Jack is Black, Claire is Fair

I’ll keep this short and sweet. David & Aaron are both part of Christian Shepherd’s bloodline. David is dark and therefore, IMHO, the Man-In-Black, and Aaron is fair and my best bet on who Jacob is. David and Aaron somehow end up travelling back in time with their respective parents (Jack & Claire) who all take up residence as protectors of the island. Jack & Claire are our Adam & Eve.

I know this might not be as eloquent or deep a theory as what some of you come up with (props to all of you) but just thought I would share my thoughts and see what you all think!

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8 thoughts on “Jack is Black, Claire is Fair

  1. sorry, but no.
    It is WAY too late in the game to bring in a new character. IE: DAVID, and make him the MIB..NO

    why does everyone have to be someone else??

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen some embarrassingly atrocious theories on here, and this isn’t one of them.

    I thought it was extremely late and odd to introduce a large, important lighthouse to the story that somehow no one has seen to this point.

    Nothing wrong with some brainstorming.

  3. I’m gonna post this here.. seeing as how the powers that be still haven’t given me free reign over my posting abilities!

    I think Jack’s son might play a fairly important role — I know we may not like it, but it’s a definite possibility. My theory is that New Reality people are going to find the island.. one of those people being Jack’s son who, according to Alternate Reality Dogen, has a lot of pressure riding on him.
    His name also struck me “David Shephard.” It draws me to the Biblical account of David who was a Shephard before he became King of Israel. I don’t know if we’re going to see a whole David and Goliath thing – though it would be cool to see a battle between a boy and a pillar of smoke.

    In terms of the Lighthouse.. and its ‘visibility’ – I think the show has a little more explaining to do on that front.

  4. VERY interesting. Because we do keep seeing the vision of the young blonde boy in the white shirt which could very well be Aaron (aka: Jacob when he was younger)!! I never thought of this, but it could very well be the case! Loving this theory!!!

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