The father, the son and the holy ghost

I wrote this on joes (mania) site under another name….but i feel it is needed here.
Jack is the father, David is the son and Christian is the holy ghost. where am i going with this ??? David is the MIB and oh yes Aaron is Jacob.
okay let me explain..(in SLU)..dont be fooled by Claire calling out Aaron’s name in the hospital…..that was in her head from a previous cycle….just like all the losties tilting there heads like a dog trying to grasp what they are seeing……..she will no doubt change her mind on the name once giving birth…..this will be an ohhh ahhhh moment when revealed……..
So this is how my messed up head is thinking how this plays out……….what we are seeing in the SLU is the end of season 6 ………somehow jack will have a cut on his neck just prior to them setting everything right (i dont know how but im sure it will happen) basically when the detonated jug head they didnt solve all there problems YET! at some point they will…….
so now back to SLU at the end of season 6 we will actually be witnessing the beginning of it all…………we will see Jacob ( claire’s child) and David (jacks son) being catapulted ways away in the past…(onto an island perhaps) …so you see it will be a full circle…………now im still working out details to the why’s and What’s, perhaps you can help fill in the gaps….however i do believe David did not want this life whether it be evil or not and is disparately trying to find a way home (in which he stated) perhaps refering to being a kid named David
This would also hit hard the whole father son angle……riddled through out the series….

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9 thoughts on “The father, the son and the holy ghost

  1. So, are you saying that Jacob/Aaron (always suspected that they were the same 🙂 ) and MIB/David that are on the island are both from the sideways timeline? Well, I guess they would have to be since David doesn’t exist in the original timeline and Christian is dead in both, but has been mysteriously roaming the island.

    If this is what you are saying then I absolutely love this idea!

    The newly created timeline would have to be created in-order to bring the family back together… But, it sounds like this may actually keep the cycle going. Unless, this is the only way to bring an end to the cycle, or maybe the cycle must continue? Not sure of what the bigger picture is yet!

    I always thought that in the end there would be a stand-off of sorts between Locke and Jack… So, maybe Jack will come to realize that the man posing as Locke is really his son… And, it will be a God asking Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac type scenario, as hinted to in this conversation between Desmond and Brother Campbell:

    Desmond: “Moriah is the mountain where Abraham was asked to kill Isaac.”
    Brother Campbell: “And yet God spared Isaac.”
    Desmond: “Well one might argue that God need not have asked Abraham to sacrifice his son in the first place.”
    Brother Campbell: “Well then it wouldn’t have been much of a test, would it Brother? Perhaps you underestimate the value of sacrifice.”

    And, then there are the 316 biblical references surrounding Locke. Which now make sense if this whole idea were to be true.

  2. First post/comment…

    So, let me get this straight. You’re saying that Aaron is Jacob and David is MIB? I must say, initially, I thought this idea was ridiculous. However, now I’m beginning to think you make some sense here. I’m still a little confused with the content of your theory but the concept is pretty interesting. It’d be funny if in a later episode, David and Aaron are somehow the same age and attend school or a another function together. Many people are thinking that the kid on the island who appears in front of MIB is Jacob. I’d like to think that but there’s gotta be something more to that.

    It’s a little bit off topic but im having a sinking feeling that Jacob is actually the bad guy. It just seems weird. There’s always been a theme of a bad guy turning out to be good(or have good intentions). I’ll have to open this up on another thread and I apologize but i’m just going off on a tangent.

  3. Allow me to respectfully disagree. I honestly don’t think we’re going to see our characters – whether it be Jack, Sawyer, David, Aaron, Walt.. whatever – become Jacob or the MIB. People may take over their roles, possibly change their own names, but I dont honestly think we can say that someone IS someone else.

    I too once thought that this was a whole big loop playing over and over – but after seeing all the names on the Cave Wall and on the Lighthouse mirror, I believe that this is just one small part of a much larger history of the island. The island reality and the New Alternate Reality are going to collide in some way.. and some of the new reality people will come to the island – most likely the sons and daughters of the current losties. And David, who will not be the MIB.. sorry.. I just dont buy it.. will be a leader just like Jack. His name implies a kingly role – just like the Biblical King David.. who was once a shephard and who was very talented musically.

  4. I agree that its a possibility that Aaron could be Jacob and David MIB, it dawned on me whilst watching The Lighthouse. Don’t know quite why MIB is considered to be pure evil though – aren’t they two sides of the same coin but driven by conflicting yet symmetrical purpose?

    I’m not entirely convinced that Jacob always has the Lostie’s best interests at heart. Controversial I know, but surely if it was all for the power of good he’d fill those dramatic pauses with information?! You gotta feel for Hurley in this episode!

  5. Jacksbeard, I’m up for discussing the possibility of Jacob being the bad guy… I’ve likened it to The Magus in another post – I think a lot of the game is playing on what we assume based on what we see. I’m trying to rewatch by asking questions on what we don’t see, but as you say its for another post and I look forward to reading it.

    lost freak, still think you have something there!

  6. Thank you very much for writing this theory, as for the last few weeks I have been saying Aaron and Jacob ar ebut one and the same. I was today going to write the theory that David Shephard (jacks son) is actually MIB.

    Look, first of all you are all calling him Esau (name as yet unconfirmed) but Jacob/Aaron needs a bro. His second cousin (through grand pa Christian) will do as this role.

    Also, David is perhaps a decade and a half older than unborn Aaron??

    Look at the grey hairs on MIB on the beach:

    he looks older by about that time frame.

    Also, my mother never watches lost, and as soon as she walked in to the sitting room yesterday she says (regarding david shephard) “Such blue eyes!!!!”

    This must be due to a casting reason to make him look as much as possibleas shephard grandpa and grandson.

    Anyway thanks for making this suggesiton as was feeling alone out there on this issue!!!

    Come on nonbelievers in this thoery, dont make us have to die and leave a handwritten note to become believers 😉

  7. when i find the time, ecko, ill try to concoct some extraordinary theory haha. I like broken’s take on this as well. David will definitely have more of a part in this, that’s definite.

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