Just some thoughts on Widmore and MIB..

Has anyone else noticed the parallel but similar character stories of Widmore and MIB?

– MIB is stuck on the island
– Widmore was exiled from the island
– All MIB wants is to go home
– All Widmore wants is to return to the island
– MIB has been portrayed to us as some sort of evil entity
– Off-island Widmore has been portrayed as the epitome of wealth – “the love of money is the root of all evil”
– MIB used Locke to be his loophole, and is now using his physical form, giving Locke a purpose
– Widmore also gave Locke purpose, by helping him finding the Oceanic 6 and advising Locke that he had to go back to the island or else the “wrong side will win”
– Season 6 – MIB has started recruiting, and is gearing up to “go home”
– In “Dr. Linus”, it looks like Widmore is finally about to return to the island

The writers have created connections, mirrors, and parallels between many characters and back-end stories, so maybe there is nothing to this and this season is showing the symbolic nature of many of the main characters “finding their way home”, including Jack finding his purpose by reaching self-actualization.

But this all did get me thinking though, and I now believe that maybe Widmore is Jacob’s loophole.

Back in the 1800’s, MIB told Jacob that one of these days he’s going to find a loophole. Jacob probably secretly thought, crap, I better find one too.

Looking at the “chosen people as loopholes” at a very high level – the original John Locke prior to the Oceanic 815 crash was mostly a good man at heart. He did have a tendency to be angry or obsessive, but in comparison to his fellow famously numbered candidates he did not have any obvious negative traits, such as being able to commit murder, gluttony or adultery. Locke was the most pure (innocent) of the candidates making him easier to manipulate. His strong faith in the island became apparent once Oceanic 815 crashed, a faith creating a preacher with the potential to have followers. This made Locke ripe for the picking for MIB, and an unfortunate loss for “Jacob’s side”.

Widmore on the otherhand, has always come across as a mean-natured person. I think he was the leader of the Others when the Purge took place, although to us the audience it appeared that Ben was instrumental in this mass murder – it was probably Widmore that gave the order to go ahead with it. He ordered Ben to kill Danielle, and when Ben came back with Alex as a baby, Widmore tells him to “kill it”. Are you serious? Lots of ugly things have happened on this show but when that happened I just thought, who says that?! Post-island life, Widmore doesn’t appear as heartless eg. he cares about his daughter, he pays for the care of Theresa Spencer. Maybe
the island brings out the worst in Widmore, therefore his desperate need to return to the island can not be a good thing for anyone. MIB could probably identify with Widmore, and therefore not suspect him to be a part of Jacob’s overall plan.

I think Widmore’s purpose in Jacob’s plan will be two-fold:

(1) Jacob will prove his point to MIB, that Widmore and his mean natured-ways will not end up corrupting the island/inhabitants of the island, something will tip the scales within Widmore towards good;
(2) Widmore will inadvertently influence/assist in any positive developments of the island eg. Jack becoming the new protector. This could be an indirect influence, for example, Widmore having brought someone important/special to the island on his sub.

To be honest I am not even sure that I have convinced myself of the above, it was just a bit of a brain explosion and I am expecting this to be debunked in the next episode anyway hehe! Thanks for reading 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Just some thoughts on Widmore and MIB..

  1. brilliant. Well done, it makes sense and works with the various metaphors of good, bad, spiritual and moral growth or corruption. And maybe saving his (widmore’s) grandson will play a part?

  2. I’m curious…do you think that Widmore even knows of Jacob’s existence? I mean, we have been shown that the leader of the others is advised by Richard, who is Jacob’s liaison for ordinary people, but we are following an assumption that all the leaders know about Jacob, and not just Ben. I am not sure, but when Ben went to the dock to say farewell to Widmore when he was being exiled, didn’t they talk about “what the island wants”? They didn’t mention Jacob, did they?

  3. @ ilie: I think you are right…I wasn’t sure though…So if Widmore wiped out the Dharma initiative, does that mean he did it because Jacob asked him to? I’m still trying to figure out the DI’s role in the grand scheme of things…

  4. Thanks nachochris! I forget about little Charlie, that would be a great example of what would sway Widmore towards good.

    @ JacobsDoubleWide – that has also crossed my mind!

    @ m0nini873 – yes as ilie mentioned, Jacob has been mentioned in Widmore’s presence. But you raise a really good point, Widmore did prefer to refer to “the island” rather than Jacob re. taking orders. It makes me wonder if there has been a pattern where the inhabitants of the island either refer to taking orders from “Jacob”, “their leader”, or “the island”, I might look further into that! Yes and I too am still trying to figure out DI’s role in all this..

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