Can’t hardly wait for Sundown *SPOILER*

So, the TV synopsis says Sundown has Sayid, I’ll assume MIB at the temple … AND Keamy!!! Who care’s if they answer anything … bring it on!

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6 thoughts on “Can’t hardly wait for Sundown *SPOILER*

  1. Sorry – I didn’t think that the TV Guide would be a spoiler … and put *spoiler* up so people could avoid anything hinting of a spoiler. Won’t do in the future. (Still excited, though.)

  2. No problem.

    The original title said “almost spoilers” so I had to check to see what it was incase I needed to hide it.

    If it was in the TV guide then fair enough, but some people may not even want to read the TV guide incase of being spoilt (like myself).

    Don’t worry about it… and yes, it does sound intriguing… 🙂

  3. It wasn’t IN the TV guide (well, it may be, I don’t read it) it was ON the guide listing on my TV (I can’t see next weeks, yet, for example)

    Didn’t get it from anywhere else and I don’t know if it includes MIB … but it did say Kevin Durand and a couple other people play characters.

    If it helps – I don’t know if he’s at the temple *wish* *wish* or just a really nice guy in the sideways timeline : ( Also, don’t know if MIB is there.

    How DOES one hide it?

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