Kate Kills Jack?

This is a ridiculously fleeting thought I had during the Lighthouse ep, I’m sharing it here even though I’ve been told it’s crazy, JUST in case someone out there has the same thought… 😀

I think the Lighthouse ep was very important in terms of foreshadowing, though we didn’t get a huge pile of answers. I was paying attention to Hurley the most, not only because Jacob is in contact with him, but also because writers tend to give important lines to comic characters. But then I also noticed something Kate said that stood out.

The scene I’m thinking about is when Hugo is taking Jack to the Lighthouse and they run into Kate by the river. Kate immediately puts up her gun and Jack puts up his hands. She says something along the lines of, “Jack… I almost killed you”. And they both laugh it off. It’s kind of a throwaway line, but it’s the kind of thing that stuck with me. In a minor way, I saw it foreshadowed her joining the side opposite to Jack and possibly killing/hurting him. Now we see in Sundown that Kate is tagging along with MIB’s team, and presumably Jack is on Jacob’s team.

I try my best not to pay attention to stuff Lindelof/Cuse during any kind of hiatus because 1) obviously they’re careful not to reveal anything and 2) they tend to lie. 🙂 But someone sent me one of those articles where they were talking about the finale and Lindelof/Cuse said that Lost fans will be angry, things won’t end happily ever after for the Losties (though that was a given), and there will be “how could you do that” reactions. Plus, it’s been revealed that Matthew Fox is privy to the final image.

This could mean a lot of things, but I’ve thought for awhile one of our more beloved, long-standing Losties needs to be killed off, someone like Jack (yes Locke is “dead” but he’s still around per se, hehe). What more shocking way to kill off Jack than Kate killing him?

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SUPERFLUOUS THEORIES: 1) "Uh-oh," said by Miles, is the biggest answer we'll get. 2) Last scene is Vincent opening his eye from his dog nap. 3) Series spin-offs will include "Hurley and the Search for the Last Cheese Curd" and a Lifetime Original Movie "Run Away and Blow Up The Stepfather Who Turned Out to Be Your Dad: The Kate Austen Story".

7 thoughts on “Kate Kills Jack?

  1. I like it when ‘throw-away lines’ come back to mean something later. As hard as I try to catch them, I’m never very good at it. Now that you point it out, I think this one has that sort of feel.

    I’ve always felt that Jack needs to die at some point and having Kate be the one to kill him sure would have some shock value.

    Do you think it would happen on purpose or by accident?


    Not as bad as Kate killing Sawyer (im rooting for them mwahaha) but still, Nooo 🙁

    Something dramatic is gonna happen.. Such as killing poor old harmless Hurley..

  3. Somehow I feel that some of the main characters haven’t played a big part yet.

    Locke, Ben, Sayid, Hurley, Charlie, Desmond, Faraday and Michael have somehow been instrumental for MIB or Jacob or been part of pivotal moments.

    Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Aaron, Miles, Walt and Jack have not really played a huge role in the grand scheme of things yet. I’m waiting for it!

  4. I said this on another post, but I’ll put it here too.

    Sawyer promised to kill Jack straight out. He took it back but he’s w/ smokie now. I think he’ll try and get Jack to kill him ’cause he don’t wanna live any more. Locke will happily help things out and Kate will get stuck in the middle probably defending Sawyer or keeping jack from doing anything about evil-claire, she’ll end up killing Jack.

    ILie, I was thinking the exact same thing. When are these juggernauts gonna wake up?

  5. brc9876: I know, right! Lighthouse ep was amazing to me, I couldn’t get over Hurley’s lines…

    itsdesmondbrutha: Good call on that gunshot graze. His scars are so weird. I hope they explain all of that (and Bai Ling better not be a part of it).

    ilie: Amen.

    AllGoodThings: I like that. Didn’t see your post, link me if you get the chance if there’s more to that…

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