Jacob’s Gifts

According to Richard Alpert when Jacob touches you, you a bestowed a gift here’s what each Lostie I got ( I think):
Jack: the power to fix things (he can/has even fixed himself (a la Ella Enchanted, presumably looking into a mirror/body of water and telling himself he is NOT broken))
Kate: the power of annoyance? just kidding, I really have no idea
Sawyer: the power of not being decieved
Hurley: the power to see and talk to/interact w/dead people
John: the power of perserverence
Sayid: the power of ass kicking/being a bad ass

Some side notes:
Also, I think that Jacob touched Ben when Ben stabbed him, I also dont think that the stabbing killed him persay (maybe a serious wound), more like when he was kicked into the fire is what ultimately killed him, so there could be no body to take back to the temple (and why did he turn into ash so quickly anyway?).
I think Ben is now a candidate (sort of) and his power is the power persuasion (just a nicer word for manipulation)

Let me know your thoughts
I know I am not as eloquent as some on here (AES, Dabs, etc.) but I do try to give a little original food for thought around here

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Hi. I am an uber Lost fan. Admittedly, I jumped on the bandwagon a little late, halfway through the third season but thanks to the DVD's I am all caught up and do frequent re-watches. BTW my new image reflects my love/hate relationship with Lost. I always feel like I am on the verge of blowing up at the end of every episode because when I think I finally figured it out, nope the rug is pulled out.

6 thoughts on “Jacob’s Gifts

  1. Power of annoyance – haha! that made me laugh .. but i have to admit im a Kate fan so BOO YOU! haha jokess!

    Well im assuming anyone that has been touched by Jacob cant kill themselves anyway otherwise jack would be a bunch of little pieces – so maybe thats ‘gift’ enough?

    But your probably right there is bound to be more to it than that.

    And for Sawyer i would say more of ‘the power to deceive’ .. because if you remember in S3, Ben deceived him about the pacemaker.

    I also found it strange how Jacob turned to ash so quickly. I would have thought that fire was only hot enough to blacken the body but God knows lol!

    I do like this post.. Its interesting 🙂

  2. I was actually mentioning a similar thing somewhere in another post or my theory..I do think that UnLocke burned Jacob’s reason for a very specific reason. Not just to “cremate” it or hide evidence..I think he needed to make sure the body was inhabitable..perhaps Jacob’s spirit (which we know is still around after Jacob’s death because Hurley sees it a lot) may have been able to go back to his body, and UnLocke wanted to prevent he made sure the body was destroyed. Then it begs the question: If Jacob can appear in his spirit form to Hurley, why would he appear as a bloody-handed prepubescent boy to UnLocke? So maybe it wasn’t Jacob’s younger self that appeared to UnLocke in the jungle that day while he was talking to Richard…HMM.

  3. First off, I like where your heads at. Its an angle not taken before and it’s plausible, but…
    i think Jacob took their previous strength/biggest failing and 180’d it. Also, Hurley spoke to dead people before Jacob touched charlie and libby and others. but anyhow here’s my twist on your nugget:

    John always stopped short, w/ his father, the cop who ruined his hippie fam etc and now he charges through and finishes things.
    Perseverence and the ability to walk say it all.

    Kate was an expert escape artist and could lose anyone, and now she is the GO TO tracker the last bazillion times someone ran off.

    Jack used to be obsessed with fixing others and now I think he gained the ability to fix himself

    Hurley used to think he was crazy and hung at the back of every group adventure. He was the protected one, now even in the Safe landing eps, he is leading. to the lighthouse etc.

    Sawyer: diddo, plus the ability to see peoples heart/what they really want and recognize them for who they are accordingly.

    Sayid: Technowizardry and what you said. He has fixed everything from a 20yr old radio to a thermonuclea…bang he gets shot. Seriously what hasn’t Sayid gone McGeyver on?
    Ben: The ability to see sixteen moves ahead of the guy next to him to retain power. but since jacob touched him he’s lost the manipulative touch. The old strategic ben has just been unraveled. We’ll see if he comes back in some way.

    Good post. It takes us back to the whole, they used to destroy, and fight etc and we’ve seen a lot of progress up to this point.

  4. I like this idea and think you could be on to something different and better that what I think…….And that is that if you get touched your coming to the Island and your a candidate or claimed by Jacob once they do arrive on Island

  5. On the flip side– just playing devil’s advocate here– could Jacob’s touch have been *taking* something from them/greatly diminishing an important quality (and he was just tugging along ol’ Richard)?

    JACK: Took away his ability to see his faults, his mirror if you will.
    KATE: Her ability to know when she’s being annoyed. jk, her ability to overcome a challenge rather than running from it.
    SAWYER: His ability to forgive the great tragedy, thus letting the tragedy of his parents lead his life…
    HURLEY: His luck.
    JOHN: His ability to move on/let go, or even his feeling of worth. (Maybe, though this doesn’t entirely go with Jacob touching him after the fall.)
    SAYID: At least some of his compassion, though we see for a long time how being a torturer tortures his own conscience…
    SUN/JIN: The strength of their love.

  6. AdayAfar, hummm i never thought of it that way. that’s an interesting point, so if he took away something “good” from them, is he really the “good guy” maybe jacobs the bad guy and mib is the good guy

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