Timeline Connection/Sayid’s Deal with the Devil (possible spoiler)

Firstly, let me tell you that this is my first – so I am a Theoretical Virgin. Secondly, These are just some thoughts that came to me, and am wondering what your take is.

I recently watched an interview with Carlton Cuse in which he was asked about the cut on Jack’s neck, when he is on the 815 flight that did not crash in the alternate timeline. Cuse’s response indicated that we will see that and other anomalies explained when the two timelines connect. This got me to thinking…if we are going to see this explained and the timelines are going to connect – then I believe that the original timeline (on the island in 2007) will precede the alternate timeline (2004 without the crash). Otherwise, they would have to take us even further into the past in the Alt timeline to provide an explanation of these things – and we know there aren’t going to be anymore flashbacks. This also could explain why Jack seems to be having “memories” from the original timeline. For instance, his subtle recognition of Desmond on the plane and his questioning of his appendectomy scar – when his Mother tells him that he had his appendix removed when he was 7 or 8 after collapsing while in school, she asks, “Don’t you remember?” Jack’s response was a less than convincing, “Yeah…I guess so.”

We have seen that things for Jack in the alt timeline seem to be better than in his “other life”. He’s a caring Dad to his son and no longer has problems with alcohol. We have also seen that Hugo’s life now seems to be blessed as well. In his own words, he’s the luckiest guy in the world. Sayid on the other hand…not so much. Sayid seems to have money and a job – but continually travels away from his family; which consists of a niece and nephew, his brother – whom he still has to take care of and get out of trouble, and his sister-in-law (Nadia) with whom he is madly and deeply in love. (Talk about torture – love the irony)

In the original timeline, we see that Sayid has presumably made a deal with Locke and agreed to kill Dogen, so that Locke can come into the temple in his smoke form and kill the Others. When Sayid is speaking with Locke in the jungle, Locke tells him “…you can have anything you want.” Sayid’s response is “the only thing I ever wanted died in my arms.” Nadia, of course. I think it is a safe assumption that Nadia became Locke’s bargaining chip for Sayid.

So, perhaps Locke promised Sayid that Nadia would be alive and in his life – only, as literary history shows us, a deal with the Devil seldom turns out as one would expect or hope. (No – I’m not necessarily saying that Locke is the Devil – just using a metaphor).

As for Kate, Locke and Claire (et al) – the jury is still out an whether their lives are better or not in the alt timeline. Perhaps that is because while we have seen that Jack and Hugo are important to Jacob and, presumably therefore, good; and we have now seen that Sayid has the blood of many people on his hands, is selfish and just not such a nice guy; we have yet to see which way Kate, Claire and (the real) Locke will go. Claire and Locke seem to have their scale tipping the wrong way – toward the black. But I believe some of he original Locke somehow remains with MIB as evidenced by his yelling, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” at the mysterious little boy. So perhaps, until we see which way their scales tip/balance on the island, we will not know about their lives in the alt timeline.

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3 thoughts on “Timeline Connection/Sayid’s Deal with the Devil (possible spoiler)

  1. I really like the fact you brought this new notion of ‘scales’ into this. I definitely think that the two timelines are not as distant as they seem, and that there will be a bleed across both. I think the only way they can defeat smokie is through Locke in the alt timeline.

  2. Not only could he offer to give Nadia back to Sayid……but how pissed at Jacob would he be if he told Sayid that Jacob could have EASILY saved Nadia from her death in the first place. “Hey Sayid, not only could have he saved her, but he didnt do so because he knew if she was alive youd never return to the island and fufill he selfish purpose for you.” Man….I think that would be enough to turn him from “still some good in him” to “psycho man”.

  3. Awesome theory! I just wanted to point out that off island Locke gets to have a good relationship with his dad and is married to Helen, but now must stay in a wheelchair. Sounds like another “deal with the devil” to me!

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