The purpose of the Lighthouse

I got this idea from Doc Jensen’s blog, then got a little bit more in depth with it.  What if the purpose of the Lighthouse is when you turn to the person’s name it shows you whats is inside them, in the core of their heart.  From the images we saw in the mirrors it looked like one of the Kwon’s was the place where they got married, and now all they want to do is find eachother.  We saw the church where Sawyer’s parent’s funeral was at, and eventhough he killed Anthony Cooper that still didn’t give him any closer and it haunts him.  Then Jack we saw his childhood home, where the relationship between his dad went off course.

So when Jack or whoever looks into the mirrors in the Lighthouse they are seeing a reflection of what is inside them.  This would play off the whole mirror theme we have been seeing in the past episodes, and throughout the series too.  Jacob wanted Jack to see what was in the mirror, then Jack smashed it, maybe metaphorically letting go of what is holding him back.  Jacob says about whoever is coming to the island “they’ll find a way”  Not necessarily more then one person, but leaving it open for a man or woman.  But maybe the person that was coming to the island is the Jack that finally let go of what has been eating him up inside.  Sometimes you just have to stare out into the ocean to find your way and who you are inside.  I think Jack no “has what it takes”

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4 thoughts on “The purpose of the Lighthouse

  1. I like the idea of this, especially as Jack needs to let go of his feelings towards his father before ultimately (in my opinion) facing off against him……he has to see him on island very soon!!

  2. Grego, I certainly think that in part this seems like a plausible scenario with Jack.

    It also lends itself as to why Jacob required the use of it. I liken this to an ‘alchemist’ which involves the use of numbers, mirrors and a variety of other things and has been around since ancient Greek times, in addition to ancient Egypt as well.

    Nice theory!

  3. Agreed – the mirror seems to show the defining moments in a person’s life. I like how we saw the church Jin and Sun were married in – still leaving it open as to which one is the candidate.

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