Locke/Jacob vs. Jack/Smokey (It’ll all Balance) Theory

To start off, let me just say the general analogy is just that, an analogy.  It is no way what I think the writers are trying to get at.  The analogy would be Science vs. Religion.


In this analogy, I liken the Science part as the “show me”.  The mindset that I’m not going to believe it just because someone tells me it’s true, I want to know for myself.  The idea that everything has to has some explanation based on rules or parameters set forth by the universe.


In the other corner, you have the religious viewpoint.  The mindset that some things can’t be explained, they just are.  Call them miracles, coincidence, fate or destiny : But it can’t be explained by some simple parameter, it just is because it’s greater than us or rules.



So with that as my basis, I’m going to get into my theory of where I think this is going and just how complicated this really is.  We know Jacob, Flocke, and Jack are major players that are playing out.  The fourth member I need in the equation, I’m not sure on who it will be but I ultimately feel like at the end of the day it’s going to be Locke.


With that said, let me say that roles are going to flip.  Everything is and isn’t what it seems.  I believe that Jack and Smokey are the same mindset (“Protect it from noone, it’s just an island” , the “Why push the button, it’s just a damn button.”).  They don’t go along with anything just because someone says that’s the way it is.  They don’t take anyone’s word for it.  They are the same person (not literally, but they are the same)…. On the ISLAND TIMELINE (not taking into account any flash sideways, taking into account everything that has happened, happened)


Also on the ISLAND TIMELINE , Locke I would say is just like Jacob, but I’m going to use him as an example of the faith type.  The, he’s here for a reason.. He doesn’t know what exactly or who is pulling the strings, but he had the faith to allow him to go with the flow.    The others are based on faith which I believe Jacob respects, but it seems it has went to far as a “blind faith”, however Jacob still needs to “touch” his candidates, putting a type of destiny or fate in their lives.


So the point we’re at now is Jacob is protecting Jack from Flocke and Flocke has inhabited Locke.  Opposites attracted and being used.  Thus the demise of both are going to be their choice of their replacements.  Remember Locke’s statement “They didn’t lose your father, they lost his body” ? Well, we also see a part of Locke come out of Flocke in “Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do”.  Thuse, Smokey’s demise is going to come in part with the inhabiting of Locke’s body.  Locke’s body is lost, not Locke himself — Thus Smokey’s undoing that he may or may not have accounted for.  Smokey being the “Science” and Locke being the “Faith” are ultimately balanced.


Then we have Jack who seems to be appointed Jacob’s heir apparent.  What if this is Smokey’s intention.  While we’re led to believe Jacob to be pulling the master gameplan right now, Smokey may ultimately be ultimately conning Jacob by allowing Jack to be the next candidate.  Where would this leave Smokey? Sitting next to a man that thinks the same as him.  Thus, checkmate, the game is over and there is no reason to keep playing and no need for Smokey.  He can now go home and ultimately led Jacob to get Jack in the “other seat” …..


But it’s not that easy, because Jacob may have one upped this master plan and accounted for this and may have been the voice of Christian to tell Locke that he must sacrifice himself to save the island.  And with just the body of Locke lost, he knew Smokey would inhabit it, but also knew that Locke himself was not Lost and would “come out” and relinquish Smokey totally.  


The Flashsideways, I believe fit into this as Locke has lost the faith and accepted where he is, whereas Jack seems to be open to possibilities and miracles in that life.  The statement “Nothing is irreversible” I think proves that.  Which is a mindbender to think in the flash Sideways that Locke would be more like Smokey and Jack more like Jacob which is the way it seems up to this point with island events and each guys’ “Horse” they’re pulling in the race.


So where do we stand? We have Jack and Locke, right where Jacob and Smokey were sitting, after a massive chess game.  The balance will be maintained.  Jack will be Smokey and Locke will be Jacob on island while off island it’s totally opposite but still the same in regards… All as a result of total flipping and one upping each other we End.  This game however was very close to tilting in favor of one and went down to the wire;  however, the ending is the same, everything up to that point is just progress. 

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