Various Thoughts About “Recon”

First things first, which side is Saywer’s scale tipped to, good or evil? He seems mainly selfish, which generally leads to an evil scale. The alternate timeline didn’t seem to make it any clearer.
Also, it’s been bugging me that people keep saying Whidmore lied about the Freighter. He basically told Saywer that he didn’t know what he was talking about, which sounded to me like he meant that Sawyer didn’t know why the Freighter was sent, or the story behind it.
At first I thought Flocke was talking about Locke’s mom being crazy, with the whole “immaculate conception” thing, but then I remembered that Locke found out she wasn’t. Was he talking about his own, or was he lying? The whole Jacob/Esau idea makes me wonder if his mom was like Rebekah. In the Biblical story, Esau was the firstborn and deserved the birthright. However, his own mother, Rebekah, helped Jacob trick Isaac (their father) into giving it to him. So, did a similar event cause Flocke to think his own mother was crazy?
Finally, about the commercial for next week’s episode. After the recent spoiler fiasco, I’m going to play it safe.

So, we all heard Richard say “None of this is what you think” or something to that effect. Does anyone have an idea as to what that means?

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Mixen Dixon

Hey, I'm Mixen Dixon. I'm a somewhat nerdy teenager, being very enthusiastic about theoretical physics and computers (check me out on LOST is one of my favorite shows. I love to figure out scientific explanations of things that occur in LOST, which is why Daniel Faraday was my fav. character until he died. Too bad.

4 thoughts on “Various Thoughts About “Recon”

  1. Thanks for not referring to anything that might spoil us. Personally, I’ve decided to not even watch those peak previews from now on.

    Regarding Widmore’s lies, after a rewatch I agree that Widmore may not have been lying per se. But he was somehow withholding the truth. A truthful statement would have been that “yeah, I was behind the Freighter and I’m responsible for all the murder that went on”.

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