Lighthouse: Through the Looking Glass

I’ll get straight to it. I’m thinking that the lighthouse has alot to do with the merging of the timelines.

Why does Jack see his childhood house in the looking glass on the lighthouse? Sure, Jacob watched them all the time. But a magic mirror which shows important ‘things’ of the losties’ past? Seems a bit far fetched. My idea is that the mirror has something to do with the other timeline(s). In a flash sideways Jack is visiting his mom, who still lives in his childhood house, the one we see in the looking glass…

I would not be surprised if it is through the looking glass, that the losties will become aware of their other ‘versions’, or through the looking glass that the timelines will merge. I also suspect that the numbers (with the names combined) have some other meaning than coordinates or whatever for incoming ships. Isn’t the island invisible? How would a lighthouse just lead the way by making a light? I think it’s not a normal lighthouse, but some kind of portal for the timelines / flash sideways.

Also, before Jack sees his own childhood house, you can see an Asian building and a church. The Asian building seems to be the same building behind Sun and Jin when Jacob blesses them. I don’t know about the church, but I thought I’d mention it.

Well, hope you understand a bit of what I mean. It may be total bullshit that the lighthouse has anything major to do with the timelines/flashes, but it just seems strange a lighthouse (!) which has a wheel with numbers and a looking glass with images of, well, important houses of some people, is only used for leading incoming ships the way…

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8 thoughts on “Lighthouse: Through the Looking Glass

  1. well i think it would be incredibly hard for the looking glass to play any future part of the show considering that Jack destroyed it.So I don’t think thats how they will become aware of their other versions, if they ever wiil or if they are other versions.

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