Island Birth Problems – Aaron

The answer to this mystery isn’t afoot. (I’d like to tie it to that statue collapsing, but the timing just isn’t right.)

We know Ethan was born there and no one seemed too concerned about Ellie, who seemed more than 3 months w/Daniel … so there wasn’t a problem in ’77. (I’ll assume the births of Alex/Aaron were different because they came to the island AFTER the mother’s body had an immune reaction to the baby.)

What if … the reason for the pregnancy issue is to ensure a baby-zombie isn’t claimed/born. (Killing the mom is a little excessive, but the results would be effective.)

BTW: Still wonder about Aaron. He stopped moving. She’s given shots to prevent ‘infection’. He’s born later. (Clare went into labor the same day 815 later, but Aaron was born on day 42. Gee, that number seems familiar).

So, either there was a timeshift when the plane crashed (Faraday noted this w/incoming – and the doctor washed up on the shore before he died) OR the kid was born 42 days later.

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4 thoughts on “Island Birth Problems – Aaron

  1. “Six by nine. Forty two.”
    “That’s it. That’s all there is.”

    I LOVE everything about Hitchhiker’s Guide! (‘cept the old Commadore game when Marvin wouldn’t let me in the room and kept insulting me for my human stoopidness. The only game on that system I couldn’t beat! Darned that Marvin! Darned him to heck!)

    Maybe the show’s written in base 13.

    “Life, the Universe, and Everything”

    It SO makes sense … Kwon. Don’t know which one. (Jacob touched Sun, not Jin – BUT what about that kid Sun wanted not-so-much and just abandoned w/her mother every chance she got.)

  2. I think the problem with childbirth is a part of the duality between black and white. On the other side (death) certain people seem really hard to die. One part avoids people to be killed (mysterious healing powers) so they cant be claimed. The other part avoids children beeing born. Does that make sense?

  3. I used to think that women could not give birth on the island because of it not being anchored in time. If the island moved while a woman was pregnant, I could see how that could mess up gestation. Now I think that it has more to do with Jacob and MIB–I think that part of the rules might be that MIB can claim dead bodies that are brought to the island, while Jacob can claim bodies that are born or conceived on the island (not sure which yet) and maybe MIB has done something to insure that no babies are born. Or maybe babies born on the island have special gifts that would help Jacob and hurt MIB….

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