the portal to the alt universe

hi all, i’m going to blurt it all out while its fresh in my mind!! i’m going to touch on shepherds-flocke brilliant theory of the alt time line and cliff87’s equally brilliant post about the temple hieroglyphs, to come to my own theory regarding the door we’ve just seen in “sundown”…..cliff87 touched on the translation of the wall glyphs, and while the translation is’nt literal, it got me thinking about stargate as one or two people agreed its very reminiscent of this..i.e “door to heaven/portal to parallel universe”, even before the episode aired. seeing the episode firmly made up my mind that the door ilana etc take is indeed a portal to THE alternate reality or in my opinion “the parallel universe”…..its the same door jacob told hurley to take with jack to the lighthouse….this would be the reason jack says “why have we never seen this before”….its because it doesn’t exist on the island as we know it. the mirrors also signify the alt with jacks childhood home etc….this is where jack and hugo are currently, and are clearly team jacob as is ilana and co…..she knew exactly what to do and where to go and i dont believe smokey is even aware of the door..when jack and hugo see kate there, i don’t think she is aware of it either and maybe stumbled upon it…of course jack and hugo won’t know where they are either, hugo just has stuff written on his arm and doesn’t know what it means…i think ben does though as he says to sayid that he knows how to get out of there….my main guess is that the alt/parallel is where smokey has to get back to, as this is where he was once a man, but jacob trapped him on the island as we know it….so, to conclude,  my theory is that the ALT/PARALLEL is the REAL TIMELINE and the island is the actual alternate, and the door in the temple is the portal….thanks to shep and cliff87 for thier posts and the general theme of the idea and i do believe we are getting at least a bit close with this stuff…obviously theres a hell of a lot more to make a grand theory but i wanted to get it out there for discussion, and it makes a change to stop posting questions regarding seasons 1-5 !!!

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7 thoughts on “the portal to the alt universe

  1. This is actually really interesting. But wouldn’t everyone appear underwater when they go through the door? Because, you know, the island is underwater in the alt timeline.

  2. I could easily by this theory, than again it could have just been a secret door out of the temple.

    One thing that could add foundation to your theory is when the Losties were about to start timeshifting because the wheel would be turned, the “others” fled to the temple. Quit possibly because the temple somehow protects those inside from shifthing through time or other realities.

    Nice theory, I’ll buy it as a possibility.

  3. username – nice catch about the others going to the temple to safety and probably avoiding the time travel! That is very interesting!

  4. No, sorry, but I don’t believe it to be so.
    Remember when thye first flashes began – Locke(The real John) was with the Others, and then, Baaam!, the skipping starts. When he finally meets Richard again – he asks where they all went – to which Richard replies: We didn’t go anywhere John, you did. That’s one of the things that’s so strange – only the Losties(and by that I DON’T mean the Flight 815 Survivors – as Juliet and Desmond are included for whatever reason)are effected by the flashes.. Otherwise John wouldn’t have been alive to be saved by Richard – Ethan was about to shoot him, remember? that’s why Locke is scared when he hears someone on the jungle – he thinks it’s Ethan, right? Desmond seems to notice the flashes when confronted by Faraday(and him being isolated in the Hatch, would exlplain, I guess, why he hasn’t been noticed before – Juliet is a different scenario – one I can’t explain..Love her to death though – I pray she will come back somehow) but that’s about it, right? I can’t remember any Other Flashing – or am I wrong? I think the Temple is(more than anything in “these” times)actually just a good place to isolate and make a stand(as long as Dogen is alive that is)

  5. hi chief, yeah i just think that the alt will win out and the island as we know it will be the the one that ends up underwater….i’ve got this wierd vision of perhaps jack having to turn the wheel or hit some mythological button at the end before disappearing through the portal to make that reality win the day….maybe he even gets shot by someone (sawyer) and the bullet just graizes his neck !

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