MIB Corrupts – and the numbers

Jacob brings people to the island. He brought Black Rock, and we may assume is the one who brought most of the Others.

The Others say they are ‘the good guys’ who are working ‘to save the world’
Dharma advertises ‘want to save the world?’

I contend they were BOTH brought by Jacob … but MIB, through manipulation and fear (e.g. Smokie) got them to destroy and corrupt and turn against each other and be kinda’ evil (like politicians do to us!) That he is able to take the pure and make ’em kill each other shows he needs to not go home. (Kinda’ like Charlie Manson.) Keeping him there ‘saves the world’.

Jacob wants him there. MIB wants to go home. They were once men, like Saywer.

I think they got stuck there (I think thousands of years was on an expanded view) when Jacob was transporting MIB away from home. They stumbled upon something that made them ‘eternal’ – as did Alpert, but Alpert has always been a lower guy (like 1st mate on Black Rock … he sure acts like a 1st mate when you think about it). MIB is the villian trying plans to excape, and Jacob our steadfast hero.

They can’t kill each other (had something to do w/eternal thing) and become incarnate, eat, etc., but only so many times. This is Locke’s last chance. (Ilana said something like he can’t take another human form.) Jacob always knows who he is. Jacob has at least one last form … which MIB may NOT know and is trying to figure out to not be at a disadvantage.

As for the numbers. They weren’t written by the same people. The “4” in Jarrah and Locke are different. (as for crossed out numbers, “2”s are different, among others – but we don’t know if that was ‘cuz everyone in the crew may have got to write numbers for fun (hey! that’s the one I did!) … but I’d think the major ones should have been by the same guy ‘cuz the writers know how crazed we’d get if they looked different.)

Can’t decide if they were written by Jacob or MIB (who like a snake in a hole).

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3 thoughts on “MIB Corrupts – and the numbers

  1. Overthinking things:

    23, 2+3 = 5
    42/15, 4+2 AND 1+5 = 6
    16, 6+1 = 7

    the 2 6s are Ford and Kwon – if that’s both of them, together they are 666.

    Tagline: Esau ‘the serpent’ MIB, turning love into evil since the beginning of time.

  2. I agree with waycurious here, you might be looking too far into the handwriting on the numbers. Besides, have you ever tried to write with a piece of chalk on a rough stone wall? It ain’t gonna be too neat..

    Though I do sort of like the idea that Jacob wanted Nemesis on the island because he knows he would cause trouble and kill people.. What better way to prove yourself right by pitting your “candidates” against the ultimate Smoke Monster? Perhaps if Jacob wanted to find “the best”, pitting them against Nemesis/Smokey is the truest of tests?

  3. ‘but MIB, through manipulation and fear (e.g. Smokie) got them to destroy and corrupt and turn against each other’

    MIB turned into the form of Bens mother leading him to Richard who later makes Ben an other. Ben gains some authority and suggests/demands/manipulates the others into poisoning the Dharma.

    Jacob and MIB’s beach convo –
    MIB: still trying to prove me wrong arent you.
    J: you are wrong
    M: they come … blah blah blah.. they corrupt. it always ends the same
    J: it only ends once.

    Paying attention to the ‘still trying to prove me wrong’ maybe MIB is corrupting the islanders to prove Jacob wrong. Seems petty and not much of an exciting theory but it could be important 🙂

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