Citing evidence from other texts

I’ve noticed especially of late, as we are being shown more and more within the show, that more of the theories are becoming quite research based. As there is a huge amount of information just on the web (not to mention those old fashioned books 😉 ) and it is really useful to link together for our theories, I was wondering if as a site we could agree on some simple referencing ‘rules’ as that would make it much easier to continue to research on topics that interest us. If another website has such great information that we quote it or use large chunks of it in our theories maybe we could add a link at the bottom of the theory.
This way other readers don’t have to start from scratch with their own research and it is the accepted thing to do in academic circles when ‘borrowing’ others ideas and words to back up our own thoughts to show the original author the respect of a reference. Just an idea 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Citing evidence from other texts

  1. I agree. Though this website is not “professional” or “university-level” writing or theorizing, ownership of words and giving credit where it is due is still extremely important.
    I know that if I come up with an idea, I would like my name mentioned if someone else – even if it is on this site – decides to use or branch off of my theory.
    I really love this site, and have immensely enjoyed reading everyone’s theories – there’s a lot to be proud of on this site, and every one should be given and, in turn, give credit where it’s due.

  2. Just think that maybe a ‘thanks to’ section at the bottom of a theory if you’ve used one or two sites heavily. It doesn’t take much effort to cut and paste a web address.
    Might be a good protocol to set up on the site.

  3. I agree as well–I haven’t had a chance to do any research myself but would definitely cite the source, ESPECIALLY when it is a direct quote or word summary.

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