Jacob … he returned to the island recognizing there was nothing for him elsewhere but had a purpose as security head on the island.

  12. well smokey was the security system apparently according to Richard but according to smokey Jacob was the protector of the island and smokey personally feels that the island doesn’t need protecting….he thinks i they all left then the island would never be found again because there wont be anyone to bring people back. I think the last episode will be a turn of the wheel making everyone leave and thats how the island ends up underwater…..figuratively speaking the island should be LOST forever. However if it carries on with the whole protector of the island then I believe it would be a couple in love that are the new protectors….Adam n Eve. If Jack was Jacobs replacement and Kate was MIB’s replacement then there could be eternal peace on the island.

  13. It has to end, anything else is just open to a continuation, a “what happened next” scenario or another series a few years from now.

    It will be a glorious yet sad ending…

  14. It will have to end with an opening. Not to continue the series in any form but to leave the audience wanting more. That is a staple of the industry and will definitely be used to end the show.
    More mystery means more intrigue, which means it will live in peoples minds for a long time. That is how shows/movies become immortal…loose strings.

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