Getting off the island

I know one of the focal points for flocke is to get of the island, now im not by any means a genuis but if he really wants eveyone of the island why dont they all wonder off to the donkey wheel, give it a turn and hey presto you wake up in tunisia job done!

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6 thoughts on “Getting off the island

  1. i think if we take into account what Richard said about Nemesis wanting everyone dead, i think the people that he is recruiting are needed for him to get off the island; he doesn’t actually care about them.

    He probably needs them to get past Widmore’s gang and isn’t too fussed sacrificing them in the process.

  2. I was about to say ‘Hmm you’re right, why on earth dont they do that!’
    But im thinking since MIB is ‘trapped’, hes gonna need to find another way off

  3. i think that widmore would have brought a fairly well trainined military type contingent as part of his crew and Flocke’s ragtag bunch of others and losties arent going to be much of a match for them so i dont think that is his plan. Plus, would that also mean his escape method is the sub? Im sure he could have taken the sub before, many times. There must be something on Hydra that allows him another way to get off the island.
    One theory i have in pieces in my head is that he plans to sink the island…

  4. Since the old Jacob wouldn’t do it, I think he needs the ‘New Jacob’ to leave with him. That they are bound together in a “I can’t kill you or I’ll never get off this rat hole” way – that for some reason they have to agree to do it (free will), even if MIB the “New Jacob’ in the dark as to why he (perhaps) shouldn’t be off the island.

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