The Candidates

Written 16th February

OK – this is totally for fun.. but might have some value to it!

The Candidates for leadership of the island have been revealed to us through Jacob’s mad writings on the wall and through the numbers.

Jack Shepard: I believe he is nominated because he has the uncanny ability to fix things when they are irreperable. This is a trait that could be useful in helping the eager-to-be pregnant women on the island.

James ‘Sawyer’ Ford: Nominated for his ability to ‘con’ people. Lying can be a valuable asset for protecting the Island and its inhabitants. Sawyer also gets an honourable mention for being less of a pain in the ass than Jack.

Hurley ‘Hugo’ Reyes: Nominated for is general good will toward men. Hurley also has the ability to sway people’s decisions – much like Sawyer, but less deceivingly.

Sayid Jarrah: Nominated partially as an international contingent. He is good with electronics and torturing information out of people – a leader has to do what a leader has to do. And, considering who the Others are, he may fit right in!

Sun/Jin Kwon: As we are uncertain about which Kwon is alluded to on the cave wall, let’s get some attributes of both people – though I’m leading toward Jin (mostly cuz he’s male and all the candidates seem to be male… patriarchy.. figures). Jin has the ability to follow orders like a puppy dog – a good quality for one in the service of Jacob. Jin also has an uncanny ability to catch fish – I’d say this is important in taking care of the Others… gotta feed them. Sun has the gift of herbalism; she possesses the keys to healing others through herbal remedy; this is something that ties in very nicely to the nature of the Island itself.

John Locke: Nominated for his quality of faith and belief. His determination to do more than he normally can demonstrates the will to do whatever it takes to protect the Island and its people – we have already seen him try to do this. He also has mad tracking and hunting skills.

Now… there are those that are not nominated. Mainly Kate.
Kate Austen: Not nominated because she has no apparent beneficial skills to the Island, the Losties, Jacob or the rest of mankind. Sure – she can track. However, Miss Austen does the exact opposite of what she is told. She gets her friends into trouble or killed.

Anyways… those that are nominated definitely have “special” abilities – I hope that there might be some insight into this later in the series at some point. It also makes me question why Walt was not nominated. Too young? Not sure.

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