one third of the way into the final season and only one of my million questions has been answered…..heres another:  season 4, the episode that sayid has his flash forward where he is in germany with the girl….she has a bracelet that is initialed with the letters R.G…..flash back to island and dead naomi has the same bracelet…..if this was not of any importance, why bother with it?….there is no character from s1 to s6 with those initials…….could these be the initials of the only person left un-named?…..your friendly neighbouhood smoke monster who used to be a man and who has felt love ???

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4 thoughts on “R.G…?

  1. redhot, there do seem to be dozens of little mysteries and connections that remained unexplained. As there are only a few hours of lost left, im guessing things like this will not be explained.

    like you have said, why bother with it if there was no intention of explaining the connection?

  2. There seems to be alot of dead end roads.Its kinda like one of those mazes my son gets on the back of his kids menu:start down a path,find out its a dead end ,and turn around and start again!My guess is there designed to keep us guessing.Or just ideas that went no where the writers thought we would forget but did’nt ever think peolple like us would be this into this show.

  3. Yeah ive been wondering about this for a long long time. It looks like they might not even touch upon this again, but I would be very mad if they didnt.

    As far as it being MiB, I dont think either of the two people we saw with the bracelets did anything to suggest they were under the employ of Smokey. I would tend to lean towards it being another name for Charles Widmore or a business partner of his.

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