No one seems to have touched on this yet but, seeing Dogen at David’s Piano recital in the company of his son would surely mean that he hasnt been on the island for very long at all… either that or he got to the island way before Oceanic 8:15 and maybe grew up there as a child… or he got there not long before Oceanic 8:15 and somehow time travelled back years before and Jacob gave him the same ‘curse’ OR ‘blessing’ as he gave Richard Iternal Life, but to me it seems not because Jacob didnt seem happy with him Questioning Hurley the way he did or what he said after that.

Any thoughts on this Samurai Dude?

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4 thoughts on “奇怪的武士花花公子

  1. Cliff87 – No sorry my point wasnt that he had a son. it was that he is the same age in the alternate Timeline as he is in the ‘real’ one, im asking the question… when did he get to the island and when he did how long did it take before he took charge of Templeton? surely Darlton have shown us Dogen and Jack together at this time for a reason, and the dialogue that goes on between them isnt rivating… its just simply Dogen saying Daniel is very talented and then being confused by the fact that Jack didnt know how long he had been playing Piano for – they could have taken this opportunity to throw in someone else that we havent seen (with child that they didnt originally have) but they chose Dogen (i feel) to show us that his age on the island is the same as on the alternate… thanks for the comment by the way

    Oh and my title says 奇怪的武士花花公子….


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