يعقوب ٦٧٢

The yellow folder that Jack’s mother pulls out of the bookshelf has Arabic writing on it. The writing seems to be “يعقوب ٦٧٢”. The word part reads as Ya’qub which is the Arabic version of the name Jacob and the number part either reads 672 which adds up to 15 (Sawyers number). This could further a few theories I have read that suggest that Jack and Jacob are family.

The last will and testament was mailed to Christian Shepherd at 233 Bastian Drive. 233 was the house number for David’s mother’s house (23).

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5 thoughts on “يعقوب ٦٧٢

  1. I also found it interesting that Veronica Hamel reprises her role as Margo Shephard, Jack’s mother, after a 23!!!!-episode absence.

  2. Nice find with Jacob’s name! But, adding the numbers of 672 to make 15 to link it to Sawyer is not a compelling argument.. sorry! I do think the Shephard family is very important though.

  3. The sawyer thing was a stretch, but the way lost has my head spinning I find myself looking everywhere to find clues. Veronica Hamel does look great for 66, although it did seem like she had some work done. But hey good for her!

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